Obama urged Israel to not attack Iran until 2013?


Notice the following:

1:38 PM, March 8, 2012

The US offered to give Israel advanced weaponry — including bunker-busting bombs and refueling planes — in exchange for Israel’s agreement not to attack Iranian nuclear sites, Israeli newspaper Maariv reported Thursday.
President Obama reportedly made the offer during Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s visit to Washington this week.
Under the proposed deal, Israel would not attack Iran until 2013, after US elections in November this year. The newspaper cited unnamed Western diplomatic and intelligence sources. http://www.nypost.com/p/news/international/attack_offered_israel_advanced_weaponry_vJzadL8Qw5XoQ7akSRO9yK

The above, presuming it is true, is consistent with a comment in my March 5, 2012 post that “It seems that the USA President is hinting that at some point in time (and perhaps during this election year) that the USA may decide to support Israel in an attack against Iran (the UK, Australia, and Canada could also get involved) if Iran does not agree to not become a nuclear power.”

This type of attack would have devastating effects on Iran, yet it could also cause the USA debt, terrorist, and other problems. It could eliminate Iran as a major force in the Islamic world–something that I have written about for some time–as it is something that either needs to happen directly (through war) and/or indirectly (civil unrest and change in Iran).

Yet, while the USA President hopes not to have a major war, I suspect that a regional war in the Middle East could get out of control, especially presuming Syria is involved (the USA keeps dropping hints about supporting the opposition in Syria that Syria would almost certainly get involved).   Syria itself is having major problems now.  Notice also a news headline from a few moments ago: Syrian Minister Appears to Defect and Join Opposition.   Syrian involvement with Iran (or other unrest, including internal unrest) may result in so much damage to Damascus (Isaiah 17:1) and/or Iran that it could spur massive outrage in the Islamic world. Enough so that the primarily Sunni Arabs will likely decide that they need closer unity and will support some type of caliph/Mahdi and that the biblical King of the South will rise up.

According to the Bible, the King of the South (Daniel 11:40) will rise up and we will see if this happens sometime after a conflict with Iran.

This does not mean that I believe that Israel (or the USA and its allies for that matter) will end up without potentially severe losses, only that Iran and Syria may start to feel so desperate that they will conclude that military conflict with Israel is their best option–if so, this would be a mistake on those nations’ part.  But with a date of 2013 (or earlier if Israel does not wait), they (if the current Syrian regime lasts long enough, and it may not) may feel that they have no choice but to get more aggressive themselves.

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