Obama still supports TPP, but now, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump will not; WND: Might Obama not leave office?

Actual TPP countries in green, interested TPP countries in turquoise or light green (Wikipedia composite map)


Barack Obama is still pushing the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP), but it may not make it:

August 3, 2016

WASHINGTON—U.S. President Barack Obama wants Congress to approve the 12-nation Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal his administration has been negotiating for nearly his entire time in office. The major candidates to replace him in January would rather not see that happen.

“Right now, I’m president and I’m for it,” Obama said Tuesday during a joint news conference with the prime minister of Singapore.

Obama made the case that the TPP would lower tariffs on U.S. goods while also making markets more fair for the country’s workers by forcing other nations to abide by stricter labor and environmental standards.

“What I also think is important is for people to recognize that the alternative is not TPP or some imaginary circumstance in which suddenly we’re able to sell goods around the world wherever we want,” he said. “The alternative is what we have today” a situation in which we don’t have as many protections around labor and environmental issues as we’d like; a situation in which there are countries like Japan that sell a lot of goods here, but that keep pretty restricted access for U.S. companies and U.S. workers to their markets.”

Republican candidate Donald Trump has been outspoken against the TPP and other trade agreements, vowing that he would renegotiate existing deals to make sure they benefit U.S. workers.

He said last month during an address at the Republican National Convention the TPP would “make America subject to the rulings of foreign governments” and destroy the country’s manufacturing sector.

“I pledge to never sign any trade agreement that hurts our workers or that diminishes our freedom and independence,” he said.  “Instead, I will make individual deals with individual countries.”

Trump said no one reads or understands massive international trade pacts.

A lengthy tome

The TPP runs more than 8,400 pages. The Obama administration says the agreement’s goal is to boost U.S. economic growth and create “high-quality American jobs” by increasing exports.

Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton said during her tenure as Obama’s secretary of state that the TPP “sets the gold standard in trade agreements.”

But that comment came before the pact was finalized last year, well after she left the administration. Clinton now opposes the deal, saying that she would want to be able to tell middle-class workers it would raise their wages. She has concluded she could not.

“We have to trade with the rest of the world,” Clinton said during a debate in February. “We are 5 percent of the world’s population. We have to trade with the other 95 percent. And trade has to be reciprocal. That’s the way the global economy works. But we have failed to provide the basic safety net support that American workers need in order to be able to compete and win in the global economy.”

The platforms adopted by the Democratic and Republican parties at their July conventions also show opposition to the TPP. http://www.voanews.com/content/obama-wants-us-to-ratify-trade-deal-that-his-likely-successor-opposes/3446929.html

In my view, Hillary Clinton changed her position mainly because of Bernie Sanders, and slightly because of Donald Trump. If she is elected, she may decide to change the name of the deal and/or claim to make some changes so she can support it again. We will see.

A few years ago, a Russian source published the following from WIkiLeaks related to TPP:

Obama attempting to ram through unconstitutional secret treaty

WikiLeaks released the secret negotiated draft text for the entire TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership) Intellectual Property Rights Chapter. The TPP is the largest-ever economic treaty, encompassing nations representing more than 40 per cent of the world’s GDP. The WikiLeaks release of the text comes ahead of the decisive TPP Chief Negotiators summit in Salt Lake City, Utah, on 19-24 November 2013.

The TPP is the forerunner to the equally secret US-EU pact TTIP (Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership), for which President Obama initiated US-EU negotiations in January 2013. Together, the TPP and TTIP will cover more than 60 per cent of global GDP. Both pacts exclude China…

It has been previously revealed that only three individuals in each TPP nation have access to the full text of the agreement, while 600 ‘trade advisers’ – lobbyists guarding the interests of large US corporations such as Chevron, Halliburton, Monsanto and Walmart – are granted privileged access to crucial sections of the treaty text…

A final step to Corporate Fascism

With the US debt at over $200 trillion dollars and their grasp on control slipping, Obama and the corporations that have taken over the US Government are attempting to do anything they can to cling to power and enslave the populace.   http://voiceofrussia.com/2013_11_14/Obama-attempting-to-ram-through-unconstitutional-secret-treaty-3479/

As far as the constitutionality of this goes, the Obama Justice Department has already indicated that it wants to make international agreements that supersede the Constitution of the USA (see US Justice Department allegedly claiming that international treaties surpass US Constitution).

We will see if TPP gets past.

As far as trade deals go, in general, they are supposed to benefit both parties involved.

Yet as I warned about trade talks in the past, ultimately, some of the deals will not be good for the United States of America nor its Anglo-allies like Canada, Australia, or New Zealand who are parties to TPP, nor the UK which is not (though because of Brexit, it might want to be).

Trade disputes are likely to be one of the events that will help trigger the coming Great Tribulation (Matthew 24:21).

Europe is watching these TPP negotiations, while it works on large ones itself. There is a deal called TTIP which European leaders seem to believe will help propel European leadership in the 21st century. The current political movement in the the presidential race against TPP (as well as Brexit) are concerns in Europe.

As I have written for years, I believe that the time will come when trade disputes will prove disastrous for the USA.

We will see what the next major trade agreements may bring.

I was going to end this post with the above, then I saw the following from the editor of World News Daily (WND):

August 3, 2016

Barack Obama is a president known for unprecedented statements and behavior.

He lived up to that reputation this week when he asserted that GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump is “unfit to serve” as his successor.

It’s important to listen to the words he uttered and measure their implications carefully.

  • He said Trump would not abide by “norms and rules and common sense.”
  • He questioned whether he would “observe basic decency” should he reach the Oval Office.
  • He said he would have been disappointed to lose the elections of 2008 and 2012, but never doubted whether his rivals in those elections, John McCain and Mitt Romney, could function as president or had the knowledge to make government work. “That’s not the situation here,” he added.
  • He added Trump “doesn’t have the judgment, the temperament, the understanding, to occupy the most powerful position in the world.”
  • He said he was “woefully unprepared to do this job.”
  • Obama said Trump lacked knowledge about Europe, the Middle East and other parts of Asia.

It’s clear Obama has no use for Donald Trump. But that’s not really the point here.

Like it or not, and I don’t like it, Obama is the sitting president of the United States until Jan. 20, 2017.

The question this harsh, unprecedented attack by a sitting president on a major-party nominee to succeed him raises should be obvious: What happens if Donald Trump wins the election in November?

Given what Obama has said about Trump, would he not have an obligation to prevent Trump from assuming office? And what would that mean to the peaceful process America has enjoyed for more than two centuries of transitions of power? http://www.wnd.com/2016/08/the-obvious-question-no-ones-asking-obama/#4PFiKI7wM6uOBPFa.99

Barack Obama has made several brash and critical statements about Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump in the past few days. And should Donald Trump actually win, it would seem that Barack Obama’s comments would hurt the standing of a Donald Trump presidency internationally. In various ways, some of Barack Obama’s statements are unprecedented in USA history and do not seem at all “presidential.”

Throughout the years, many have wondered if Barack Obama would remain in the presidency when his current term ended. This is not at all likely.

About the only ‘legal’ way Barack Obama could stay would be by getting the US Supreme Court to somehow invalidate the November 2016 election and/or the Electorial College vote–this is seemingly impossible as there are not enough Democratic appointees on the Supreme Court. Consider also that the US Constitution limits the presidency to two terms–and Barack Obama’s second term will end on January 20, 2017.

The other way for Barack Obama to remain in office would seem to be to somehow declare martial law and somehow orchestrate a ‘military coup’ that would support him. As the rank-in-file military does not particularly love Barack Obama, that is not likely either. Although if there were a lot of riots if Donald Trump won, that could also be used as a reason to declare Marshall Law.

Sadly, we have seen more and more ‘unconstitutional’ behavior in the USA under the Barack Obama Administration.

And sadly, we will probably see a lot more of this no matter who is President of the United States on January 21, 2017.

All that being said, Barack Obama has said he want to see TPP enacted and that he plans to leave his office when this term expires.

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