EU ‘Digital Services Act’ in place: Yes, it is a prelude to the ‘famine of the word’


The European Union’ Digital Services Act which is a historic step of censorship is now in place.

The European Union’s Digital Services Act (DSA) has officially gone into effect. Starting on August 25th, 2023, tech giants like Google, Facebook, Amazon, and more must comply with sweeping legislation that holds online platforms legally accountable for the content posted to them. … the DSA bans targeted advertising based on a person’s sexual orientation, religion, ethnicity, or political beliefs and puts restrictions on targeting ads to children. …

While the EU doesn’t require smaller companies to comply with the DSA just yet, it asked very large online platforms to comply four months after their designation as such, which occurred in April. …

What happens if these platforms don’t comply?

Online platforms that don’t comply with the DSA’s rules could see fines of up to 6 percent of their global turnover. According to the EU Commission, the Digital Services Coordinator and the Commission will have the power to “require immediate actions where necessary to address very serious harms.” A platform continually refusing to comply could result in a temporary suspension in the EU. 08/25/23

Let me add, that in addition to censorship, the Digital Services Act is another step towards this and 666 controls (see Metaverse and ‘Europe’s Digital Services Act: on a Collision Course With Human Rights’ and IL: Censor The Internet Act: EU Agrees to Expand Online Censorship With ‘Digital Services Act’).

The EU has made the penalties for non-compliance so severe that social media companies will have to censor a lot to reduce the chances of fines.

Europe keeps taking steps along the lines of 666 controls. The Digital Services Act reminds me of the following:

18 For when they speak great swelling words of emptiness, they allure through the lusts of the flesh, through lewdness, the ones who have actually escaped from those who live in error. 19 While they promise them liberty, they themselves are slaves of corruption; for by whom a person is overcome, by him also he is brought into bondage. (2 Peter 2:18-20)

But, of course, it is not just the European Union. Big Tech has its own agenda and has been suppressing information, including political information, it does not like. One apparent goal of Big Tech is to remove a variety of biblically-related content because it does not like many aspects of biblical morality.

As far as the EU goes, back in November 2018, the European Union announced it would spend a billion euros on a quantum computer and several billion more on related matters (see EU to spend one billion euros on quantum tech to compete with USA and China; France’s Macron wants European military spending to go to European firms; ‘Europe Must Rebel’).

Notice a report from Activist Post:

Europe’s Digital Services Act: on a Collision Course With Human Rights

October 27, 2021

Last year, the EU introduced the Digital Services Act (DSA), an ambitious and thoughtful project to rein in the power of Big Tech and give European internet users more control over their digital lives. …

The DSA is now steaming full-speed-ahead on a collision course with even more algorithmic filters – the decidedly unintelligent “AIs” that the 2019 Copyright Directive ultimately put in charge of 500 million peoples’ digital expression in the 27 European member-states. …

Current proposals for the DSA, recently endorsed by an influential EU Parliament committee, would require online platforms to swiftly remove potentially illegal content. One proposal would automatically make any “active platform” potentially liable for the communications of its users. What’s an active platform? One that moderates, categorizes, promotes or otherwise processes its users’ content. Punishing services that moderate or classify illegal content is absurd – these are both responsible ways to approach illegal content.

These requirements give platforms the impossible task of identifying illegal content in realtime, at speeds no human moderator could manage – with stiff penalties for guessing wrong. Inevitably, this means more automated filtering – something the platforms often boast about in public, even as their top engineers are privately sending memos to their bosses saying that these systems don’t work at all.

Large platforms will overblock, removing content according to the fast-paced, blunt determinations of an algorithm, while appeals for the wrongfully silenced will go through a review process that, like the algorithm, will be opaque and arbitrary. That review will also be slow: speech will be removed in an instant, but only reinstated after days, or weeks,or 2.5 years.

But at least the largest platforms would be able to comply with the DSA. It’s far worse for small services, run by startups, co-operatives, nonprofits and other organizations that want to support, not exploit, their users. These businesses (“micro-enterprises” in EU jargon) will not be able to operate in Europe at all if they can’t raise the cash to pay for legal representatives and filtering tools. …

Many proposals for DSA revisions shatter these two bedrock principles, calling for platforms to detect and restrict content that might be illegal or that has been previously identified as illegal, or that resembles known illegal content. This cannot be accomplished without subjecting everything that every user posts to scrutiny. …

The mistakes that EU lawmakers make in crafting the DSA will ripple out all over the world, affecting vulnerable populations who have not been given any consideration in drafting and revising the DSA (so far).

The problems presented by Big Tech are real, they’re urgent, and they’re global. The world can’t afford a calamitous EU technology regulation that sidelines human rights in a quest for easy answers and false quick fixes.

The EU keeps pushing for faster and faster monitoring and censorship.

It seems to be setting up the scenario where the ‘famine of the word’ (Amos 8:11-12) will be enforced.

For over a decade I have warned that internet controls will be a substantial part of the ‘famine of the word,’–and Europe is pushing for more and more of that ability.

We have already in the Continuing Church of God been impacted by some of the wake of the Digital Services Act. We have a major advertising campaign with Google that has made over 1/2 billion computer impressions. But, at least partially because of the Digital Services Act, Google is placing more and more restrictions on religous advertising.

Europe wants to set the standards for digital tech for the world as the euobserver reported:

EU Commission wants to set world’s first digital standards

27 January 2022

The EU Commission … set out a proposal for digital rights and principles, with the aim to protect people’s rights, privacy, democracy and security in the online world.

The principles are to provide a guideline for policymakers in the 27 member states, public administrations, and companies when dealing with or developing new technologies.

Setting the standards will also lead to more controls and, ultimately, contribute to the actual apocalypse.

Although various ones in the EU are warning against various controls and claiming to push for rights and privacy, the biblical reality is that Europe will become totalitarian itself (Revelation 13; see also EU summits to push for ‘European industry strategy’ and ‘proper’ thinking and EU proposes billions for ‘Digital Europe’ surveillance: This would assist 666).

Europe wants to dominate big tech itself. It is working on many ways to bypass the USA (e.g. Der Spiegel says Europe needs to employ ‘clever resistance’ as it works towards a post-USA world).

Plus, it has already taken various steps in order to do so. The Digital Services Act is simply one of them.

The Bible shows that a European totalitarian dictator will rise up (Revelation 13, 17:12-13)–and this will NOT end well for the USA (cf. Daniel 11:39), the Middle East (Daniel 11:40-43), or Europe itself (Daniel 11:44-45; Revelation 17:14; Revelation 18).

In December 2020, the European Union (EU) unveiled its Digital Services Act. I warned it had totalitarian implications then (see ‘EU ‘regrets’ new US tariffs’ & ‘EU Unveils New Rules to Curb Technology Companies’).

Europe has placed a lot of pressure on big tech to censor.

Yet, even more censorship is coming.

Jesus said:

4 … the night is coming when no one can work. (John 9:4, NKJV)

4… the night cometh, when no man can work (John 9:4 KJV)

In an October 23, 1980 co-worker letter, Herbert Armstrong wrote:

The Bible warns us the time is just ahead when NO MAN CAN WORK—in the Lord’s Work.

In a November 22, 1982 co-worker letter, Herbert Armstrong wrote:

… brethren and co-workers, the prophesied Great Tribulation (nuclear World War III) will start soon after the European unification. That means OUR WORK OF SPREADING THE GOSPEL OF THE KINGDOM OF GOD WILL BE FINISHED! We have not now much more time. Soon shall come a FAMINE of hearing the Word of the Lord (Amos 8:11). God says, work while it is day, for the night is coming when no man can work – in the Work of God! Nothing else is important in our lives, now, but this all-important Work of God. (, viewed 10/03/13)

So, the Bible tells of a time that will come when the word of God will not be found. And that would seem to be because it will be taken off the internet. In the 21st century, the internet is accessed by people in every country, and thus some type of internet restriction/suspension/site removal is coming.

The prophet Amos was inspired to record the following:

11 “Behold, the days are coming,” says the Lord God,
“That I will send a famine on the land,
Not a famine of bread,
Nor a thirst for water,
But of hearing the words of the Lord.
12 They shall wander from sea to sea,
And from north to east;
They shall run to and fro, seeking the word of the Lord,
But shall not find it. (Amos 8:11-12)

But Matthew 24:14 will be fulfilled BEFORE the full ‘famine of the word’ happens.

After the Gospel of the Kingdom of God has sufficiently reached the world the end comes and the Beast will rise up (Matthew 24:14-22, Revelation 13) and more totalitarian controls will be put in place.

The Book of Revelation, also called the Apocalypse, has the following prophecy:

16 He causes all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hand or on their foreheads, 17 and that no one may buy or sell except one who has the mark or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.

18 Here is wisdom. Let him who has understanding calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man: His number is 666. (Revelation 13:16-18)

When the Apostle John penned that, it was not possible to monitor all buying and selling, but as digital payments come to be the normal way to buy and sell, such monitoring can now occur.

As we warned before, Europe has been in the process of establishing an enforcer for 666 controls. We have a related video:


The European Union is in the process of establishing the European Public Prosecutor’s Office. This is a major, first-of-its-kind move, with the EU setting up a European-wide prosecutor’s office that will have power to investigate and charge people for financial crimes committed against the EU. It looks like this type of office may end up persecuting those that do not have the mark of the Beast when they “buy or sell” as that will later be considered a financial crime in Europe. What does 666 mean? How has that name been calculated? How can we be certain that this is a prophecy for Europe and not Islam? Is the appointment of this new office of significant prophetic importance? Dr. Thiel addresses these issues and more by pointing to scriptures, news items, and historical accounts.

Here is a link to the sermonette video: EU Setting Up 666 Enforcer?

Europe has set up such an office with that ability.

The European Public Prosecutor’s Office officially started operations on 1 June 2021 (

Europe later announced it wanted to set standards for digital currencies. Related to that, the Continuing Church of God (CCOG) is pleased to announce the following video on our Bible News Prophecy YouTube channel:


EU to be ‘Sheriff’ of BitCoin & Digital Currencies

Will Bitcoin remain unregulated? The European Union does not think it should be and it released a paper titled “Proposal for EU Regulation on Markets in Crypto-Assets.” Christine Lagarde, president of the European Central Bank, earlier endorsed EU regulation of crypto and digital currencies. A Belgian declared that the EU was the “new Sheriff in town” to deal with the “wild west” of Bitcoin, blockchain, and other cryptocurrencies. The European Union now also has the European Public Prosecutor’s Office in operation, mainly to deal with financial matters? Will the Europeans end up controlling buying and selling associated with 666 in Revelation 13:16-18? Is Europe taking preliminary steps to do so now? Dr. Thiel address these issues.

Here is a link to our video: EU to be ‘Sheriff’ of BitCoin & Digital Currencies.

Europe is taking steps.

The Digital Services Act is another step towards the ‘famine of the word’ that God warned of through the prophet Amos.

Related to governmental censorship and controls, a while back we also put out the following:

In 1949, the late George Orwell wrote a disturbing book about a totalitarian government called “nineteen-eighty four.” Despite laws that are supposed to protect freedom of speech and religion, we are seeing governments taking steps consistent with those that Geroge Orwell warned against. We are also seeing this in the media, academia, and in private companies like Google, Facebook, and Twitter. With the advent of technology, totalitarianism beyond what Orwell wrote is possible. Does the Bible teach the coming a totalitarian state similar to George Orwell’s? What about the Antichrist and 666? Will things get worse? What is the solution? Dr. Thiel answers these questions and more. A written article of related interest is titled “Totalitarian controls getting closer–The Guardian pushing internet censorship.”

Here is a link to our video: Orwell’s 1984 by 2024?

While the end will not come by 2024, the European Union is moving towards more ability to monitor electronic communications as well as to have more censorship.

We are getting closer to the day, with technologies unheard of when God inspired Amos and John to warn what would happen, that the totalitarian Beast of Revelation will be able to reign as well as enforce a ‘famine of the word’ of God.

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