Sep-Oct 2007 Journal Out

The September-October edition of The Journal: News of the Churches of God is finally out.

It has an article about a CGI minister in the CIA, mentions the separate UCG and Jim O’Brien winter family events, the death of Mrs. Billingsley (more on that is at the GCG News page), and some Feast-related reports.

Its front and back pages can be viewed from

Probably one of the more interesting items is that another semi-independent is indicating the possible the start of the great tribulation in 2008:

With Tribulation starting the night before Passover 2008,
Exactly three 19-year cycles after the EU first stirred.
If these are the footprints of God in the sands of time
They lead to the last half of the 70th week in Daniel’s rhyme:
70 × 70 weeks for the end time—
Followed by the end of the 70th week
Christ will confirm in Zion.
Geoffrey R. Neilson
Cape Town, South Africa

It will not be then (nor will it be around the fall holy days in 2008 as Ron Weinland is telling everyone).

In an article, Mac Overton wrote:

Those who remain in the WCG follow a church that has not a dime’s worth of difference with the First United Methodist Church in both doctrine and governance. They even meet on Sunday.

And he is basically correct there. 

When we were in Greece in June 2007, my wife Joyce took a photograph of the following which is actually named “Sunday Church”.

Sunday Church Naxos Greece

Sunday Church, Naxos Greece 

Two articles of related interest may be:

Comments on the Teachings of Ron Wallen, Philip Neal, Kenneth W., GRUMPS, Jesse Arellano, and others who Profess(ed) that WCG has God’s Authority Can one still believe what Herbert W. Armstrong used to teach and still be in WCG? This article addresses this important issue.
Sunday and Christianity Was Sunday observed by the apostolic and true post-apostolic Christians? How clearly endorsed Sunday?

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