Great Tribulation Will Not Begin in 2008

Pantheon of Rome: A Symbol of Unity Among Religious Error


Yesterday, I posted a portion of a letter to the editor in The Journal from one who indicated that the Great Tribulation could begin at Passover in 2008.  Also, I mentioned that the self-appointed “prophet” Ron Weinland states that it will start around the Fall of 2008.

In addition, to fringe COGrs, notice the following news item regarding a fringe “Orthodox” group:

Sect members dig tunnel, await apocalypse in Central Russia
RIA Novosti – Nov 13, 2007

NIZHNY NOVGOROD – Cult followers in central Russia’s Penza Region have dug a shelter, stocked it with food and are waiting for the apocalypse, which they say is due in May 2008, a local prosecutor said on Tuesday.

A total of 29 sect members, including four children, of the so-called True Russian Orthodox church have moved into the shelter, which contains underground wells, a kitchen, monastic cells and other facilities. They wrote a letter to local authorities saying they had gone underground of their own free will.

FWIW, I do agree that the Eastern (including Russian) Orthodox Church is not true to its claimed apostolic roots as although it has retained some apostolic teachings, it has made/accepted many later changes which dissqualify it from being the true church today.  

Irrespective of assertions by various self-appointed ones, the fact is that the great tribulation as described in the Apocalypse (Book of Revelation) will not start in 2008.  


Well, amongst other reasons, the King of the North (Daniel 11) also known as the Beast (Revelation 13:1-10) is not ready.

While the European Union appears to  be determined to unite further to become both an economic and military power, the fact is that it is still not the economic and military power it needs to be in order to eliminate the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. 

And while Europe is filled with religious symbols and religious error, it still is not at all unified religiously at this time.

I have had three European trips in the last three and one-half years (last one in June 2007), and can state that the Europeans are simply not ready to fulfill their role as the supporters of the King of the North — the Final Beast military power yet. The Europeans do not consider that they are united, they have not accepted any type of universal religion (and while Pope Benedict XVI is working on that–this still is not ready), have not completed their Galileo project (a “GPS” system that will allow them to work independently of the US military’s system), have not finished their systems for “international prosperity”, have not acknowledged ten kings which need to be determined (Revelation 17:12), have not strengthened/unified their military enough, etc.

And while “Galileo” itself is not a biblical requirement, the idea of having its own powerful military clearly is (see Revelation 13:4). There are also events in Daniel 11, Matthew 24, and other prophecies that I do not believe have been fulfilled to the degree necessary for the actual final 3 1/2 year great tribulation to begin in 2008 (though it will start in the future, and actually could begin several years from now).

Notice this verse describing the Beast:

So they worshiped the dragon who gave authority to the beast; and they worshiped the beast, saying, “Who is like the beast? Who is able to make war with him?” (Revelation 13:4).

Even though even Catholic prophecies indicate a great ruler to arise in Europe who will eventually destroy the English (for documentation, see the article Who is the King of the North?), there simply is not such a person who could be ready for this by 2008.

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