Donald Trump in Prophecy

By COGwriter

Businessman and television celebrity Donald Trump has gotten a lot of attention since he announced his presidential campaign on June 2015--he has often dominated the mainstream news from that time to present. On November 8, 2016, the he became 'President-Elect' of the USA and on January 20, 2017, the 45th president of the USA..

Initially believed by many pundits as likely to just self-implode, Donald Trump has repeatedly defied 'conventional wisdom' in USA politics. He won the number of delegates needed to become the Republican Party's presidential nominee--and he was confirmed as that nominee.

He spoken out strongly on many matters and differently than many other US politicians. He has claimed to be a Republican, then Independent, then Democrat, but later switched to be part of the Republican party.

Many do not like him. Many consider him the answer.

He claims he will make "America great again." Can he?

Is he the "Trump of God'?

Could Donald Trump somehow be apocalyptic? This article give reasons why. A related video is titled: Donald: 'Trump of God' or Apocalyptic?

Donald Trump Claims to be Presbyterian, But that Church Disavowed His Migrant Views

Donald Trump has something in common with Pope Francis and Democratic vice-presidential nominee Tim Kaine according to Time:

July 23, 2016

Here’s a quiz: What do Donald Trump, Tim Kaine and Pope Francis have in common?

Answer: all three men were educated by Jesuits, a religious order of Catholic priests whose most famous member is the Pope himself.

For Trump, his two years at Fordham University, a Jesuit school in the Bronx, seem to leave little impact on his life. After his sophomore year, Trump transferred to the Ivy league University of Pennsylvania. (Hale CJ. What Tim Kaine, Donald Trump and Pope Francis Have In Common. July 23, 2016

Donald Trump himself claims to be a Presbyterian and a Christian:

July 18, 2015

(CNN) Donald Trump talked about his Christian faith Saturday, but said he’s never sought forgiveness for his sins. …

“People are so shocked when they find … out I am Protestant. I am Presbyterian. And I go to church and I love God and I love my church,” he said.

Moderator Frank Luntz asked Trump whether he has ever asked God for forgiveness for his actions.

“I am not sure I have. I just go on and try to do a better job from there. I don’t think so,” he said. “I think if I do something wrong, I think, I just try and make it right. I don’t bring God into that picture. I don’t.”

Trump said that while he hasn’t asked God for forgiveness, he does participate in Holy Communion.

The Bible teaches:

7 But if we walk in the light as He is in the light, we have fellowship with one another, and the blood of Jesus Christ His Son cleanses us from all sin.

8 If we say that we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us. 9 If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. (1 John 1:7-9)

The Bible also says that Christians are to repent (Acts 2:38) AND examine themselves before taking the bread and wine (1 Corinthians 11:27-29), but Donald Trump apparently  does not really believe in things like that.

Notice something related to the Presbyterian Church:

February 22, 2016

The Presbyterian Church (USA) has turned on Donald Trump who is still feeling the impact of his row with Pope Francis over his suggestion he was "not a Christian" for proposing a border wall with Mexico.

But the conservative credentials of the Republican front runner are not convincing to one foreign commentator who has labeled him a "complete fake."

The leadership of Presbyterian church he was born into says his extreme views on how to deal with immigration are out of line with its teachings.

Rev. Gradye Parsons, the most senior elected official of the Presbyterian Church (USA) to which Trump was baptized as a child, said that the Bible is clear:, stating followers of the faith have to care for the needy.

"Donald Trump's views are not in keeping with the policies adopted by our church by deliberative process," he said.

In an interview with the UK's Guardian newspaper, Parsons said that the Presbyterian church had voted several times since the 1990s in its national general assemblies in favor of comprehensive immigration.

These allowed for granting a route to legal status for the 11 million undocumented people currently living in the United States.

"Our official policy is to encourage immigration reform," noted Parsons.

He explained that the founding narrative of Christianity contains a commitment to those most in need - widows, orphans, the oppressed and the alien.

"It is clear that God wants us to act on behalf of the stranger. Jesus himself and his parents had to flee the country for their lives when he was born – there are lots of parallels."


The Pope sparked a fierce response from U.S. Republican Party presidential candidate hopeful Trump when, without naming him, he questioned his Christian credentials. His comments immediately became part of the U.S. presidential debate.

"Anyone, whoever he is, who only wants to build walls and not bridges is not a Christian," Francis said on the papal flight from Mexico in answer to a question from a journalist.

"Vote, don't vote, I won't meddle. But I simply say, if he says these things, this man is not a Christian," Francis said.

"We need to see if he really said them and for this I will give him the benefit of the doubt."

On a campaign rally stop in South Carolina, in which Trump swept to victory over the weekend in its Republican primary, Trump hit back saying, "For a religious leader to question a person's faith is disgraceful.

"I'm proud to be a Christian, and as president I will not allow Christianity to be consistently attacked and weakened, unlike what is happening now with our current president," he said Trump. ...


Trump was confirmed as a child at the First Presbyterian Church in Jamaica, Queens, and has always self-associated as a Presbyterian.

He says he now worships at the Marble Collegiate Church in Manhattan, part of the Reformed Church in America denomination, the Guardian reported.

Parsons, who is the "stated clerk" or chief executive of the 1.6 million-strong Presbyterian Church in the United States, said he would stop short of the Pope's suggestion that Trump's views on immigration decreed him "not a Christian."

But he noted that "Biblical mandates are important - how people care for the oppressed and the alien acts as a marker of whether they are following their faith."

Notice also the following:

February 21, 2016

Gradye Parsons, the most senior elected official of the Presbyterian Church (USA) into which Trump was baptized as a child, said that the Bible is clear: followers of the faith have to care for the needy. “Donald Trump’s views are not in keeping with the policies adopted by our church by deliberative process,” he said.

In an interview with the Guardian, Parsons said that the Presbyterian church had voted several times since the 1990s in its national general assemblies in favor of comprehensive immigration reform that would grant a route to legal status for the 11 million undocumented people currently living in the US. “Our official policy is to encourage immigration reform.” ...

Trump was confirmed as a child at the First Presbyterian church in Jamaica, in the New York borough of Queens, and has always self-associated as a Presbyterian. He says he now worships at the Marble Collegiate church in Manhattan, part of the Reformed Church in American denomination.

Now, it should be noted that the Reformed Church of America is in "full communion with the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), the United Church of Christ, and the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America," so the faiths are quite similar.

Donald Trump has been married three times and broke up with his first wife because he was having an adulterous affair (like Ashley Madison promoted, watch Ashley Madison: Your Sins Will Find You Out), with the woman who later became his second wife. The Bible teaches against adultery, including in the New Testament (see The Ten Commandments and the Early Church).

It should be clear to all who claim to believe the Bible that Donald Trump is not actually a Christian. And apparently, he may not also be a Presbyterian.

Is Donald Trump the 'Trump of God'?

Certain Protestants are convinced Donald Trump is the answer for the USA.

Notice the following claims from Protestant minister Jeremiah Johnson:

The Holy Spirit spoke to me and said, “Trump shall become My trumpet to the American people, for he possesses qualities that are even hard to find in My people these days. Trump does not fear man nor will he allow deception and lies to go unnoticed. I am going to use him to expose darkness and perversion in America like never before, but you must understand that he is like a bull in a china closet. (Johnson J. Prophesy: Donald Trump Shall Become the Trumpet –Posted on Charisma Magazine 7/28/2015)

Despite what the above claims, Donald Trump, thus far, has not focused much on national sins of the USA, but has had his own issues with lies.

Some Protestants have even claimed that Donald Trump could be the ‘trump of God.’ Here are two:

I am not suggesting that Donald Trump absolutely *IS* the last trump – but since the LAST TRUMP is one of the most clear and final signs in end times prophecy, can we overlook the possibility that a presidential candidate named Trump is being used as a sign by God?  …

As for biblical clues on an end times TRUMP:

First, Paul wrote to the Church at Thessalonica, “But I would not have you to be ignorant, brethren, concerning them which are asleep, that ye sorrow not, even as others which have no hope. For if we believe that Jesus died and rose again, even so them also which sleep in Jesus will God bring with him. For this we say unto you by the word of the Lord, that we which are alive and remain unto the coming of the Lord shall not prevent them which are asleep. For the Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the trump of God: and the dead in Christ shall rise first: Then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air: and so shall we ever be with the Lord. Wherefore comfort one another with these words” (I Thess. 4:13-18).

Second, Paul wrote to the Church at Corinth, “Behold, I show you a mystery; We shall not all sleep, but we shall all be changed, In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trump: for the trumpet shall sound, and the dead shall be raised incorruptible, and we shall be changed. For this corruptible must put on incorruption, and this mortal must put on immortality” (I Cor. 15:51-53). …

I strongly suspect that 2016-2019 will wrap up the fulfillment of all end times Bible prophecy. (Montaigne D. Donald Trump in Prophecy? “The Last Trump. May 12, 2016. ttps:// viewed 12/14/2016)

This is Chapter 1 of a series of signs from God, of the Apocalypse and Mr. Trump is one of those signs!
King James Bible: 1 Corinthians 15:52

In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trump: for the trumpet shall sound, and the dead shall be raised incorruptible, and we shall be changed.

All Biblical musicians know that the last trump equals a musical note! So that would mean the last note or sound coming out of the trumpet! So when Mr. Donald J. Trump speaks his last word, that will be the last note. This is a spiritual sign!

This is the key to interpreting Revelation
King James Bible: Revelation 1:19,

(1) Write the things which thou hast seen, and (2) the things which are, and (3) the things which shall be hereafter;
So you will use the living words of GOD in the past to interpret the future!

Why Mr. Donald J. Trump, (the trump of God) will be an act of grace. It will call the undeserving Church into heaven. (Breaking News: The Trump of God vs Rev 17:1 Number 1 of a Series of Signs By: Johnnie Roy Maul. accessed 12/19/16)

Let it be explicitly stated that all end time biblical prophecy will not be wrapped up by 2019 (for some details, check out the article: When Will the Great Tribulation Begin? 2017, 2018, or 2019?) and the Church will NOT be raptured to heaven because of Donald Trump (see Is There A Secret Rapture for the Church? When and Where is the Church Protected?).

Furthermore, I do not believe that Donald Trump’s name is specifically related to scriptures in 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18 or 1 Corinthians 11:51-53.

Those are end time prophecies related to the return of Jesus, not a Donald Trump Administration.

Although it is remotely possible that Jesus will return during a Donald Trump presidency, we would need to see the deal of Daniel 9:27 confirmed by no later than the Fall of 2017 for that to be the case (see The ‘Peace Deal’ of Daniel 9:27 )–and that currently does not seem likely.

While I understand why certain Protestants support Donald Trump (as well as why certain other Protestants cannot stand him), those who believe that one who believes so much in debt is the answer for the USA simply overlook scripture.

More civil unrest is coming to the USA (cf. Deuteronomy 32:25).

Called a "complete fake"

Some believe that Donald Trump is an actor who is basically pretending to hold conservative views. Notice what Tim Blair wrote from Australia:

February 22, 2016

Donald Trump is a complete fake, his right-wing pose is a cynical act. (Blair T. Donald Trump is a complete fake. Daily Telegraph. February 22, 2016)

Here is more about that:

February 22, 2016

Tim Blair ... denounced him in a piece headlined, "Candidate Donald Trump is a complete fake, his right-wing pose is a cynical act."

Blair opined that Trump has a huge supporter base among voters and pundits "weary of the usual politically correct and evasive politicians" and that his stance on Muslim immigration and border protection "strike a resonant chord throughout middle America."

"It's just that Trump is a complete fake. He's less a viable presidential candidate than a marketing exercise for the Trump brand. He's running as a hard-core conservative solely because that role happens to be vacant.

"If the rest of the field shifted right, you get the feeling that Trump would start quoting Castro and wearing a Che Guevara T-shirt."

Many politicians (and people) pretend to be one thing while they are something else.

How sincerely Donald Trump holds to 'conservative values' certainly can be debated. But perhaps it should be pointed out that Ronald Reagan was also a Democrat who became a Republican.

Donald Trump was pro-abortion, but now is against it, though he wants to keep Planned Parenthood. There are various concerns about his positions on the Iraq war.

Notice also the following:

Trump once endorsed a massive surtax on the rich. But he now wants the top income tax rate cut in half. ...

He’s praised single-payer health care, yet loathes Obamacare. But a decade ago he proposed “health marts” that sound suspiciously like today’s Obamacare exchanges.

Over the past two decades he was a Republican, then an independent, then a Democrat, then a Republican. Now, registered as an independent, he leads the Republican 2016 presidential field.

But what does Donald Trump really believe on policy? It’s hard to tell — his campaign will identify no policy director, he has no “issues” tab on his campaign website and he hasn’t given any substantive policy speeches on the campaign trail.

“His hair has been more permanent than his political positions,” said Thomas P. Miller, a health care policy expert at the conservative American Enterprise Institute. “It’s a total random assortment of whatever plays publicly.”

Donald Trump not only has changed many positions over the years, within a year or so, he changed his position about various people. Notice his comments related to three of them:

Trump on opponent Ted Cruz: “I don’t think Ted Cruz has a great chance … he’s a nasty guy, nobody likes him” and “I really do, I like Ted Cruz a lot.”

Trump on democratic candidate Hillary Clinton: “Hillary Clinton was the worst secretary of state in the history of the United States” and “Hillary Clinton is a terrific woman. I’m a little biased because I’ve known her for years, but I think she really works hard and she does a good job. I like her.”

Trump on Megyn Kelly: “You have done a great job, by the way, and I mean it” and “I have zero respect for Megyn Kelly, I don’t think she’s very good at what she does.”

Now, at least for the Republican nomination process, Donald Trump claimed to be anti-abortion and is not a strident promoter of the LGBT agenda. Yet, on that last point, notice the following:

Of the June 2015 Supreme Court ruling legalizing same-sex marriage nationwide, he said: “I would have preferred states, you know, making the decision and I let that be known. But they made the decision. … So, at a certain point you have to be realistic about it.” Gregory T. Angelo, the president of the Log Cabin Republicans (a pro-LGBT organization), described Trump as “one of the best, if not the best, pro-gay Republican candidates to ever run for the presidency.” (Political positions of Donald Trump. Wikipedia, viewed 02/21/16)

November 13, 2016

As for same-sex marriage, Trump said after the Supreme Court ruling last year it’s the law of the land -- and that he is “fine” with that being the case.

It is not likely that Donald Trump will take steps that will stop all abortions or the LGBT agenda as President of the United States.

Strip Clubs, Casinos, and Political Positions

Throughout his business career, Donald Trump has built casinos and owns strip clubs (consider Gambling and Sin: Is it a Sin for Christians to Gamble?). That is not something a real Christian businessman would be doing.

Consider also that his current wife is a former model, who, let’s say, did not always practice biblical standards of modesty (cf. 1 Timothy 2:9) from what I read about her (consider also Pornography: A scourge on society).

Notice also the following:

January 18, 2016

John Stemberger, president of Florida Family Action, said in a statement Monday. “Trump is a thrice married owner of casinos with strip clubs and would give us the first ‘First Lady’ who has proudly posed in the nude while supporting gay marriage and funding Planned Parenthood with taxpayer money.”

You may think that none of that affects you if you live in the USA, but consider the following:

18 For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who suppress the truth in unrighteousness, 19 because what may be known of God is manifest in them, for God has shown it to them. 20 For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even His eternal power and Godhead, so that they are without excuse, 21 because, although they knew God, they did not glorify Him as God, nor were thankful, but became futile in their thoughts, and their foolish hearts were darkened. 22 Professing to be wise, they became fools, 23 and changed the glory of the incorruptible God into an image made like corruptible man — and birds and four-footed animals and creeping things.

24 Therefore God also gave them up to uncleanness, in the lusts of their hearts, to dishonor their bodies among themselves, 25 who exchanged the truth of God for the lie, and worshiped and served the creature rather than the Creator, who is blessed forever. Amen.

26 For this reason God gave them up to vile passions. For even their women exchanged the natural use for what is against nature. 27 Likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust for one another, men with men committing what is shameful, and receiving in themselves the penalty of their error which was due.

28 And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a debased mind, to do those things which are not fitting; 29 being filled with all unrighteousness, sexual immorality, wickedness, covetousness, maliciousness; full of envy, murder, strife, deceit, evil-mindedness; they are whisperers, 30 backbiters, haters of God, violent, proud, boasters, inventors of evil things, disobedient to parents, 31 undiscerning, untrustworthy, unloving, unforgiving, unmerciful; 32 who, knowing the righteous judgment of God, that those who practice such things are deserving of death, not only do the same but also approve of those who practice them. (Romans 1:18-32)

Donald Trump professes to be wise, but approve of sexual immortality and other sins that God says lead to death. This does not bode well for the USA.

At his “Make America Great Again” website, when I clicked on Donald Trump’s  “Positions,” there were the following five in February 2016:

  1. US-China Trade Reform
  2. Veteran’s Affairs Reform
  3. Tax Reform
  4. Second Amendment Rights
  5. Immigration Reform

His focus is on safety, security aliens, foreign trade, impacting Wall Street, and various other economic issues. His position papers had nothing about issues like abortion or stopping the homosexual agenda. Without national repentance the USA is doomed.

Donald Trump has also made a variety of public statements, in his campaign and prior, which many have shown are not factually accurate.

Donald Trump’s direct, but often bombastic style, however, appeals to many who are concerned about their safety and/or economic state. He keeps saying he is a man of action as he has repeatedly blasted current US President Barack Obama and others for not taking what he feels are appropriate actions against Islamic terrorism.

Here is something I posted in December 2015:

Terrorists incidents around the world, as well as in the USA, are likely to help Republican presidential candidates.  And particularly Donald Trump.

Donald Trump’s direct, but often bombastic style, appeals to many who are concerned about their safety.  He keeps saying he is a man of action as he has repeatedly blasted current US President Barack Obama and others for not taking what he feels are appropriate actions against the Islamic State (which he normally refers to as ISIS).

Whether Donald Trump wins office or not, the Islamic State will one day be defeated. However, the existence of the Islamic State may greatly impact the US presidential election, events in Europe, and will also encourage the formation of the final King of the South of biblical prophecy (Daniel 11:40-43).

But German leaders, Donald Trump, most American voters, and most others do not realize this.  And when there is a temporal peace deal which will come in the Middle East (see The ‘Peace Deal’ of Daniel 9:27), many will be deceived into thinking that humankind has brought about peace, but sudden destruction will come per 1 Thessalonians 5:3. If Donald Trump wins, he will help set that up. (Germany wants bigger army and approves military aid to fight Islamic State; Donald Trump rises in the polls. December 4, 2015)

Notice also the following from Donald Trump:

“Before I came here, I saw, on the news, a family decimated … their daughter torn apart by illegal immigrants. Many gang members, these rough guys, are illegal immigrants. We have to stop this … I would build a great wall, and nobody builds walls better than me, believe me, and I’ll build them very inexpensively, I will build a great, great wall on our southern border. And I will have Mexico pay for that wall.”

— Trump Announcement Speech

Is the ‘wall’ the answer?

While it would help some with illegal immigration from the southern USA border, a wall will not protect the USA. Actually, the Bible prophesies that the time will come when the walls will be overcome:

47 “Because you did not serve the Lord your God with joy and gladness of heart, for the abundance of everything, 48 therefore you shall serve your enemies, whom the Lord will send against you, in hunger, in thirst, in nakedness, and in need of everything; and He will put a yoke of iron on your neck until He has destroyed you. 49 The Lord will bring a nation against you from afar, from the end of the earth, as swift as the eagle flies, a nation whose language you will not understand, 50 a nation of fierce countenance, which does not respect the elderly nor show favor to the young. 51 And they shall eat the increase of your livestock and the produce of your land, until you are destroyed; they shall not leave you grain or new wine or oil, or the increase of your cattle or the offspring of your flocks, until they have destroyed you.

52 “They shall besiege you at all your gates until your high and fortified walls, in which you trust, come down throughout all your land; and they shall besiege you at all your gates throughout all your land which the Lord your God has given you. 53 You shall eat the fruit of your own body, the flesh of your sons and your daughters whom the Lord your God has given you, in the siege and desperate straits in which your enemy shall distress you. (Deuteronomy 28:47-54)

For decades I have believed that Mexico would likely be part of a force that would takeover the USA. Not that Mexico would do this on its own, but that it would in conjunction with a coordinated attack by the Europeans on the USA–an attack that the Bible says will be successful and eliminate the USA (Daniel 11:39; USA in Prophecy: The Strongest Fortresses). Donald Trump will not stop that.

The USA needs national repentance and Donald Trump apparently does not believe that. This does not bode well for the USA.

Despite what many think, people often will go for a ‘strongman’ in times of crisis. Donald Trump has portrayed that better to the Republican party supporters, thus far, than any other candidate.

Notice also that the Bible teaches:

19 Beloved, do not avenge yourselves, but rather give place to wrath; for it is written, “Vengeance is Mine, I will repay,” says the Lord. (Romans 12:19)

Donald Trump’s willingness to lash out is well known. His supporters sometimes call it counter-punching.  His trustworthiness is limited. Bearing false witness is a violation of one of the Ten Commandments (see also The Ten Commandments and the Early Church).

Europeans are Concerned

I once wrote, "Should he actually become President of the United States, his flamboyance and brashness are bound to offend the Europeans, even more than he already has, and ultimately that will not turn out well for the USA (cf. Lamentations 1:1-2; Daniel 11:39)."

Even when the Europeans saw his rise during the primaries, they had concerns.

In December 2015, former German Defense Minister Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg called Donald Trump "that blonde lunatic named Donald" (Wish List or Reality? Digital Trends in 2016 | Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg | hub conference. Posted December 11, 2015; watch also Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg and Europe's Future).

Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg, former German Defense Minister, warns of an erosion in transatlantic trust, exacerbated by the U.S. presidential-election season. The campaign anthem will be “forget Europe,” he says—and it won’t come only from Donald Trump. …

There is growing division between U.S. and European leaders. Transatlantic ties depend on common values.

BBC reported:

Europe hates Trump. Does it matter?

March 4, 2016

Back in 2004 Europeans assumed that their own well publicised opposition to President Bush’s Iraq war would make it harder for him to get re-elected. In fact, anti Americanism had the opposite effect. It drove people to the president. “If those squishy Europeans hate him so much,” the thinking seemed to go, “then he must be doing something right.”

That same year, Britain’s left-leaning Guardian newspaper ran a public campaign targeting a critical county in Ohio with a letter-writing blitz, urging people there to vote for John Kerry.

It was a bid to give foreigners a say in the US presidential election. Clark County was a swing district in a swing state, in 2000 Al Gore won the area by a narrow margin. But the Guardian’s Operation Clark County backfired. It did indeed galvanise local voters, but it did so for Bush not Kerry. On election night, George Bush carried the county with 51% of the vote.

At the time, a local newspaper editor told the BBC that it was the well-publicised letter campaign which lost it for the Democrats. It will go down in history as one of the biggest fiascos in foreign meddling. …

Germany’s Der Spiegel has called Trump the most dangerous man in the world. Britain’s David Cameron says his plan to ban Muslims is divisive and unhelpful.

The French liberal newspaper Liberation has described him as a nightmare turned reality. JK Rowling tweeted that he’s worse than Voldemort. A recent Economist cover has a picture of Trump dressed as Uncle Sam with just one word, “Really?” That pretty much sums up the mood of global elites.

Will the international reaction make a shred of difference to Trump’s chances of getting nominated and then elected? 2004 would suggest not. Indeed you can easily imagine a scenario in which Trump’s American supporters rally round their candidate even more closely because the world is against him, just as they did with President Bush.

If you like Trump, you’re likely to shrug off French disdain – who cares what a bunch of cheese-eating surrender monkeys think? And if you don’t like Trump, you’re likely to see the criticism as a source of embarrassment – God, what does the world think of us?

BBC’s article also showed a photograph of an anti-Donald Trump carnival float in Germany that said “MAKE FASCISM GREAT AGAIN!”

The Vice Chancellor and Minister of Economic Affairs of Germany is warning against a Donald Trump presidency:

German vice chancellor says Trump poses threat to peace and prosperity

March 6, 2016

BERLIN German Vice Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel has criticized leading Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump as a right-wing populist whose political views pose a threat to peace and prosperity.

The comments by Gabriel, economy minister and leader of the Social Democrats, are the clearest sign yet that ruling politicians in Europe are increasingly worried about the outcome of the U.S. presidential elections.

"Whether Donald Trump, Marine le Pen or Geert Wilders - all these right-wing populists are not only a threat to peace and social cohesion, but also to economic development," Gabriel told Welt am Sonntag newspaper in an interview published on Sunday.

Gabriel said that Trump and France's Le Pen were promising voters "a way back into a fairytale world" in which economic activity only happened within national borders but that history has shown such isolated economies have no chance to develop.

"We have to make the effort to explain how we want to shape globalisation in a fair way," Gabriel said.

Consider that the German Vice Chancellor does not like Donald Trump's positions on trade and that he wants "globalisation in a fair way," in other words, he wants Germany to be able to negotiate trade agreements like Germany wants, not what someone focused on the interests of the USA wants.

March 7, 2016

"European diplomats are constantly asking about Trump's rise with disbelief and, now, growing panic," said a senior NATO official, speaking on condition of anonymity.

"With the EU facing an existential crisis, there's more than the usual anxiety about the U.S. turning inward when Europe needs U.S. support more than ever."

Notice also the following:

March 17, 2016

A Donald Trump presidency is the sixth biggest threat facing the world, tied with the prospect of terrorism destabilizing the global economy, according to an assessment by British research group EIU.

Its latest ranking of global risks has a sharp economic slowdown in China at the top.  That is followed by Russia's actions in Syria and Ukraine bringing a new cold war, a corporate debt crisis in emerging markets and the fracture of the European Union.

EIU says it does not expect Trump to win the November election, but that there is a moderate probability he will and a high impact if he does.

Controversial stands

The group cites his hostility toward free trade, advocacy of the killing of families of terrorists, support for ground troops in Syria and alienation of both China and Mexico that could result in trade wars and fueling terrorist groups.

Trump has promised to drive hard deals in international negotiations, particularly with China.  One of his most repeated campaign pledges is to build along the southern U.S. border with Mexico to keep out illegal immigrants, a project he says Mexico will fund itself.

Here is the actual list from the Economist Intelligence Unit (EUI) of the UK:

The EIU ranking uses a scale of one to 25, with Mr Trump garnering a rating of 12, the same level of risk as "the rising threat of jihadi terrorism destabilising the global economy".

Global risk ranking by the EIU

Image copyright EIU 

"He has been exceptionally hostile towards free trade, including notably Nafta, and has repeatedly labelled China as a 'currency manipulator'," the EIU said.

It warned his strong language directed towards Mexico and China in particular "could escalate rapidly into a trade war".

Mr Trump has called for a "big big wall" to be built on the US-Mexican border, paid for by Mexico, to keep its illegal immigrants and drug dealers out of the United States.

'Innate hostility'

On the campaign trail, Mr Trump has advocated killing the families of terrorists and invading Syria to eradicate the so-called Islamic State group and appropriate its oil.

"His militaristic tendencies towards the Middle East and ban on all Muslim travel to the US would be a potent recruitment tool for jihadi groups, increasing their threat both within the region and beyond," the EIU added.

Many Europeans see Donald Trump as a threat (see also How Will President-Elect Trump be Apocalyptic? Two false prophets exposed!). A threat that is turning Europe away from the USA. NATO is a military alliance, and thus, the Europeans are now considering various military options (see ‘Post-Brexit summit could pave way for European army’ or is it ‘laughable’? and Juncker’s State of the EU: More unity, more military needed).

Some in Europe consider that Donald Trump is a sign that the USA is in decline. Notice the following from the German newsource Deutsche Welle:

History is being written right now in America. That is always exciting. But in this case it is also dramatic. An entire country is changing before our eyes. Though he may not have started it, Donald Trump is the man who is now speeding up and steering this process in a very dangerous direction. Like a bulldozer on a rampage, he is destroying the foundations of this freedom-loving and once so self-assured nation.

And the country is letting him do it. ...

Has America given up?

The country seems rotten, like a once mighty tree that is leaning precariously. It remains to be seen if it can weather the gathering storm or will come crashing down.

In the eyes of a growing number of voters, the country's elite, which only thinks of itself, is also rotten. It is an elite that, despite the country's economic well-being, has starved the middle-class and robbed them of the fruits of their labor. The fact that more and more Americans are growing angry is understandable. But the conclusions that they are reaching are not. ...

Searching for a tough guy

Trump is the tough guy many people feel could finally change things. Even if it seems stupefying: When he hammers away at the masses, repeating that he will "beat" the Chinese, the Mexicans and whoever else he has to in order to "make America great again," he is guaranteed thundering applause. Even though he has not provided a single workable political policy. ...

Fear and aggression

Trump's success says a lot about Americans and about the state of the nation. But what can be inferred from these messages is not good. Not good for America and not good for Germany and America's other allies.

The country is changing. Decency and politeness are apparently on the decline, mean-spiritedness and ruthlessness are rewarded. Global responsibility is being replaced by nationalist egocentricity. Fear and aggression are now coming together in an unholy symbiosis. Trump is the champion of this paradigm shift. Many think he's great simply because he is so mean. ...

It is also not a forgone conclusion that Hillary Clinton, should she be her party's nominee, will be able to derail the increasingly likely Republican presidential nominee Donald J. Trump. (Schließ G. Opinion: The changing face of the USA. Deutsche Welle, 5 March 2016.

Consider also the following:

March 21, 2016

Donald Trump said Monday the U.S. should rethink its involvement in NATO because the defense alliance costs too much money.

In remarks to Blitzer, he said the U.S. pays a disproportionate amount to NATO to ensure the security of allies.

"Frankly, they have to put up more money," he said. "We are paying disproportionately. It's too much, and frankly it's a different world than it was when we originally conceived of the idea." ...

Later in the interview, Trump qualified his remarks saying that the U.S. should not "decrease its role" in NATO but should decrease its spending. Still, the Republican presidential front-runner's NATO comments could spur anxiety among the Western foreign policy establishment.

Donald Trump wants NATO with the Europeans providing more military funding. Consider the following:

According to NATO statistics, the U.S. spent an estimated $650 billion on defense last year. That's more than double the amount all the other 27 NATO countries spent between them, even though their combined GDP tops that of the U.S. (Kottasova I. CNN, July 8, 2016

While Donald Trump is correct that the USA is spending "disproportionately, " especially considering that the total size of the economies of the 27 other NATO nations exceeds that of the USA, the reality is that the USA has been able to control NATO and many military decisions because of that. This will evenetually change after the Europeans spend more themselves.

The Washington Post has suggested that German issues and Donald Trump's rise may result in a similar leader in Germany (Noack R. Germany's shrinking middle class may spawn a new Donald Trump. Washington Post, May 11, 2016).

Notice also the following:

September 15, 2016

If U.S. Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump wins the election in November, it would be problematic for the entire world and encourage copycats in Europe, European Parliament President Martin Schulz told a German magazine.

"Trump is not only a problem for the EU but also for the whole world," Schulz said in an interview with Der Spiegel published online on Thursday.

"If a man who shows off by not having a clue and by saying that specialist knowledge is elitist rubbish ends up in the White House, a critical point will have been reached," said Schulz, a German center-left Social Democrat.

Such a scenario would mean that there is an "obviously irresponsible man" sitting in a position that demands the utmost sense of responsibility, Schulz said.

He added that he was concerned that Trump getting into power would spur on copycats in Europe. "That's why I want Hillary Clinton to win." Donald Trump is a problem for the whole world, EU's Schulz says

15 September 2016

EU Parliament President

'Trump Is a Problem for the Whole World'

With Europe falling ever-deeper into crisis, European Parliament President Martin Schulz is warning of the further advance of right-wing populism. In an interview, he also says he fears the possibility of a President Trump. ...

SPIEGEL ONLINE: It's not only in Europe that right-wing populists like the Alternative for Germany (AfD) party are on the rise. In the United States, a right-wing populist could even become president. What would it mean for the EU if Donald Trump landed in the White House?

Schulz: Trump is not just a problem for the EU, but for the whole world. When a man ends up in the White House who boasts about not having a clue and who says that specialist knowledge is elite nonsense, then a critical point has been reached. Then you will have an obviously irresponsible man sitting in a position that requires the utmost degree of responsibility. My worry is that he may inspire copycats, also in Europe. That's why I hope Hillary Clinton wins.

There has never been this much high level German resistance to a US presidential candidate before. The Germans will take steps to ultimately be able to rise above the USA!

Europe and NATO After His Official Nomination and After His Election

Becoming the Republican Party presidential nominee brought out comments in Europe and about Europe.

Notice something from Germany’s Foreign Minister :

19 July 2016

Donald Trump, having clinched the Republican Party’s nomination for the Nov. 8 presidential election, threatens U.S. and world security with his “politics of fear and isolation,” German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier said on Wednesday.

Steinmeier told Reuters in a written interview that he was concerned about what he called Trump’s ambiguous vows to “make America strong again,” while simultaneously reducing its engagement overseas.

“That is contradictory and it makes me concerned,” Steinmeier said as he headed to Washington for meetings with other foreign and defense ministers to assess the U.S.-led effort to defeat the Islamic State extremist group.

“A politics of fear and isolation will bring less security, not more, and would be dangerous not only for the United States, but for Europe and the rest of the world as well.”

Germany has already started to take steps. The week before the nomination, the German cabinet approved a plan to increase German military spending and the number of people in its military (watch Germany ready for military leadership?).

After securing his party's nomination, Donald Trump made statements that a Trump Administration might not send US troops to support an attacked NATO country if that nation has not been spending an agreed upon amount on its military:

July 21, 2016

Donald Trump has said that if he is elected president he may abandon a guarantee of protection to fellow Nato countries.

Speaking to the New York Times, Mr Trump said the US would only come to the aid of allies if they have “fulfilled their obligations to us”.

Members of Nato have all signed a treaty that says they will come to the aid of any member that is attacked. …

Mr Trump’s comments hit at the fundamental basis of the Atlantic alliance; that an attack on one ally is an attack on all.

Under Article 5 of Nato’s founding treaty, allies are bound to come to the aid of a member under attack.

The US has long been pressing its European allies to spend more on defence. That is slowly beginning to have an effect.

But never has there been a suggestion that the US would renege on its responsibilities. …

Asked about Russian aggression towards Nato countries in the Baltic region, Mr Trump suggested the US might abandon the longstanding protections offered by the US to such nations.

July 21, 2016

US Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump said a NATO ally would not necessarily receive the backing of the US military in a crisis situation.

A NATO member would only receive help from the US military if they had fulfilled their commitments to the alliance, Trump said.

Other parts of the interview indicated that Trump would be willing to significantly lower the priority of US troop deployments. He mostly cited the costs of such deployments, indicating that the US was shouldering too much of the burden of keeping other countries safe and that America suffers in terms of trade losses as a result. …

“We are spending a fortune on military in order to lose $800 billion,” Trump told the Times.

Trump also referred to America’s role as a global influencer, saying America needed to focus on its own problems before lecturing other nations on how to handle theirs.

“When the world sees how bad the United States is and we start talking about civil liberties, I don’t think we are a very good messenger,” he said, referring specifically to whether or not the United States should weigh in on Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s handling of a coup attempt in Turkey.

This is in line with Trump’s ‘America First’ policy, which he said meant “we are going to take care of this country first before we worry about everyone else in the world.”

On the surface, it may seem reasonable that if a nation in the NATO alliance is in violation of their military spending agreements, essentially be considered in default of their NATO ‘contract,’ and thus not receive ‘benefits’ from that contract.

But realize that once nations in Europe begin to spend more on their militaries, they will want more control and have more military power. This will have consequences that it does not seem that Donald Trunp has considered.

While all realize that World War I and World War II mainly involved war from a major power in Europe (there were also wars in Asia and Africa), some fail to realize that it will be the same for what I have called World War III (see World War III: Steps in Progress).

Notice also the following:

9 December 2016

The issue is so secret that it isn't even listed on any daily agenda at NATO headquarters. ... The discussion surrounds nuclear deterrent. ...

In European capitals, officials have been contemplating the possibility of a European nuclear deterrent since Trump's election. The hurdles -- military, political and international law -- are massive and there are no concrete intentions or plans. Still, French diplomats in Brussels have already been discussing the issue with their counterparts from other member states ...

"It's good that this is finally being discussed," says Jan Techau, director of the Holbrooke Forum at the American Academy in Berlin. "The question of Europe's future nuclear defense is the elephant in the room in the European security debate. If the United States' nuclear security guarantee disappears, then it will be important to clarify who will protect us in the future. And how do we prevent ourselves from becoming blackmailable over the nuclear issue in the future?"

An essay in the November issue of Foreign Affairs argues that if Trump seriously questions the American guarantees, Berlin will have to consider establishing a European nuclear deterrent on the basis of the French and British capabilities. Germany's respected Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung newspaper, meanwhile, even contemplated the "unthinkable" in an editorial: a German bomb. ...

 In an interview that gained attention internationally in mid-November, Roderich Kiesewetter, the chairman for the conservative Christian Democrats on the Foreign Policy Committee in German parliament proposed a French-British nuclear shield in the event Trump calls into question American protection for Europe. "The US nuclear shield and nuclear security guarantees are imperative for Europe," he told Reuters. "If the United States no longer wants to provide this guarantee, Europe still needs nuclear protection for deterrent purposes." ...

Wolfgang Mischnick, parliamentary floor leader of the Free Democratic Party, which shared power with Kohl's Christian Democrats at the time, publicly clarified what that meant during a session of the Bundestag on February 20, 1974: "It is still possible to develop a European nuclear power," he said.

Forty years later the issue is actually now being raised for the first time.

Germany is now contemplating the "unthinkable' because of Donald Trump. Europe is now publicly stating what some of us were pretty sure some leaders believed. Things will change with Europe.

The Bible tells of a military power that will have vast economic power that will rise up in Europe and cause many to prosper (Revelation 18).  Many in Europe in general, and Germany in particular, are working towards that goal, despite biblical warnings of being part of it (e.g. Revelation 18:4).

Clearly, many in Europe have issues with Donald Trump.

Now, I want to answer the question that BBC’searlier headline asked: Europe hates Trump. Does it matter?

Yes, it matters, but not the way that Europeans are publicly hoping it will.

The Bible tells of a warring, King of the North, power that will arise in Europe and surprise the world:

3 And I saw one of his heads as if it had been mortally wounded, and his deadly wound was healed. And all the world marveled and followed the beast. 4 So they worshiped the dragon who gave authority to the beast; and they worshiped the beast, saying, “Who is like the beast? Who is able to make war with him?” (Revelation 13:3-4)

Look for Donald Trump to offend the Europeans and encourage them to arm. This will not end well for the USA. Notice more about the King of the North:

36 "Then the king shall do according to his own will: he shall exalt and magnify himself above every god, shall speak blasphemies against the God of gods, and shall prosper till the wrath has been accomplished; for what has been determined shall be done. 37 He shall regard neither the God of his fathers nor the desire of women, nor regard any god; for he shall exalt himself above them all. 38 But in their place he shall honor a god of fortresses; and a god which his fathers did not know he shall honor with gold and silver, with precious stones and pleasant things. 39 Thus he shall act against the strongest fortresses with a foreign god, which he shall acknowledge, and advance its glory; and he shall cause them to rule over many, and divide the land for gain.(Daniel 11:36-39)

Consider that the USA is the power in the 21st century that has the 'strongest fortresses' (see also USA in Prophecy: The Strongest Fortresses).

Donald Trump has already offended many Europeans. The Europeans are already offended by his election and will take more steps to separate themselves from the USA. This does not mean that NATO must be abandoned, but I have felt for decades that the Europeans would attack the USA under the guise of a NATO exercise, and probably will have ground assistance from Mexico, a nation that Donald Trump has repeatedly offended during his campaign.

It does matter that Europe hates Donald Trump. If he becomes president, Europeans will intensify their desire to arm themselves. The time will come when Europe will turn to a ‘strongman’ of its own (cf. Revelation 17:12-13; see also Must the Ten Kings of Revelation 17:12 Rule over Ten Currently Existing Nations?) I have also long written that I believe that trade conflict could be the trigger for the start of WWIII. Donald Trump repeatedly said he would negotiate better trade deals for the USA. Expect him to further offend the Europeans.

Notice the following from the German publication Der Spiegel:

America Has Abdicated Its Leadership of the West

14 November 2016

For 100 years, the United States was the leader of the free world. With the election of Donald Trump, America has now abdicated that role. It is time for Europe, and Angela Merkel, to step into the void.

Even history sometimes leans toward pathos. In January 2017, when Donald Trump is sworn in as the 45th president of the United States, the American Age will celebrate its 100th birthday — and its funeral.

The West was constituted in its modern form in January 1917. World War I was raging in Europe at the time and in Washington, D.C., President Woodrow Wilson told his country that it was time for Americans to take responsibility for “peace and justice.” In April he said: “The world must be made safe for democracy.” He declared war on Germany and sent soldiers to Europe to secure victory for the Western democracies — and the United States assumed the leadership of the Western world. It was an early phase of political globalization.

One hundred years later: Trump. …

What will happen to the West, to Europe, to Germany without the United States as its leading power? Germany is a child of the West, particularly of the United States, brought to life with American generosity, long spoon-fed and now in a deep state of shock. The American president was always simultaneously our president, at least a little, and Barack Obama was a worthy president of the West. Now, though, we must come to terms with a lack of Western leadership. …

America was long the benchmark for the West. But if Trump governs as he promised he would during the campaign, the land of the free will abdicate its role as leader of the free world. Then, it will be Europe's turn.

Notice that Der Spiegel: is stating that if Donald Trump keeps his promises, it will be Europe’s turn to lead the West.

Donald Trump has concerned, and offended, the Europeans.

European Leaders Might Have Wanted Donald Trump?

Came across the following on September 23, 2016:

Why Europe Secretly Roots For Donald Trump

September 21, 2016

European Parliament President Martin Schulz warned recently that Trump “would be a problem not just for the EU but for the whole world.”

And yet, in some quarters at least, the Trump cloud carries with it at least a sliver of silver lining. No European politician will say so publicly, but to some on the Continent, Trump presents a once-in-a-generation opportunity for emancipation from American influence.

To varying degrees, America-bashing has been a mainstay on both the Right and Left of European politics for decades. From GMOs to Guantanamo, from the drone war to the death penalty, European politicians have rarely had difficulty finding reasons to rail against the U.S.

In fact, the evils of U.S. influence is one of the few things that European politicians from nearly every slice of the political spectrum can agree upon. In Germany, for example, one is just as likely to see an “Ami Go Home” (Ami is German slang for American) poster at a rally for the Left party as at a gathering of the far-right Alternative for Germany.

Just as the EU served as a convenient whipping post for British politicians of all stripes in recent decades, culminating in the Brexit vote, the U.S. serves a similar purpose for many European politicians. Even those who profess a deep commitment to the transatlantic relationship often can’t resist using the U.S. as a rhetorical foil to deflect attention from their own vulnerabilities.

Just last week, Jean-Claude Juncker, hailing the Commission’s crackdown on Apple’s Irish tax penalty in his State of the Union speech, declared: “Europe is not the Wild West.” Anyone listening knew that “Wild West” means America. “We are not the United States of Europe,” Juncker added, to applause from the assembled MEPs. “We are much more diverse in Europe and stronger.”

Most Europeans at the center of Europe’s political spectrum genuinely fear the consequences of a Trump victory and a weakening of the Transatlantic relationship. But others smell an opportunity too good to be allowed to pass.

As long as moderate politicians like President Barack Obama or U.S. Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton occupy the White House, anti-American politicians will find it difficult to turn their rhetoric into reality. A Trump presidency would force a rethink. ...

The birth of an EU army: The U.S. has guaranteed Europe’s security for decades through NATO, effectively placing a giant security umbrella over most of the Continent. That reliance doesn’t sit well with everyone.

Though Europe doesn’t have anywhere near the military resources of the U.S. (American military spending accounts for about 75 percent of the NATO total), politicians in France and Germany are eager to get to work on a European defense force. The idea isn’t new and faces myriad hurdles, mainly the question of how to finance it on Europe’s shoestring budget.

Nevertheless, a Trump victory would give the initiative a major boost. As with the trade deal, Trump would likely be happy to let the Europeans fend for themselves. He has made no secret of his distaste for Europe’s reliance on the U.S. military. Conversely, few Europeans would welcome Trump as commander-in-chief. If he wins, proponents of a European army would finally have the compelling argument they’ve been looking for.

I have been saying for since 2015 that Donald Trump's rise would encourage the Europeans to arm. This is starting to happen.

European Military?

Notice the following:

November 13, 2016

Nato Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg has warned US President-elect Donald Trump that “going it alone” is not an option for Europe or the United States.

He said the West faced its greatest security challenge in a generation.

During his election campaign, Mr Trump described Western military alliance Nato as obsolete.

He suggested that the US would think twice about coming to the aid of any Nato ally under attack if it had not paid its dues.

Writing in Britain’s Observer newspaper, Mr Stoltenberg conceded that Mr Trump had a point about the need for some members to make a bigger financial contribution, as the US currently accounted for almost 70% of Nato spending.

But he added that American leaders had always recognised that they had a profound strategic interest in a stable and secure Europe.

“It is all too easy to take the freedoms, security and prosperity we enjoy for granted. In these uncertain times we need strong American leadership, and we need Europeans to shoulder their fair share of the burden,” the former Norwegian prime minister wrote.

“Going it alone is not an option, either for Europe or for the United States. We face the greatest challenges to our security in a generation. This is no time to question the value of the partnership between Europe and the United States.”

So, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg is warning Donald Trump. NATO leaders do not normally publicly warn US Presidents.

Interestingly, notice also the following:

November 14, 2016

Chancellor Angela Merkel's Christian Democratic Party (CDU) has backed Social Democrat Frank-Walter Steinmeier to be the ruling coaliton's candidate for the German presidency, following talks among party leaders on Monday morning.

The CDU's Bavarian sister-party, the Christian Social Union (CSU), also gave its backing for Steinmeier. "We have come to an agreement, CSU and CDU," CSU leader Horst Seehofer said. "That is what's important."

While the role of the president in Germany is somewhat ceremonial (the power is with the chancellor), this is a bold 'slap in the face' to the USA.

The Bible tells of a warring, King of the North, power that will arise in Europe and surprise the world:

3 And I saw one of his heads as if it had been mortally wounded, and his deadly wound was healed. And all the world marveled and followed the beast. 4 So they worshiped the dragon who gave authority to the beast; and they worshiped the beast, saying, “Who is like the beast? Who is able to make war with him?” (Revelation 13:3-4)

Since Donald Trump's election, the European Commission made proposals moving towards a European army:

30 November 2016

The prospect of Brexit and Trump has spurred the EU into action on the military front …

The Commission proposal comes amid wider plans to create an EU “defence union” in response to Brexit and to the election of Donald Trump, a Nato-sceptic, in the US.

France, Germany, Italy and Spain have said the European public wanted the EU to play a larger role in the security arena in reaction to Britain’s decision to leave the bloc and to the migration crisis.

Earlier this month, EU states agreed to create a new military command HQ in the EU foreign service and joint rapid-reaction forces that could be sent into action in African or Middle Eastern states.

November 30, 2016

BRUSSELS (Reuters) – The European Union will … send a message to U.S. President-elect Donald Trump that Europe wants to pay for its own security.

Newsletter 2016/11/29 – Shock as Opportunity

BERLIN (Own report) – Thanks to Donald Trump’s electoral victory,
Berlin sees its opportunities for pushing for the creation of EU
military structures and possibly European nuclear armed forces
growing. Wolfgang Ischinger, the influential diplomat and Chairman of
the Munich Security Conference, is “hoping” that the “Trump shock” has
“dramatically increased” the willingness to militarize the European
Union. Last week, the European Parliament adopted a resolution that
includes setting up an EU Operational Headquarters, establishing a
“political leadership” for EU military operations, and raising the
military budgets of all member states to at least 2% of their GDP. EU
High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security, Federica
Mogherini, continues to promote the idea of an “EU superpower.”
Leading politicians and commentators are beginning to pick up the
idea, previously launched by a number of experts, of the EU developing
its own nuclear military forces on the basis of French and British
nuclear weapons. However, for this, the French and British arsenals
would be insufficient, according to a suggestive article published in
one of Germany’s leading opinion-forming dailies.

I have warned for some time that the rise and/or election of Donald Trump would trigger the desire for a European army and additional European unity, as would the Brexit vote.

Notice two items I posted here before the Brexit vote:

The departure of the UK from the EU has been called a Brixit or Brexit, meaning a British exit. As far as the UK’s role in the future, as I have written many times before, the UK will not remain a major power in the final European configuration. … The Bible shows that a couple of reorganizations will take place in Europe in Revelation 17:12-13) and this will result in a type of strong leader that many in Europe seem to crave. (Thiel B. EU leaders keeping low profile on Brexit vote. COGwriter, June 6, 2016)

Does the European leadership think they need their own military, one that will ultimately not be dependent upon the USA?


Are they now trying to take steps to make this happen?


Will a vote in the UK for it to exit from the European Union stop this from happening?


The Bible prophesies that the final European King of the North Beast power will destroy the USA and its Anglo-Saxon descended allies, including Canada, and UK:

39 Thus he shall act against the strongest fortresses with a foreign god, which he shall acknowledge, and advance its glory; and he shall cause them to rule over many, and divide the land for gain (Daniel 11:39).

The ‘he’ is the final European King of the North Beast. And the strongest fortresses in the world belong to the USA and to a much lessor extent, its English-speaking allies (for a more detailed explanation of why the USA and its Anglo-allies are involved, as well as the dividing of their lands, please see Anglo – America in Prophecy & the Lost Tribes of Israel). Some would call this attack World War III (WWIII).

Daniel 11:24-25 seems to parallel this as it teaches that the King of the North has plans against the strongholds and succeeds against the prosperous:

24 He shall enter peaceably, even into the richest places of the province; and he shall do what his fathers have not done, nor his forefathers: he shall disperse among them the plunder, spoil, and riches; and he shall devise his plans against the strongholds, but only for a time.

25 “He shall stir up his power and his courage against the king of the South with a great army. (Daniel 11:24-25)

Notice that the ‘he,’the European power, will first seem peaceful, but will have a great army! And the Europeans have a secret plan for the start of one! (Thiel B. EU’s post UK secret army plan. COGwriter, May 28, 2016)

Consider also something posted here one day BEFORE the US election in 2016:

If Donald Trump is elected, the Germans will see this as proof that they cannot rely on the USA for their defense, etc. Germany will push for a European army. Some in Europe actually want Donald Trump to win for this basic reason (see ‘Why Europe Secretly Roots For Donald Trump’?). (Thiel B. Germans opposed to Donald Trump, but not too optimistic about Hillary Clinton. COGwriter, November 7, 2016)

The Bible shows that Europe will have a great army (Daniel 11:25). Because of Brexit and Donald Trump, the European Commission has now taken more steps towards one.

The Europeans will take more steps to separate themselves from the USA. This does not mean that NATO must be abandoned, but I have felt for decades that the Europeans would attack the USA deceptively under the guise of a NATO exercise, and probably will have ground assistance from Mexico, a nation that Donald Trump has repeatedly offended during his campaign.

It does matter that Europe hates Donald Trump.  Since his election, the Europeans have intensified their desire to arm themselves. The time will come when Europe will turn to a ‘strongman’ of its own (cf. Revelation 17:12-13; see also Must the Ten Kings of Revelation 17:12 Rule over Ten Currently Existing Nations?) I have also long written that I believe that trade conflict could be the trigger for the start of WWIII. Donald Trump has repeatedly said he would negotiate better trade deals for the USA.  He has greatly offended the Europeans.

European Views After Donald Trump Became President

Now that Donald Trump is the President of the United States, Europeans believe that Europe must change.

Notice the following:

20 January 2017

As expected of their profession, EU's foreign ministers expressed themselves more diplomatically, but all in all, it was clear again this week that after Donald Trump's inauguration as 45th president of the USA, Europe can no longer rely on Washington.

The EU must stabilize itself

What do you do when your closest partner just disappears on you? You do what the EU should have done long ago: you fix up your home, regardless of what "The Donald" is doing in the USA. ...

Two areas have now become an absolute priority: defense and the economy.

EU must do more for its own defense ...

It is true, however, that now, with more urgency than ever, Europeans have been reminded of what they have neglected for decades. Now Europe really has to end its full reliance on the USA and do more for its own defense. Everything must now be put on the table - from higher military spending to a British-French nuclear defense shield for the continent.

The potentially disastrous economic effects of President Trump's policies are much more upsetting. ...

If the fears of Donald Trump's conduct makes Europeans show more cohesion and determination, then the US president may have done something good.

21 January 2017

That was no presidential speech; that was a veritable declaration of war. Threatening in tone. Cold and calculating in logic. Change minus the hope. Donald Trump used the traditional Inauguration Day address to settle a score with the U.S. political establishment going back decades. ... America is now on the brink of a new period of polarization. The demons in this fraternal battle have been unchained. The greatness that Trump seeks will not be borne under these conditions. An icy wind is blowing across the land. (Steingart G. Morning Brief. Handelsblatt Global, January 21, 2017

(The last item was by Gabor Steingart, editor in chief of Handelsblatt, Germany's leading economic newspaper.)

The Bible WARNS against that type of European unity (Revelation 13:1-10; 17:12-14) and shows that Europe will destroy the USA (Daniel 11:39) and have a "great army." Europe sees Donald Trump as a motivator to work towards those goals.

Notice also the following:

19 May 2017

Donald Trump is not fit to be president of the United States. He does not possess the requisite intellect and does not understand the significance of the office he holds nor the tasks associated with it. He doesn't read. He doesn't bother to peruse important files and intelligence reports and knows little about the issues that he has identified as his priorities. His decisions are capricious and they are delivered in the form of tyrannical decrees.

He is a man free of morals. As has been demonstrated hundreds of times, he is a liar, a racist and a cheat. I feel ashamed to use these words, as sharp and loud as they are. But if they apply to anyone, they apply to Trump. ...

The U.S. elected a laughing stock to the presidency and has now made itself dependent on a joke of a man. The country is, as David Brooks wrote recently in the New York Times, dependent on a child. The Trump administration has no foreign policy because Trump has consistently promised American withdrawal while invoking America's strength. He has promised both no wars and more wars. He makes decisions according to his mood, with no strategic coherence or tactical logic. Moscow and Beijing are laughing at America. Elsewhere, people are worried.

In the Pacific, warships - American and Chinese - circle each other in close proximity. The conflict with North Korea is escalating. Who can be certain that Donald Trump won't risk nuclear war simply to save his own skin? Efforts to stop climate change are in trouble and many expect the U.S. to withdraw from the Paris Agreement because Trump is wary of legally binding measures. Crises, including those in Syria and Libya, are escalating, but no longer being discussed. And who should they be discussed with? Phone calls and emails to the U.S. State Department go unanswered. Nothing is regulated, nothing is stable and the trans-Atlantic relationship hardly exists anymore. German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel and Bundestag Foreign Affairs Committee Chair Norbert Röttgen fly back and forth, but Germany and the U.S. no longer understand each other. Hardly any real communication takes place, there are no joint foreign policy goals and there is no strategy.

Merkel warns US, Britain no longer reliable partners

28 May 2017

Europe "must take its fate into its own hands" faced with a western alliance divided by Brexit and Donald Trump's presidency, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said Sunday.

"The times in which we could completely depend on others are on the way out. I've experienced that in the last few days," Merkel told a crowd at an election rally in Munich, southern Germany.

"We Europeans truly have to take our fate into our own hands," she added.

While Germany and Europe would strive to remain on good terms with America and Britain, "we have to fight for our own destiny", Merkel went on.

Special emphasis was needed on warm relations between Berlin and newly-elected French President Emmanuel Macron, she said.

The world is concerned about Donald Trump and this is especially true of leaders in Europe.

He and the Brexit vote are turning the Europeans to unify more among themselves and against the USA and UK. My book on Donald Trump (which came out before he took office) stated:

Donald Trump’s rise has also spurred the Europeans to further unify among themselves, especially when combined with the Brexit vote that Donald Trump encouraged.

This is the case.

Dutch Prophecy for Donald Trump?

Matt Barber wrote the following:

Dutch politician and historian Guillaume Groen van Prinsterer (1801-1876) is credited with what seems an eerily prescient foreshadowing of the bizarre phenomenon that is “Trump 2016.”

“Pent-up anger and long-held frustration due to economic stagnation, moral decay, spiritual impotency, and political corruption,” he opined, “invariably pave the way for the rise of crass manipulators. Instead of a mastery of truth, such revolutionary opportunists tap into fear and rage, ignorance and prejudice, staging great public spectacles of narcissism.”

It’s human nature. Such sense of hopelessness, anger, betrayal and frustration can lead otherwise good people (some of whom I respect and admire) to make very bad decisions – to exercise poor judgment.

It gave us Barack Obama in 2008.

And Donald Trump in 2016.

Indeed, we’ve moved seamlessly from “Hope” and “Change We Can Believe In,” to “Make America Great Again.” It’s as though van Prinsterer had a crystal ball through which to keep tabs on the Donald’s ivory Trump Tower office suite. ...

Moral decay, spiritual impotency, and political corruption? That’s America 2016 in toto. Since 1973 we’ve sacrificed nearly 60 million of our most innocent fellow citizens at Baal’s altar of convenience and “equality.” ...

  • Enter Donald Trump – a several-times-bankrupt, big-government globalist, pro-socialized medicine, pro-abortion, pro-“gay marriage,” lifelong liberal Democrat – to save the day. That is, at least, to peddle the right kind of snake oil and bark the right kind of empty “Make America Great Again” platitudes that festering wounds crave and itching ears want to hear.

  • “… invariably pave the way for the rise of crass manipulators.”

    Crass manipulator? No two words better describe Mr. Trump. Unless, of course, you consider it classy when a leading presidential candidate, an unrepentant serial adulterer, personally attacks his political opponents as “stupid liars,” sleazily suggesting that their wives are ugly (Heidi Cruz is a lovely woman both inside and out), brags about the size of his manhood from the debate stage, or habitually and unapologetically verbally abuses women – somebody’s wives, mothers and daughters – by calling them “pigs,” “ugly,” “fat” or “great pieces of a–.”

    Trump recently boasted that he’s “such a good Christian.” ... “Adulterers and adulteresses! Do you not know that friendship with the world is enmity with God? Whoever therefore wants to be a friend of the world makes himself an enemy of God” (James 4:4). (Barber M. Was 'Trump 2016' prophesied centuries ago? World News Daily, March 25, 2016.

  • Well, certainly there is moral decline and corruption in the USA. And certainly Donald Trump has risen to be the choice for many, despite his own moral issues.

    Boastful Lover of Money

    Regarding the end times, the Bible warns:

    1 But know this, that in the last days perilous times will come: 2 For men will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy, 3 unloving, unforgiving, slanderers, without self-control, brutal, despisers of good, 4 traitors, headstrong, haughty, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God, 5 having a form of godliness but denying its power. And from such people turn away! (2 Timothy 3:1-5)

    While many of the above apply to other politicians, the "lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boasters, proud" (and many others) seem to apply to people like Donald Trump.

    The Bible says:

    18 Pride goes before destruction, And a haughty spirit before a fall. (Proverbs 16:18)

    This does not mean that Donald Trump cannot win, but if he does not, it would seem to be because of his pride. And if he does win, his pride will contribute to the downfall of the USA.

    Notice something that Donald Trump said in his Nevada victory speech the night of February 23, 2016:

    It’s hard for me to turn down money because that’s what I’ve done in my whole life, I grab and grab and grab. You know I get greedy I want money, money.

    I’ll tell you what we’re going to do, right? We get greedy right? Now we’re going to get greedy for the United States we’re going to grab and grab and grab. We’re going to bring in so much money and so much everything. We’re going to make America great again, folks, I’m telling you folks we’re going to make America great again. …

    You’re going to be proud of your president, and you’re going to be even prouder of your country, OK?

    Notice that Donald Trump clearly is stating he is a greedy lover of money and that he is clearly also trying to appeal to the pride, greed, and love of money of American voters. Pride goes before destruction, and destruction is coming to the USA (Daniel 11:39; Habakkuk 2:2-8; see also Anglo - America in Prophecy & the Lost Tribes of Israel).

    Mother was from Scotland

    Donald Trump's mother was from Scotland. The BBC reported the following:

    In search of Donald Trump's Scottish roots

    March 9, 2016

    The US Republican presidential contender Donald Trump has German ancestry on his father's side - but his mother was Scottish. For BBC Newsnight, Stephen Smith went to the Isle of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides to find out more.

    Lewis is a windblown, God-fearing outcrop notable for its Gaelic heritage, its peat, and its jealously guarded sense of propriety.

    Trump's mother, Mary MacLeod, was born there in 1912, to Malcolm MacLeod, a fisherman, and his wife, also called Mary.

    Young Mary left the island at the age of 18 for a holiday in New York, where she met a local builder by the name of Trump - and the rest, as they say, is histrionics.

    While some journalists have been pursuing the juicy story of the property developer's German grandfather, who appears to have supplied hard liquor and showgirls to gold prospectors in the Wild West, I decided to concentrate on the more understated but deeply enigmatic narrative of his maternal line. ...

    Mary MacLeod was raised in the little village of Tong, among low-rise garrison-style homes "finished in pukey pebble-dash", as one Lewis writer puts it.

    Who was Donald Trump's mother?

    Perhaps, I should add that the Scotish descended from Isaac and that many Germans who came to the USA did as well. For more information, see the article Anglo - America in Prophecy & the Lost Tribes of Israel.

    Did Nostradamus Predict Donald Trump?

    There are some who believe that Nostradamus predicted Donald Trump. Notice one report about that:

    Experts from the highly self-esteemed Nostradamus Postdiction Society released a statement arguing that one of Nostradamus' well known quatrains points to the rise of Trump.

    "This is amazing and only further proves to us what we already assumed to be true: that Nostradamus was indeed able to see centuries into the future," stated the society.

    "On many occasions, we have shown that Nostradamus has predicted the appearance of numerous disasters and dictators. Trump easily fits into both categories."

    To justify their claim, the society pointed to two specific pieces of evidence to prove beyond shadow of a doubt that Nostradamus warned the world about Trump.

    Item No. 1 was an illustration showing a burning tower. While long seen as proof that Nostradamus predicted 9/11, the Society was adamant that it could only be about Trump.

    "Think about it! The Donald owns something called Trump Towers. A tower! The picture is a tower. Nostradamus is all but shouting the name 'Trump' at us," continued the society.

    "And the fire emanating from the tower is clearly Nostradamus' way of warning us about the inflammatory rhetoric of Trump. Inflammatory rhetoric, owns a tower. It's so obvious!"

    The other evidence cited in the Postdiction Society's statement was a quatrain, which reads as follows:

    "Beasts ferocious with hunger will cross the rivers.
    The greater part of the battlefield will be against Hister.
    Into a cage of iron will the great one be drawn,
    When the child of Germany observes nothing."

    While other Nostradamus fans have long claimed that this quatrain had to do with Hitler, the society denounced such a notion as "obvious buffoonery" and "blatantly misguided." (Fields L. Nostradamus' Donald Trump Prediction Comes True. Christian Post, January 28, 2016.

    Now, I am familiar with both of the items from Nostradamus and many who claim he was accurate pointed to those predictions as related to the 9/11/2001 terrorist destruction of the twin towers in New York City and that Hister one to Adolf Hitler.

    There have been several scattered reports that Donald Trump is supposedly the “third antichrist” that the French seer Nostradamus prophesied. Here is one such report:

    Nostradamus Prophecy: The Third Antichrist

    Another prophecy by Nostradamus stated that the third Antichrist could rise in 2016. This rise could actually result in the beginning of World War 3 – a nuclear war or biological warfare that really sustain for 27 years. 11/10/16

    Nostradamus Predictions 2016: Donald Trump to Cause Apocalypse Through Disastrous Wars?

    It is further theorized that Donald Trump is the “third antichrist” predicted by Nostradamus after Napoleon and Hitler. On the writings, it was stated that the third antichrist will cause the apocalypse.

    The publication of the Nostradamus prediction 2016 stirred concerns in different social media. Many are getting terrified of the impending war that everyone is dreading may come.

    Here is the actual prophecy by Nostradamus, related to the alleged “third antichrist,” followed by what most others claim is the normal translation of it:

    VIII 77

    L’antechrist trois bien tost annichilez,
    Vingt & sept ans sang durera sa guerre,
    Les heretiques morts, captifs exilez,
    Son corps humain eau rougie gresler terre.

    The antichrist very soon annihilates the three,
    twenty-seven years his war will last.
    The unbelievers are dead, captive, exiled;
    with blood, human bodies, water and red hail covering the earth.

    Some disagree with that translation and claim that Nostradamus predicted three “antichrists.” Here is one such alternative translation:

    The third Antichrist, the third to come, gets annihilated,
    His war shall last for twenty seven years,
    The heretics are all dead; all of the prisoners are now exiled,
    His body (the Antichrist) has reddened the waters, and the earth has been scorched.

    Irrespective of what Nostradamus may have intended, the reality is that Donald Trump is NOT going to be waging wars for 27 years, nor will the final Antichrist wage war for 27 years.

    Furthermore, contrary to the views of some, World War III is not going to start prior to 2021 (see also World War III: Steps in Progress).

    Now there are some interesting writings from Nostradamus that some believe are related to Donald Trump. Notice one:

    Century 1:40

    The false trumpet concealing madness will cause Byzantium to change its laws. From Egypt there will go forth a man who wants the edict withdrawn, changing money and standards. (Michel de Nostredame. The Complete Prophecies of Nostradamus., 2015. pp. 38-39)

    Notice how some have interpreted the above:

    Theorists believe that the “False trumpet concealing madness” is Trump and that the reference to Byzantium – an Ancient Greek colony – could be linked to the influx of refugees coming through Greece. (Maloney A. ‘THE GREAT SHAMELESS, AUDACIOUS BAWLER’ Donald Trump’s victory was predicted by Nostradamus who said it would bring about the end of the world, say conspiracy theorists. The Sun, November 11, 2016)

    But perhaps a better interpretation, if relating this to Donald Trump, would be that Donald Trump intends to change international arrangements and trade deals and will withdraw from the Paris climate change agreement.

    That being said, no, Donald Trump, though antichrist in various ways, will NOT be the final Antichrist (for scriptural reasons why, check out Some Doctrines of Antichrist).

    Anyway, the most specific prediction I have seen that I believe points to Donald Trump comes from 2 Timothy 3:1-4, from the Bible, which was quoted earlier.

    Is Donald Trump Apocalyptic?

    The last book of the Bible is referred to as “Revelation” or the Apocalypse (the Greek term which means revealing, and this was given to the Apostle John on the island of Patmos, per Revelation 1:9).  For purposes of this section, we will use the term “apocalyptic” to mean related to events that lead to the end-time events prophesied in the Bible.

    Although Donald Trump is not, and will not, be the final Antichrist, there are reasons to believe that the rising of the prophesied final ten-horned beast power (Revelation 13:1) and the destruction of the United States could take place under the his administration if he wins and it lasts two full terms (eight years).

    And this destruction is likely to include terrorism and partial nuclear devastation.

    In November 2008, Catholic Cardinal Stafford (while head of the Apostolic Penitentiary of the Holy See) claimed that Barack Obama was “aggressive, disruptive, and apocalyptic because of positions on matters such as abortion:

    Barack Obama... asserted, “We are not only going to win this election but also we are going to transform this nation.........The first thing I will do as President is to sign The Freedom of Choice Act........I put Roe at the center of my lesson plan on reproductive freedom when I taught Constitutional Law...........On this issue I will not yield..”... The content and rhetoric of Obama and Biden have elements similar to those described earlier: aggressive, disruptive and apocalyptic...My use of the word “apocalyptic” would be emphatically biblical, rooted in the understanding of the Book of the Apocalypse. (Stafford, Cardinal James Francis. Cardinal's Address to Catholic University of America. Catholic News Agency , November 13, 2008)

    By the last part of that definition, a Donald Trump presidency would also be apocalyptic. 

    By my definition, should he win, and short of personal repentance, he will likely take apocalyptic steps in the future.

    Here are 13 specific reasons indicating some of how a Donald Trump presidency would be “apocalyptic”:

    1. The timing of his rise in political prominence. The 6000 years that God gave humans to run matters on their own is almost over (see Does God Have a 6,000 Year Plan? What Year Does the 6,000 Years End?). We in the last days of God’s plan. A day to God is like 1000 years (2 Peter 3:8; Psalm 90:4), and since it is wise to know the days (Psalm 90:12), this is a reason that Donald Trump would be apocalyptic. It may be that only one or two full presidential terms are left before the start of the Great Tribulation and the fulfillment of related prophecies in the Book of Revelation.  By virtue of his timing (as well as his actual planned and unplanned actions) are enough to contribute to the fulfillment of various end-time prophecies (watch also Will the Great Tribulation Start in 2017?).
    2. Donald Trump has already offended the Europeans, with his trade and other policies, though he gets along with some. Despite a certain accuracy in his statements related to NATO, the result will not turn out quite as Donald Trump expects. Some of his statements may be leading to the rise of the prophesied King of the North, who is to be the final leader of the Beast of Revelation (Revelation 13:1)–and some in Europe have looked forward to Donald Trump’s rise for their own agenda as they believe “Trump presents a once-in-a-generation opportunity for emancipation from American influence” (see ‘Why Europe Secretly Roots For Donald Trump’?). Donald Trump wants the Europeans to keep their financial commitments on military spending, but apparently not realizing that the Europeans will want greater Independence from the USA militarily. And there was growing anti-American sentiment in Europe prior to his election. He is so offensive to some of them, that more will decide that they do not wish to rely on the USA as a close partner and will work towards alternative.  Today, “German Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen told German public broadcaster ARD on Wednesday morning that Trump’s victory was a “deep shock.” She added: “I think Donald Trump also knows that this election was not for him but was against Washington, against the establishment.”In terms of what the election might mean for Germany, von der Leyen said: “Europe has to prepare for the fact that it must provide for itself,” including a larger defense budget. She believes that the US will demand greater German engagement in NATO. …German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier also spoke about what the election might mean for Germany. “We hope that we are not facing greater instability in international politics. During his campaign, Trump was critical not just of Europe, but also of Germany. I believe we must prepare for American foreign policy becoming less predictable. We must prepare for a situation in which America will be tempted to make decisions on its own more often.”

      “I don’t want to sugarcoat it: Nothing will be easier and much will be more difficult,” he continued. … In Brussels, President of European {Parliament} Martin Schulz said: “I’m not happy about it……” The Bible teaches that Europe will have a “great army” (Daniel 11:25) and ultimately destroy the power with the “strongest fortresses” (Daniel 11:39), which is the USA (watch also Do these 7 prophesies point to the end of the USA?).

    3. In 2015, Donald Trump basically said he never repented. The God of the Bible expects leaders to encourage repentance and moral behaviors when they are subject to destructive punishment (cf. Jonah 3:6-9). Donald Trump, like many other U.S. politicians, does not seem to believe that the U.S.A. needs to repent for its sins against God (see also Christian Repentance). Yet, without national repentance, the U.S.A. is doomed for destruction (Isaiah 30:12-13; Daniel 11:39). Of course, people are supposed to pray for political leaders (1 Timothy 2:1-3), and that should be done irrespective if one agrees with the leader. Sometimes, leaders and/or their policies change.
    4. By focusing too much on threats from China and almost always considering the Europeans as some type of allies, a Donald Trump Administration is currently not expected to reverse the Asian ‘pivot’ strategy. Unless he changes that, this pivot will help result in destruction of the USA.
    5. Donald Trump’s statements against Apple, Inc. suggest an environment of loss of privacy and favoring unlimited government control. This type of thing will be exploited by 666 of Revelation 13:16-18.
    6. We are in a period of self-censorship and government censorship. A “famine” of the word is prophesied (Amos 8:11) and a possible Donald Trump Administration may impose broadcast, print, Internet, and/or restrictions as it attempts to have more control (see also Republican Donald Trump and China’s Xi Jingping want control over the internet).
    7. Donald Trump is an admitted adulterer, strip club and casino owner, and married a woman who was professionally engaged in pornogrpahy. By encouraging and not discouraging aspects of biblical immorality, Donald Trump is setting the U.S.A. up for punishment (Isaiah 30:12-13; Romans 1:18-32) that has and will include troubles, violence, weather problems, earthquakes, food shortages, and pestilences (Mark 13:7-8; Luke 21:10-11). The time will come when, these problems will further worsen.
    8. Donald Trump repeatedly has stated that he will “make America great again.” Biblically, he has not given reasons for that to be the case. Morally, economically, and militarily, the USA has been in decline (though the military decline is still more relative to the climb of others). The Bible warns repeatedly that false declarations of peace and safety will lead to end time destruction (1 Thessalonians 5:3; Jeremiah 6:14-15).
    9. His misstatements, position changes, and attacks against those he is upset with suggests that he is not always honest. And this may cause people to groan (Proverbs 29:2). His bragging statements, etc. are consistent with those warned about in 2 Timothy 3:1-6.
    10. His religious views hint that he is somewhat ‘ecumenical.’ An ecumenical power is warned about in the Bible and is expected to rise up in the end times (Zechariah 2:6-8; Revelation 17; 18). I expect him to make ecumenical supporting statements.
    11. Donald Trump has been a polarizing figure and has offended many including  minorities and Muslims. Expect civil unrest and rioting. The Bible prophesies “There shall be terror within” (Deuteronomy 32:25). The Bible also specifically warns of problems from Arabic peoples in the end times (Psalm 83:3-8). Some Syrians, already in the USA, may take terroristic actions as that too is consistent with biblical prophecies (Isaiah 9:8-9, 11-12).
    12. Donald Trump is greedy, prideful, and despite claiming to be a Christian, he stated he never repented. The Bible teaches one needs to repent to be a Christian (Acts 2:38-39), “be sure your sin will find you out” (Numbers 32:23), and that “Pride goes before destruction, And a haughty spirit before a fall.”(Proverbs 16:18)
      Notice something that Donald Trump said in his Nevada victory speech the night of February 23, 2016:

      It’s hard for me to turn down money because that’s what I’ve done in my whole life, I grab and grab and grab. You know I get greedy I want money, money.

      I’ll tell you what we’re going to do, right? We get greedy right? Now we’re going to get greedy for the United States we’re going to grab and grab and grab. We’re going to bring in so much money and so much everything. We’re going to make America great again, folks, I’m telling you folks we’re going to make America great again. …

      You’re going to be proud of your president, and you’re going to be even prouder of your country, OK?

      Notice that Donald Trump clearly is stating he is a greedy lover of money.  The Apostle Paul was inspired to write, “1 But know this, that in the last days perilous times will come: 2 For men will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy, 3 unloving, unforgiving, slanderers, without self-control, brutal, despisers of good, 4 traitors, headstrong, haughty, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God, 5 having a form of godliness but denying its power. And from such people turn away!” (2 Timothy 3:1-5). So, how could Donald Trump win? Well, the Bible teaches, “That the Most High rules in the kingdom of men, Gives it to whomever He will, And sets over it the lowest of men.’ (Daniel 4:17)

    13. Donald Trump’s history of corporate bankruptcies demonstrate that he is willing to not pay his debts.  The Bible teaches, “The wicked borrows and does not repay” (Psalms 37:21). The USA is the most indebted nation of all time–and the Bible warns of destruction of the highly indebted in the appointed time of the end (Habakkuk 2:1-8). If Donald Trump increases that debt and/or defaults on that debt, this could trigger the end of the USA (Habakkuk 2:6-8).

    The Great Tribulation, itself, cannot begin until at least 2020 (and likely later than that; watch also Can the Great Tribulation begin before 2020?). It may possibly begin in a year that Donald Trump could be president, but I do not believe it can during his first term of office (watch also Will the Great Tribulation Start in 2017?). He may well take military, economic, cultural, and other steps that could lead to to the Great Tribulation (Matthew 24:21), if he is in the presidential office past January 2021.

    A related video is titled: Donald: 'Trump of God' or Apocalyptic?

    Perhaps I should add that Donald Trump's approach to the Islamic State may result in a tighter confederation of Islamic nations, consistent with one prophesied in Daniel 11:40-43 and Ezekiel 30:2-8 (see also Is the Future King of the South Rising Up?).

    US Debt and Donald Trump

    Since the USA accumulated more debt than it ever should have, this puts the USA at major risk when interest rates rise.

    On November 17, 2016, US Fed Chair Janet Yellen called for a rise in interest rates (

    Notice the following two items, published the day prior to that pronouncement:

    The Fatal Flaw in Trump’s Economic Plan...

    Does Trump’s economic plan carry the seeds of its own demise?

    Trump’s blasted Janet Yellen and the Fed for keeping interest rates artificially low. But if he’s going to spend over $1 trillion on national infrastructure over the next decade, he might have to whistle a different number…

    The Fiscal Times reports the findings of the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget. Those findings show that if 3-month Treasuries rise to about 4% by 2018, and if 10-year Treasuries rise from today’s 2.24% to roughly 5.2%, “interest payments on the federal debt will soar to $505 billion in 2018.”

    That’s $282 billion higher than last year. The point being, debt doesn’t seem to matter… until it does. University of Chicago finance Professor John Cochrane:

    Here’s the nightmare scenario: Suppose that four years from now, interest rates rise 5%, i.e., go back to normal, and the U.S. has $20 trillion outstanding. Interest costs alone will rise $1 trillion (5% of $20 trillion) multiplying already unsustainable deficits! This is what happened to Italy, Spain and Portugal. Don’t think it can’t happen to us. It’s even more likely, because fear of inflation — which did not hit them, since they are on the euro — can hit us.

    Macro economist Richard Duncan is a Daily Reckoning contributor. Bear in mind Richard’s a boomer for quantitative easing and ultra-low rates. But he says in no uncertain terms that interest rates must not be allowed to rise to normal levels. Richard recently fired off a letter of advice to President-elect Trump. From which:

    You have… been elected at a time when the global economy is in grave danger of collapsing into a depression, one from which it might not recover for decades — if ever… If interest rates go up significantly, the bubble will pop and the New Great Depression will begin. One wrong move on your part and the economy will spiral out of control into a depression. It won’t be short and sharp like 1921. It will be long and devastating like 1929–1945.

    One wrong move doesn’t allow much wiggle room. Richard says Trump can’timpose trade tariffs or cut taxes, which are both planks of his agenda. They’re both inflationary in Richard’s estimate. And inflation will bring higher interest rates…

    Tariffs would drive up the price of imports and fuel inflation.

    What’s Trump’s stand on interest rates and taxes?

    Trump has been quoted on occasions expressing his views on the country’s current interest rate levels. Most of those times he has indicated that the current interest rate levels are very low for no genuine reason and that they should be increased. While he appears to have since softened his stance, there is no telling that once he is inaugurated he won’t make those changes.

    This could have devastating effect on economy if not done cautiously, especially considering his plans on taxation. Trump has expressed that he intends to lower taxes. That does not go down well with his plan to impose trade restrictions on foreign countries especially ones that contribute significantly to the national debt.

    How could this affect the American citizens?

    Taxation and debt are sources of revenue for the country, so if you cut down taxes and impose measures that could reduce funding from foreigners via debt while at the same time increasing interest rates—it could cause an economic meltdown.

    That would mean squeezing money out of the economy which for the one and only good reason would boost inflation. However, as many credit monitoring experts would say, the impact on citizens may not be as positive.

    Yes, the USA will again get high inflation.

    Yet, the time will come when the USA will face problems worse than high inflation.

    While Donald Trump did not accumulate the approximately $20 trillion in USA debt, that debt exists before his presidency even starts.

    The Bible teaches that the result of debt accumulation will  be far worse than even many pessimists believe.  Here is an end-time prophecy given to the prophet Habakkuk by God over 2600 years ago:

    2 And the Lord answered me:

    “Write the vision;
    make it plain on tablets,
    so he may run who reads it.
    3 For still the vision awaits its appointed time;
    it hastens to the end—it will not lie.
    If it seems slow, wait for it;
    it will surely come; it will not delay.

    4 “Behold, his soul is puffed up; it is not upright within him,
    but the righteous shall live by his faith.

    5 “Moreover, wine is a traitor,
    an arrogant man who is never at rest.
    His greed is as wide as Sheol;
    like death he has never enough.
    He gathers for himself all nations
    and collects as his own all peoples.”

    6 Shall not all these take up their taunt against him, with scoffing and riddles for him, and say,

    “Woe to him who heaps up what is not his own—
    for how long?—
    and loads himself with pledges!”
    7 Will not your debtors suddenly arise,
    and those awake who will make you tremble?
    Then you will be spoil for them.
    8 Because you have plundered many nations,
    all the remnant of the peoples shall plunder you,
    for the blood of man and violence to the earth,
    to cities and all who dwell in them. (Habakkuk 2:2-8; English Standard Version)

    The USA is the most indebted nation in the history of humanity and those in it should try to understand this prophecy. Perhaps it should be noted that when I checked last week, the United Kingdom was listed as having the second highest amount of total debt (about 1/2 that of the USA).

    The Anglo-American world order will come to an end. Accumulation of debt, and then having to pay historically 'normal' interest rates will strain the national economies of the USA and UK more than almost anyone will believe.

    Those who think the current world order with the USA’s dollar on top will last through the end of this century are in error.

    Those who will believe the Bible will take the words that God spoke to the prophet Habakkuk seriously.

    Donald Trump has stated:

    I’m the king of debt. I love debt. (Egan M. Donald Trump: ‘I’m the king of debt.’ CNN, May 7, 2016)

    The Bible warns that debt, and having to borrow from foreigners, is a curse that would hit those who received various biblical blessings as they became more disobedient (Deuteronomy 28:15,43-46).

    Look for Donald Trump to make outrageous comments that will offend certain Europeans. Look for him to take steps that will result in the Europeans better arming themselves. Look for him to make statements related to trade that the Europeans will not like.

    Contrary to his campaign slogan, Donald Trump will NOT make “America great again.” But there is hope for extending the prosperity of the USA.

    America was made great from blessings that God gave to Abraham and his descendants, specifically promises made to Israel’s son Joseph’s son Manasseh (see Anglo – America in Prophecy & the Lost Tribes of Israel).

    Is Donald Trump an American Messiah?

    Is Donald Trump some type of ‘messiah’? :

    Notice the view of an anti-Trump writer:

    September 6, 2016

    At a minimum, 40% of the American voting public is going to vote for Trump. With a deeply flawed Hillary Clinton as the Democratic Party candidate and aging party leadership that inspires more contempt than enthusiasm, there is always the possibility that Trump can win.

    Angry, Under-Educated, White, Rural Americans

    So it is worth trying to figure out just who makes up this 40% and how they can be so attracted to a pathological narcissist with so little regard for them or policy options that favor them? The first, and perhaps most difficult group to understand, are a bunch of angry, under-educated, white, rural Americans who claim to have been left behind by whatever passes for prosperity in America.

    Their standard bearer Trump is a rich white guy from New York who openly admits that his personal greed drives him to do whatever is necessary to succeed at the expense of others. …

    So why are they voting for Trump. The answer isn’t kind: They don’t like black folks, immigrants or “liberals” like me (even though I fish quite a bit). So the first guy who comes along willing to openly share their contempt and guide them to a white promised land seems like the messiah.

    Now, while I am not a Donald Trump advocate, I do  not believe that anti-black feelings are behind why most support Donald Trump. Many are disappointed with Washington and want a change.

    That being said, as far as the ‘messiah’ comment goes, notice what World News Daily reported from a Jewish rabbi and a Baptist preacher related to Donald Trump:

    September 5, 2016

    Donald Trump has been called a lot of things. “Messiah” probably isn’t one of them.

    A Jewish rabbi from New Jersey, however, is making that claim, making clear in the process that he doesn’t see the GOP presidential nominee as the Messiah but rather a messiah.

    Rabbi Mendel Kessin, during a lecture shared in late August, said Trump will play the role of a “messiah-like figure” leading America, which he sees as leader of Western Christianity, into its role as the rehabilitated biblical Esau – a righteous nation that repents of its past sins and becomes a helper of Israel.

    Trump, the GOP nominee for president, will be a factor in the end of days in America by reflecting the “rehabilitation of biblical Esau,” said Kessin.

    Kessin believes Trump has a critical role to play in purifying the U.S.

    “What I believe is that the one who is going to switch from [Esav persecuting the Jews] to [Esav serving the Jews] is Donald Trump,” he says. “He’s going to purify Edom.”

    At the 43-minute mark of the lecture, Kessin says the Hebrew numerical value of Donald Trump is the same as that of Moshiach ben David (Messiah son of David). He quickly assures his listeners that Trump is not the long-awaited Messiah of the Jewish people. At the same time, Kessin plainly asserts that Trump has the qualities of a messiah-like figure.

    “Someone who will turn a nation completely, diametrically opposite is a messiah,” Kessin says. “He further contends that good times will return to the U.S. under the leadership of Trump because “Peace and prosperity must happen in order to rehabilitate the Jews in America, to prepare them for Moshiach (Messiah).”

    Carl Gallups, a Baptist pastor in Florida, radio talk-show host and author of several Christian books including “Be Thou Prepared,” has a different take on the rabbi’s message.

    “I think the main thrust of Rabbi Kessin’s message is that, somehow, Yahweh might be in the process of using Donald Trump to bring about some much-needed biblical reformation to the United States and, thus, the world,” Gallups said.

    “I think he is also hoping and praying, along with much of the Jewish and Christian world, that Trump might be used of God to restore the United States to being a great friend and protector of Israel. This is especially true as we see the miraculously returned Israel now surrounded with nations on every side that are plotting its ultimate demise.”

    Gallups told WND he thinks Kessin’s lecture is reflective of the spirit of the times.

    “People all over the globe have a sense of urgency, expectancy, and trepidation about the future,” he said. “Even people who don’t claim to be ‘believers’ or Christians, even those who never go to church or read the Bible are asking, ‘What’s wrong with the world? Why is the Middle East the center of such huge international turmoil? Are we on the verge of World War III?’”

    Gallups said he understands what Kessin is trying to say, viewing Trump in many ways as the antithesis of President Obama.

    “He’s looking at it in the same way that a number of Christians and even biblical scholars have examined Obama’s journey, candidacy, and eight-year presidential legacy and point out his clearly ‘antichrist’ characteristics without ever believing him to be, or declaring him to be, the actual antichrist,” Gallups said. “I don’t think there is anything unbiblical about examining the times in which we live, and the world-impacting leaders of our times, and noting the biblical characteristics of those that Yahweh may be using for His ultimate purposes in our highly prophetic era.”

    “I also find it remarkable,” Gallups added, “that Rabbi Kessin outlined the qualities of a messianic figure as being that of a powerful person, a great person, a biblical scholar, a righteous individual, and one who is at the same time also ubiquitously despised, while seemingly coming ‘out of nowhere.’ These very same things can be said of the real and ultimate Messiah, Yeshua/Jesus.”

    Of course, Donald Trump is NOT America’s messiah.

    What the USA needs is national repentance, the return of Jesus, and the establishment of the Kingdom of God.

    America’s Messiah, as well as the for the rest of the world, is Jesus the Christ. It is Jesus, the Lamb of God, that takes away the sins of the world (John 1:29), not an American politician.

    Political Leaders Do Not Hold the Answers

    We are seeing more and more leaders that are coarse and have serious moral issues.

    This should not be surprising because the Bible says "the Most High rules in the kingdom of men, Gives it to whomever He will, And sets over it the lowest of men" (Daniel 4:17).

    Consider the following in that light:

    March 16, 2016

    At about ten o’clock, shortly after the networks called North Carolina for him, Trump appeared onstage in Palm Beach and delivered an even wackier performance than usual. With his campaign manager Corey Lewandowski, who stands accused of manhandling a female reporter, standing next to him, Trump spent as much time thanking the voters and politicians of the Mariana Islands, which had contributed a mere nine delegates to his cause that morning, as he did thanking the voters of Florida, Illinois, and North Carolina, who among them had contributed a hundred and fifty-two. He pointed out how far he had come since starting out last July, and, interestingly, appeared to give the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham much of the credit for his rise. The terrorist attacks in Paris happened, he said, and his campaign “took on a whole new meaning.” Americans were looking for security, “and all of a sudden the poll numbers shot up.”

    Notice also the following scriptures:

    12 As for My people, children are their oppressors, And women rule over them. O My people! Those who lead you cause you to err, And destroy the way of your paths.” (Isaiah 3:12)

    16 For the leaders of this people cause them to err, And those who are led by them are destroyed (Isaiah 9:16).

    While Donald Trump has various positive points, he will cause people to err (and has already done that by, for example, owning strip clubs).

    Donald Trump's siren song is basically that foreigners, migrants, and Wall Street have taken advantage of the USA, and Americans would be better off if he renegotiates treaties and changes laws.

    On the Democratic side, their siren song is that corporations, rich straight white men, and Wall Street have taken advantage of many in the USA and Americans would be better off if laws are changed to increase taxes on the rich and force corporations to give more to women, minorities, migrants, while also changing society's laws related to gender matters.

    Both sides employ greed and envy as motivators. Jesus warned against covetousness (Luke 12:15).

    Neither Donald Trump's nor the Democratic's siren songs are the solution.

    Irrespective of who becomes the next president, by virtue of timing, that leader will be in a sense, apocalyptic. Meaning that steps will be taken that will lead to the end of the USA by the next president.

    The presidential candidates do not seem to realize the national identity of the USA according to the Bible (see Anglo – America in Prophecy & the Lost Tribes of Israel), that God has a 6,000 year plan, and that national repentance is needed or the USA is doomed (Habakkuk 2:6-8; Daniel 11:39).

    Time is running out for the USA. We are getting closer to the end of the 6,000 years that God is allowing humans to rule themselves, prior to the return of Jesus Christ and the beginning of the millennial reign (see Does God Have a 6,000 Year Plan? What Year Does the 6,000 Years End? and Did The Early Church Teach Millenarianism?). This is something that none of the presidential candidates has discussed publicly as far as I can tell.

    And the end of the USA will come (cf. Daniel 11:39) whether they believe it or not.

    As far as making America great again, the USA truly needs national repentance, which is something that “the Donald” has never truly called for.

    The USA needs the Kingdom of God.

    Consider also the following:

    2 “The Spirit of the Lord spoke by me,
    And His word was on my tongue.
    3 The God of Israel said,
    The Rock of Israel spoke to me:
    ‘He who rules over men must be just,
    Ruling in the fear of God. (2 Samuel 23:2-3)

    19 Listen now to my voice; I will give you counsel, and God will be with you: Stand before God for the people, so that you may bring the difficulties to God. 20 And you shall teach them the statutes and the laws, and show them the way in which they must walk and the work they must do. 21 Moreover you shall select from all the people able men, such as fear God, men of truth, hating covetousness; and place such over them to be rulers of thousands, rulers of hundreds, rulers of fifties, and rulers of tens. (Exodus 18:19-21)

    Donald Trump is covetous and does not have the fear of God.

    Christians should pray for their physical leaders:

    1 Therefore I exhort first of all that supplications, prayers, intercessions, and giving of thanks be made for all men, 2 for kings and all who are in authority, that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and reverence. 3 For this is good and acceptable in the sight of God our Savior (1 Timothy 2:1-3).

    I have been praying for Donald Trump and recommend that all who consider themselves Christians do so.

    Can that help the USA?


    Consider that Daniel was inspired to tell King Nebuchadnezzar:

    27 Therefore, O king, let my advice be acceptable to you; break off your sins by being righteous, and your iniquities by showing mercy to the poor. Perhaps there may be a lengthening of your prosperity. (Daniel 4:27)

    If Donald Trump will turn to God, and more in the USA will as well, then “Perhaps there may be a lengthening of your prosperity.”

    Pray (Matthew 6:10; 1 Timothy 2:1-3).

    Warnings About a Donald Trump Presidency are Coming to Pass!

    Now, the mainstream media tends to discount or even despise the Bible. That would tend to explain the following from BBC:

    1 May 2017

    What will happen for the rest of Trump’s presidency? You might as well ask a Magic Eight ball

    The first 100 days of Donald Trump’s presidency are now behind him. … the results so far are decidedly mixed. While there has been a paucity of legislative achievements, Mr Trump has notched some successes through executive action, particularly in the realm of immigration enforcement and regulatory rollback. …

    But what happens next? Given what we’ve seen over the past 100 days, anything could be possible. Sometimes it feels like a Magic 8-ball would be just as good at making predictions.

    What is a Magic Eight Ball?

    Face of a ‘Magic 8-Ball’

    According to Wikipedia:

    The Magic 8-Ball is a toy used for fortune-telling or seeking advice, developed in the 1950s and manufactured by Mattel. It is often used in fiction, often for humor related to its giving accurate, inaccurate, or otherwise statistically improbable answers. …

    An 8-ball was used as a fortune-telling device in the 1940 Three Stooges short, You Nazty Spy, and called a “magic ball”. While Magic 8-Ball did not exist in its current form until 1950, the functional component was invented by Albert C. Carter, inspired by a spirit writing device used by his mother, Mary, a Cincinnati clairvoyant. …

    The Magic 8-Ball is a hollow plastic sphere resembling an oversized, black-and-white 8-ball. Inside a cylindrical reservoir contains a white, plastic, icosahedral die floating in alcohol dyed dark blue. Each of the die’s 20 faces has an affirmative, negative, or non-committal statement printed in raised letters. These messages are read through a window on the ball’s bottom.

    To use the ball, it must be held with the window initially facing down. After “asking the ball” a yes-no question, the user then turns the ball so that the window faces up, setting in motion the liquid and die inside. When the die floats to the top and one face presses against the window, the raised letters displace the blue liquid to reveal the message as white letters on a blue background. Although many users shake the ball before turning it upright, the instructions warn against doing so to avoid white bubbles, which interfere with the performance of the ball itself. (Magic 8-Ball. Wikipedia, accessed 05/01/17)

    Can YOU KNOW what will happen?

    Well, not if you are relying on a “Magic 8-Ball” or such nonsense sources.

    Notice the following:

    10 There shall not be found among you anyone who makes his son or his daughter pass through the fire, or one who practices witchcraft, or a soothsayer, or one who interprets omens, or a sorcerer, 11 or one who conjures spells, or a medium, or a spiritist, or one who calls up the dead. 12 For all who do these things are an abomination to the Lord, and because of these abominations the Lord your God drives them out from before you. 13 You shall be blameless before the Lord your God. 14 For these nations which you will dispossess listened to soothsayers and diviners; but as for you, the Lord your God has not appointed such for you. (Deuteronomy 18:10-14)

    Christians do not use Magic 8-Balls, etc. We look to the Bible (Isaiah 8:10; 66:5). Christians do “not follow cunningly devised fables” (2 Peter 1:16). Watch also the video Trump Presidency Magic 8 Ball or Bible Prophecy?

    At the COGwriter News page, the focus in on explanation of biblical doctrines as well as event aligning to fulfill properly understood biblical prophecies. The media overlooks, and often despises, the Bible, even though it is “word of truth” (2 Corinthians 6:7).

    Many written warnings I made related to Donald Trump have already started to come to pass; a dozen or so of which I will list here.

    ONE: Notice some warnings I made that he would offend the Europeans:

    Should he actually become President of the United States, his flamboyance and brashness are bound to offend the Europeans, and ultimately that will not turn out well for the USA (cf. Daniel 11:39). (Thiel B. Can Donald Trump make America great again? COGwriter, December 20, 2015)

    Donald Trump will take steps to upset the Europeans. (Thiel B. Savage claims Obama would trash the economy if Trump wins; German press sees USA becoming more rotten. COGwriter, May 3, 2016)

    Should Donald Trump become USA president, look for him to even more offend the Europeans. (Thiel B. Hillary Clinton, Prophecy, and the Destruction of the United States. Nazarene Books, June 2016, p. 98)

    Has he?

    Certainly. There are many examples, but here is one: Shadow president or mere shadow? In Europe, Pence seeks to reassure allies unnerved by Trump.

    TWO: Donald Trump's election will be used to further push European unity.

    It is interesting to note that the “best response’ to Donald Trump, according to various European leaders is European unity. Notice two reports:

    3 February 2017

    European Union leaders on Friday vowed to remain united and assert the bloc on the world stage in response to the U.S. President Donald Trump’s criticism of the EU.

    May 28, 2017

    “Europe is the answer,” Schulz said. “Closer European cooperation on all fronts is the answer to Donald Trump. Above all, we cannot let ourselves be subjugated to Trump’s rearmament policy.”

    Schulz, who served as president of the European Parliament from 2012 to 2017, said European states must take a decisive approach to dealing with Trump, whose presentation and attitude in Brussels and Taormina he compared to that of a dictator.

    This was warned about on the news page. Also, on February 28, 2016, my son Brian and I put out a video where I warned that Donald Trump’s rise would lead the Europeans to take steps to further unite (Could Donald Trump be Apocalyptic?) and a link was posted on this page on that date in the article Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump front runners: Who does Vladimir Putin reportedly prefer and why?

    Related to that, on September 6, 2016, I posted related to Donald Trump:

    Some of his statements may be leading to the rise of the prophesied King of the North, who is to be the final leader of the Beast of Revelation (Revelation 13:1). (Thiel B.Rabbi calls Donald Trump ‘America’s messiah,’ but is he? COGwriter, September 6, 2016)

    Some additional European unity will be needed for that to occur (cf. Revelation 17:12-13) and Donald Trump has already been a motivator for this.

    The day AFTER the election, EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker sent out a tweet over Twitter:

    Trump wins … Wake up call for Europe to further unite & take charge of its own destiny (11/09/16)

    How did I know this?

    The Bible shows that Europe will rise up again (Revelation 13:1-10), have a great army (Daniel 11:25), and will one day defeat the USA (Daniel 11:39). Because of where we are in God’s 6000/7000 year plan, the timing of Donald Trump and Europe’s disdain for him fit.

    THREE: Here is something I warned about here in September 2016:

    For years I have warned that more civil unrest was coming to the USA. We have already seen a re-emergence of civil unrest already in 2015 and 2016.

    That does not mean that I agree that globalists will necessarily trigger it etc. But the media certainly has fanned the flames in the past and I expect them to do more such fanning in the future if Donald Trump were to win. (Thiel B. ‘Chaos will erupt across America in less than 100 days… no matter who wins the election’. COGwriter, September 5, 2016)

    Plus, here is something related to that in my book Donald Trump and America’s Apocalypse:

    For one prophetic example, on September 5, 2016, I warned that the media would fan the flames for civil unrest if Donald Trump were elected. The morning after his election I warned that we would see civil unrest. Less than 24 hours later, tens of thousands, of various backgrounds, were protesting (Blau M, et al. Protesters target Trump buildings in massive street rallies. CNN, November 10, 2016 ) and certain ones in the media helped fan those flames of those protests. Expect more protests against Donald Trump. (Thiel B. Donald Trump and America’s Apocalypse. Nazarene Books, 2017, pp. 15-16)

    That has happened. Furthermore, with Donald Trump’s trashing the mainstream media as the “Enemy of the American people” (see, for example Trump Calls the News Media the ‘Enemy of the American People’ and Berkeley turns violent against Donald Trump supporters: Is violent protesting being advocated?), expect various ones in the mainstream media to help provoke protests and civil unrest against Donald Trump. The Bible warns, “There shall be terror within” (Deuteronomy 32:25)–and the mainstream media seems inclined to provoke some of that itself.

    In 2011, I posted the following:

    Specifically, I expect violent protests in the USA, UK, and Canada (though it may be different there).  (Thiel B. Riots in London and Spain. COGwriter, August 7, 2011)

    Furthermore, notice something that a reader tipped me off about on 6/22/17:

    Leftist Website Urges Violence

    A website called “It’s Going Down” is actually encouraging physical violence against Trump supporters and proponents of capitalism. It's meant to be used as a resource for Antifa, a group of self-described anti-facists who oppose the president.

    The mainstream media has, in general, been supportive of protesters and even those that will use violence to oppose Donald Trump.

    FOUR: The fourth warning was that Donald Trump’s rise would encourage the Europeans to arm:

    I have been saying for a long time that Donald Trump’s rise would encourage the Europeans to arm. (Thiel B. Growing anti-Americanism will change the USA/UK world order. COGwriter, October 3, 2016)

    Since 2015, I have written that Donald Trump’s rise would be a factor in Europe deciding it needs more unity and its own army. (Thiel B. As foretold here, more calls for a European army! Guttenberg: ‘There will be a terrible awakening for Europe’. COGwriter, November 11, 2016)

    This has happened. Notice the following:

    DONALD Trump’s election victory – along with Brexit in the UK- will speed up the plans for a European army, according to Germany’s defence minister Ursula von der Leyen. (Thiel B. As foretold here, more calls for a European army! Guttenberg: ‘There will be a terrible awakening for Europe’. COGwriter, November 11, 2016)

    10 November 2016

    Europe should build its own army and not rely on security guarantees from Washington, the European Commission president said following the election of Donald Trump. At the same time, Jean-Claude Juncker called for the preservation of the transatlantic partnership. …

    “We need more security in Europe, and I do not mean just the anti-terror fight,” Juncker said.

    “Talking about security we need a different way of organizing a European defense … the French National Assembly in 1954 prevented the European community of defense.”

    “We need it now. The idea that the Americans will eternally see to … European security is not true. Independent of the outcome of the US election, the Americans will not see to Europe’s security forever. We have to do it ourselves. And this is why we need a new approach to the European community of defense, including a European army,” Juncker said. …

    The EU ministers are expected to meet in Brussels on Monday to discuss plans to strengthen the EU military cooperation and capabilities.

    FIVE: There is a fifth warning related to the fourth. On November 7, 2016 (the day before his election), I posted:

    If Donald Trump is elected, the Germans will see this as proof that they cannot rely on the USA for their defense, etc. Germany will push for a European army. Some in Europe actually want Donald Trump to win for this basic reason (see ‘Why Europe Secretly Roots For Donald Trump’?). (Thiel B. Germans opposed to Donald Trump, but not too optimistic about Hillary Clinton. COGwriter, November 7, 2016)

    Was this fifth warning confirmed?


    By November 11, 2016, German leaders did so, with at least one doing so publicly (see Thiel B. As foretold here, more calls for a European army! Guttenberg: ‘There will be a terrible awakening for Europe’. COGwriter, November 11, 2016). In addition, a survey in late December 2016 found that the majority of Germans want to build a formidable European army. (Thiel B. Majority of Germans want a European army. COGwriter, December 30, 2016) In 2017, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said it was naïve of Europe to think that the USA would always aid Europe and that the EU needed to build its defenses. (Thiel B. Germany’s Merkel warns Europe on security in the age of Donald Trump. COGwriter, January 13, 2017).

    SIX: Here is the sixth:

    Donald Trump’s view of climate change is expected to set up some type of issue between the USA and Europe. Europe will tend to see the USA as an irresponsible polluter of the planet, while Europe will claim to be the protector that the world needs. (Thiel B. Donald Trump and America’s Apocalypse. Nazarene Books, 2017, p. 45)

    This is in the process of being confirmed. Notice:

    February 1, 2017

    Faced with a U.S. retreat from international efforts to tackle climate change, European Union officials are looking to China, fearing a leadership vacuum will embolden those within the bloc seeking to slow the fight against global warming.

    While U.S. President Donald Trump has yet to act on campaign pledges to pull out of the 2015 Paris accord to cut greenhouse gas emissions, his swift action in other areas has sparked sharp words from usually measured EU bureaucrats.

    When Trump’s former environment adviser, until the president’s inauguration this month, took to a stage in Brussels on Wednesday and called climate experts “urban imperialists”, a rebuke from Britain’s former energy minister drew applause from the crowd packed with EU officials.


    China’s partnership with former U.S. President Barack Obama’s administration helped get nearly 200 countries to support the Paris climate change pact in 2015.

    That agreement, which looks to limit the rise in average global temperature to “well below” 2 degrees Celsius compared with pre-industrial levels, entered into force late last year, binding nations that ratified to draft national plans to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

    But despite Beijing’s green policy drive, propelled by domestic anger over smog and the environmental devastation wrought by rapid economic growth, some EU officials are skeptical it can pull as much weight as the United States on climate issues.

    “We will make a lot of noises (about allying with China), but let’s be honest we lost an ally – a major one,” a senior EU energy diplomat said, speaking on condition of anonymity.

    Trump’s attack on the climate will fail, spectacularly

    President Donald Trump’s most recent assault on the environment not only makes the US into a rogue state on climate change. It will also fail in its goal to create jobs and stimulate the economy, says DW’s Sonya Diehn.

    29 March 2017

    US President Donald Trump’s latest attempt to pander to a tiny constituency – aside from being a thinly veiled gift to the fossil fuel industry – is bound to fail.

    In a PR event on Tuesday, Trump stood flanked by coal miners and climate-denying Environmental Protection Agency head Scott Pruitt as he announced his latest assault on global environmental security.

    Not only does Trump’s executive order deny the existence of climate change, it also rejects the existence of well-documented risks resulting from our changing climate

    What, then, will be the result of this executive order?

    Step toward self-destruction

    Trump’s executive order reversing the climate protections introduced by former President Barack Obama will stand as another milestone in a gradually failing administration.

    Just as Trump demonstrated a lack of knowledge, negotiating skills and general competency in the dramatic failure of Trumpcare last week, so too will this executive order ultimately act to undermine the administration.

    Even if it does salvage some coal jobs, this won’t outweigh missed opportunities in the renewables sector. It’s a round conclusion that the US turning its back on the development of renewable energy will set the country back economically. …

    China and the European Union will now have to take the lead, as they’ve already been doing. …

    Where will this story end?

    The Trump Administration position on ‘climate change’ upset the Europeans at the latest G20 conference (see Trump, Germany, China, and G20). His executive orders later in March 2017 got the USA to be called a “rogue state” (watch also The USA Declared a ‘Rogue Nation’!).

    His position at G7 meeting was called "a watershed" moment in a Twitter post by Richard N. Haas, the president of the Council on Foreign Relations:

    Richard N. Haass ✔ @RichardHaass

    Merkel saying Europe cannot rely on others & needs to take matters into its own hands is a watershed-& what US has sought to avoid since WW2

    8:08 AM - 28 May 2017

    The separation between the USA and Europe is going to become even more real (though many will act like it is not until it is too late for the USA).

    SEVEN: In my book, Donald Trump and America’s Apocalypse, I wrote:

    We are living in perilous times (2 Timothy 3:1-5). Partially because of this, Donald John Trump was elected to be the 45th President of the United States. …

    He does not seem to value his word. He will make public statements and then not hold himself to them. (Thiel B. Donald Trump and America’s Apocalypse. Nazarene Books, 2017, pp. 9, 82)

    Notice a headline from April 29, 2017: Trump broke 80 promises in 100 days; here is another from April 30, 2017: Fact check: 100 days of Trump whoppers. Whether he broke 80 or 8 promises, Donald Trump has made public statements and not held himself properly accountable for them.

    EIGHT: In my book, Donald Trump and America’s Apocalypse, I wrote:

    Donald Trump and many other American politicians have not run away from increasing U.S.A. debt—that will be to the nation’s peril. …

    Although as president Donald Trump inherited a debt-laden nation, his policies, according to his own public pronouncements will continue to lead to, increased U.S.A. debt. ... Increasing national debt will lead to destruction at the appointed time of the end (Habakkuk 2:3–8). (Thiel B. Donald Trump and America’s Apocalypse. Nazarene Books, 2017, pp. 35,37)

    Well the vote to extend the debt in April 2017 started to confirm that, as essentially did a statement from Vice President Michael Pence :

    April 29, 2017

    Congress passes 1-week funding extension to avoid govt shutdown

    April 30, 2017

    WASHINGTON — Vice President Mike Pence on Sunday morning acknowledged that the Trump administration’s tax proposal could increase the deficit, at least at first.

    “Maybe in the short term,” he said during an exclusive interview on NBC’s “Meet The Press,” while predicting that it would eventually be overcome by economic “growth.”

    So, we see a partial admission of increased debt by the US Vice President. Presuming Donald Trump follows through with his infrastructure plan, we will see even more increase. Notice also:

    May 2, 2017

    The debt ceiling is currently set at $19.8 trillion. Debt levels are near that cap and Treasury has begun using special accounting measures to keep outstanding debt just below the limit. But those measures are only expected to last until sometime this fall.

    At that point, if nothing is done, Treasury won't have enough cash and revenue on hand to pay all the country's bills in full and on time. ...

    Plus there's no agreement that Republicans' desired tax cuts would have to be offset so that they don't increase deficits. Republican leaders have been pushing for that, but not everyone in the rank-and-file agrees. Nor apparently does Trump, whose one-page tax plan outline could add $5.5 trillion to deficits in the first decade.

    As the debt ceiling is expected to be reached near September 2017, this shows that debt is expected to keep rising under Donald Trump. And while this is not primarily caused by him, debt is rising as warned.

    NINE: In my book, Donald Trump and America’s Apocalypse, I wrote:

    In the future, Donald Trump may attempt to get Israel to accept the type of “peace deal” that Daniel 9:27 seems to refer to. (Thiel B. Donald Trump and America’s Apocalypse. Nazarene Books, 2017, p. 67)

    He has a peace idea:

    May 3, 2017

    The US is launching a new diplomatic effort to reach a comprehensive peace deal between Israelis and Palestinians, President Donald Trump said on Wednesday while hosting Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas at the White House. ...

    “We’ll start a process which hopefully will lead to peace,” Trump said in the Roosevelt Room. “Over the course of my lifetime, I’ve always heard that perhaps the toughest deal to make is the deal between the Israelis and the Palestinians. Let’s see if we can prove them wrong.” ...

    In recent weeks Trump consulted with several leaders from the Arab world, in hopes that a regional approach will increase his odds of rebooting the Middle East peace process.

    While this is not yet, THE deal, it is consistent with one (see also The 'Peace Deal' of Daniel 9:27).

    TEN: In my book, Donald Trump and America’s Apocalypse, I wrote:

    18. His religious views hint that he is somewhat ‘ecumenical.’ An ecumenical power is warned about in the Bible and is expected to rise up in the end times (Zechariah 2:6-8; Revelation 17; 18). I expect him to make inter-faith/ecumenical supporting statements. (Thiel B. Donald Trump and America’s Apocalypse. Nazarene Books, 2017, p. 88)

    He announced what appears to be an interfaith step, and his comment about cardinals (since he is not Roman Catholic) sounds ecumenical:

    May 4, 2017

    WASHINGTON — President Trump will add visits to Saudi Arabia, Israel and Rome to his pre-planned trip to Europe later this month, the White House said Thursday, making his first foreign trip as president a tour of three great world religions.

    Trump made the announcement after meeting with Roman Catholic cardinals in the Oval Office Thursday, and during an event to mark the National Day of Prayer with an executive order on what he called "religious freedom."

    "Tolerance is the cornerstone of peace and that's why I'm proud to make a major and historic announcement this morning and to share with you that my first foreign trip as President of the United States will be to Saudi Arabia, then Israel, and then to a place that my cardinals love very much, Rome."

    May 21, 2017

    President Trump delivered his first big international speech ...

    "This is not a battle between different faiths, different sects, or different civilizations," Trump told some 50 Muslim leaders gathered in an ornate conference center in Riyadh. "This is a battle between barbaric criminals who seek to obliterate human life, and decent people of all religions who seek to protect it. This is a battle between good and evil."

    ELEVEN: Now the next one was mainly based upon political observation, though Jesus' comments about a house being divided (Mark 3:25) as well as prophesies about the end ot the USA (cf. Daniel 11:39; Isaiah 10:5-11) were also factors in getting me to write:

    There are issues with what Donald Trump says when he speaks. I expect people will call for his impeachment. (Thiel B. Donald Trump and America’s Apocalypse. Nazarene Books, 2017, p. 41)

    So, notice something that seems to be unprecidented:

    May 6, 2017

    The Los Angeles City Council passed a resolution Friday calling for an investigation in Congress into whether President Donald Trump has committed any impeachable offenses.

    “Today I ask the Council to put our city on the record and tell Congress to do its job by investigating whether President Donald J. Trump has violated the Foreign Emoluments Clause of the U.S. Constitution or committed any other high crime or misdemeanor sufficient to warrant commencement of impeachment proceedings,” L.A. City Council member Bob Blumenfield (D-San Fernando Valley) said in a written statement.

    “With this resolution the city of Los Angeles calls on our Congress members and our Senators for the good of the country to investigate Trump’s international finances and make sure that he is actually working on behalf of the American people,” Blumenfield, who sponsored the measure, added. “Every day more alarming information comes out regarding Trump’s business dealings and brazenness about lack of transparency and conflicts of interest.”

    Thus an investigation and data collection is being called for by a city government under the hope that Donald Trump can be impeached. Notice also:

    May 11, 2017

    Donald Trump's firing of FBI director James Comey has seen the odds on his impeachment slashed to their shortest ever price.

    Bookmaker Paddy Power said its odds reflected a 60 per cent chance of the billionaire being impeached during his first term in office.

    So, the impeachment talk is gaining traction. How much? Notice the following:

    May 10, 2017

    On the day after President Donald Trump fired FBI Director Jim Comey, the House Republican campaign arm released a fundraising appeal raising the specter of a Democratic-led impeachment.

    “Calls For Impeachment Grow Louder,” reads the subject line of the email appeal, which was sent by the National Republican Congressional Committee.

    "BREAKING,” blares the top of the email. “House Democrats call for President Trump’s impeachment. We MUST protect our president. DEFEND THE PRESIDENT.”

    “Fellow Conservative — Democrats want President Trump impeached — including the DNC Deputy Chair!” it adds. “If Democrats win the House their #1 priority would be to impeach our president. We must protect the House at ALL costs, Fellow Conservative.”

    After making a request for donations, the email signs off with: “Thanks, Trump Majority HQ.”

    The report that the Republicans are asking for money to fight off a possible impeachment at this stage of Donald Trump's presidency also seems to be unprecedented.

    TWELVE: Donald Trump would encourage the rise of the final King of the South of biblical prophecy.

    Notice some of what I wrote about this in my book Donald Trump and America’s Apocalypse:

    Expect President Donald Trump to take steps that will help lead to the rise of the King of the South. …

    Donald Trump supports the arming of various nations to defend themselves and not expect the USA to defend them. This suggests he would be supportive of the type of confederation that will lead to the formation of the final King of the South of biblical prophecy (Daniel 11:40-43).

    (Thiel B. Donald Trump and America’s Apocalypse. Nazarene Books, Grover Beach (CA), 2017)

    On his trip to Saudi Arabia, Donald Trump signed what was hailed as the largest single US arms deal with Saudi Arabia yesterday (see Largest single arms deal in US history! Is Donald Trump arming part of the King of the South?).

    Notice something else from his trip:

    May 21, 2017

    King Salman of Saudi Arabia says he is committed to stamping out the Islamic State group and other terrorist organizations.

    Salman is speaking at a gathering of the leaders of more than 50 majority-Muslim countries attending the Arab-Islamic-American Summit in Riyadh.

    He says that “we all, peoples and countries, reject in every language and in every form damaging the relations of Muslim countries with friendly countries and profiling countries based on a religious or sectarian basis.”

    He’s also railing against Iran, calling the country “the spearhead of global terrorism.”

    President Donald Trump says the U.S. seeks a “coalition of nations” in the Middle East with the aim of “stamping out extremism.” …

    Trump is speaking in front of an audience of leaders from Arab and Muslim-majority nations.

    He says the U.S. is prepared to stand with those leaders in the fight against extremists, but that those countries must take the lead.

    This sounds a lot like Donald Trump is encouraging the formation of the foundation of a confederation that one day will be led by one called the King of the South (cf. Daniel 11:40-43; Ezekiel 30:1-8).

    Inadvertently, Donald Trump seems to be helping laying the foundation for the coming prophesied King of the South.

    There is also one related to Mexico, I wrote well before Donald Trump announced his candidacy, though I did not tie this in with Donald Trump in 2008. But Donald Trump has helped push towards the fulfillment of the following):

    The Brits will ultimately decide that they are more supportive of the Americans and Canadians. They will be so much more supportive that they will end up in a trading agreement with them (with the Australians and New Zealanders probably also becoming part of that agreement).

    The EU will decide that Mexico and the rest of Latin America are in more agreement with it and thus make some type of serious trading agreement with most (or all) of Latin America. The Vatican will also have influence here as Latin America is highly Roman Catholic. (Thiel B. A Combined EU & North American Trade Block Coming?, March 3, 2008)

    Notice the following news reports which basically confirmed that:

    February 1, 2017

    The European Union and Mexico have set two new rounds of trade talks in the first half of 2017, an acceleration of negotiations to deepen economic ties in the wake of Donald Trump’s inauguration as U.S. president.

    The European Commission said on Wednesday that EU Trade Commissioner Cecilia Malmstrom and Mexican Economy Minister Ildefonso Guajardo had scheduled subsequent rounds for April 3-7 and June 26-29.

    “Together, we are witnessing the worrying rise of protectionism around the world. Side by side, as like-minded partners, we must now stand up for the idea of global, open cooperation,” the two said in a joint statement.

    European leaders have said Brussels should take advantage of a more protectionist U.S. leader, who has already withdrawn from the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade deal, to step up negotiations with would-be partners.

    Mexico faces the prospect of a renegotiated North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and possibly higher U.S. import duties.

    April 29, 2017

    Major questions also loom over the fate of the North American Free Trade Agreement. Trump has called the 23-year-old deal that allows free trade between Mexico, Canada and the US a one-sided agreement.
    If a good deal is not renegotiated, Mexico plans to walk away from the pact. The uncertainty in trade relations has led Mexico to strengthen ties with other countries and explore opportunities in Asian, European and South American markets instead of the US.
    After Mexico featured repeatedly in the US elections, Trump himself is now playing a role in who will become Mexico’s next leader.

    Europe is trying to move to fill in areas where Donald Trump has indicated he wants to change trade terms. The Bible foretells the end of the USA (Cf. Daniel 11:39) along with the rise of a major international trading power in Europe as well as the downfall of that Babylonian power (Revelation 18). That is why I wrote to expect a deal between the Mexicans and the Europeans.

    Now, none of this should be taken to imply that I feel that Donald Trump is a worse president than the last one (to see a list of predictive warning I made about him that came to pass, check out the article Prophecies of Barack Obama?) or that his political opponents would have been better.  But what this should show all with “Ears to hear and eyes to see” (Proverbs 20:10), that properly understood biblical prophecies are coming to pass.

    As written before, we in the Continuing Church of God “have also a more sure word of prophecy; whereunto ye do well that ye take heed, as unto a light that shineth in a dark place, until the day dawn, and the day star arise in your hearts” (2 Peter 1:19, KJV).

    The Apostle Paul taught:

    20 Do not despise prophecies. (1 Thessalonians 5:20)

    Remember that Jesus taught:

    37 And what I say to you, I say to all: Watch! (Mark 13:37).

    As we get closer to the Great Tribulation (Matthew 24:21), this is definitely a time to watch and take heed to prophecy.

    To learn more prophecies that will come to pass, check out my book: Donald Trump and America’s Apocalypse: Is Donald Trump Fulfilling Biblical, Islamic, Catholic, Buddhist, and other America-Related Prophecies.

    Want to Know More?

    World events have already began to confirm at least five biblically-inspired predictions I warned would happen if Donald Trump was elected (for details four, see Fourth COGwriter warning about Donald Trump confirmed).

    Do you want to know more?

    We have just produced a brand new book: Donald Trump and America’s Apocalypse: Is Donald Trump Fulfilling Biblical, Islamic, Catholic, Buddhist, and other America-Related Prophecies. The print edition is available at Amazon for $12.99 at the following link: Donald Trump and America’s Apocalypse: Is Donald Trump Fulfilling Biblical, Islamic, Catholic, Buddhist, and other America-Related Prophecies.

    This 188 page book, has 11 chapters that deal with these exciting topics:

    1. Donald Trump: Background, Controversies, and Hebrew Prophecy
    2. Immorality has Prophetic Consequences       
    3. Europeans are Not Pleased
    4. Islam and Prophecy 
    5. Is Donald Trump the Antichrist?
    6. ‘Trump of God’ and Christianity?       
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    8. Native American Prophecies
    9. Nostradamus and Donald Trump
    10. The King of the North, Donald Trump, and the End of the United States, and its Anglo-Saxon Allies
    11. Donald Trump is Fulfilling End Time Prophecy

    Donald Trump and America’s Apocalypse: Is Donald Trump Fulfilling Biblical, Islamic, Catholic, and other America-Related Prophecies. This 188 page book is for people truly interested in prophecies related to Donald Trump and the United States, including learning about several that have already been fulfilled and those that will be fulfilled in the future. The physical book can be purchased at Amazon from the following link: Donald Trump and America’s Apocalypse: Is Donald Trump Fulfilling Biblical, Islamic, Catholic, Buddhist, and other America-Related Prophecies.

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    Thiel B. Donald Trump in Prophecy. COGWriter (c) 2016/2017 0623

    Donald: 'Trump of God' or Apocalyptic?

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