I365: Polls show Pro-3rd Temple Politicians becoming Lawmakers

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Israel365News (I365) reported the following:

Elections: Polls show Pro-3rd Temple Politicians becoming Lawmakers

February 4, 2021

Two separate right-wing parties in Israel, Otzma Yehudit (Jewish Power) and the National Union, were each expected to receive roughly two Knesset seats in Israel’s current election according to most polls. The only problem is that the minimum requirement for a party to enter Israel’s Knesset and serve as an acting lawmaker is four seats.

But after much deliberation and pressure from Israel’s right-wing camp, the two parties reached an agreement where they would unite together and run on a joint ticket. …

Otzma Yehudit chairman Itamar Ben-Gvir. In an exclusive interview, Ben-Gvir told Israel365 News that he is in favor of building the third Temple as commanded in the book of Exodus …

The news prompted Moshe Feiglin, another pro-Temple politician with a large social media following to endorse the merger saying “it put a smile on my face.” https://www.israel365news.com/186707/elections-polls-show-pro-3rd-temple-politicians-becoming-lawmakers/

Why is this relevant?

Several reasons.

Certain Jews want a ‘third temple’ as well as the right to perform daily animal sacrifices.

While an actual massive temple is not needed for sacrifices according to the Bible (Ezra 3:6) a sacrificial altar is (Ezra 3:2-3).

This has been confirmed to me personally by both the Temple Institute and the reconstituted Sanhedrin (details are in the article: Why is a Jewish Temple in Jerusalem Not Required?).

Back in December 2018, those groups were also involved in ‘dedicating’ an altar to have regular animal sacrifices. We even made the following video related to that:


Sanhedrin makes burnt offering to dedicate altar!

The Reconstituted Sanhedrin performed a ceremony on December 10, 2018 to dedicate a new altar for the use of daily sacrifices. High Priest Rabbi Baruch Kahane officiated. How does this align with Bible prophecy? Daniel wrote three times that the daily sacrifices must stop, hence they first must resume. The Great Tribulation will begin shortly after these sacrifices stop. In this video Dr. Thiel, who has also been to Israel and spoken with The Temple Institute quotes several scriptures and explains why the actions by the Sanhedrin align with prophecy and the end times.

Here is a link to our video: Sanhedrin makes burnt offering to dedicate altar!

So, since they have a ‘dedicated altar’ why haven’t the Jews begun daily sacrifices?

While, technically, Israeli courts have ruled that the Jews have the right to do so, they have also concluded that in the current political climate that they cannot yet be allowed.

But what if the political climate in Israel’s Knesset (its parliament) or elsewhere changes?

Well, that is something I posted about back in 2008:

Because Israel has a parliamentary system of governance and is normally governed by a coalition of parties, I believe that at some point in time a coalition party that insists on animal sacrifices will become part of the top governance and the sacrifices will then begin–though they may last only a very short period of time–but long enough for the King of the North to stop them per Daniel 11:31. (Thiel B. Animal Sacrifice Planned for April 6? COGwriter, April 3, 2008).

This type of situation with the Israeli parliament may develop soon related to Israel’s next election.

Which is when?

That is scheduled to be on March 23, 2021.

Now I do not believe that even if “pro-third temple” politicians get a place in the Knesset next month that sacrifices will immediately resume.

But I do believe that the time will come when Israel will allow those sacrifices and having “pro-sacrifice” politicians,  which the “pro-third temple” politicians are, will be a factor in allowing that to happen.

Since the Bible teaches that animal sacrifices will stop (Daniel 9:27, 11:31, 12:11), they must first resume. This resumption of animal sacrifices is something that the Temple Institute may well be involved in–and they mainly only need permission from Israeli authorities to do so. One person there reported to one of our sons that this could be done within hours of getting permission. Someone there also told me personally that the Temple Institute DID NOT NEED a massive Jewish temple in order to resume animal sacrifices. They basically only need Levites and an altar, and they have that.

And getting permission to resume animal sacrifices is not impossible–particularly if the Knesset gets a block of politicians that want them.

Although it may well take a war, peace deal, and/or political gridlock for that to happen, it will come to pass as the Bible teaches.

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