Obama and Netanyahu: Iran Has Some Time, But…


US President Obama met with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu today and has made some comments related to Israel and Iran:

Obama: Window Remains for Peaceful Solution to Iran Nuclear IssueV

VOA, March 5, 2012: President Barack Obama says he believes there is still time to achieve a peaceful solution to the Iran nuclear issue, but that Iran’s leaders need to make a decision to forsake pursuit of nuclear weapons. Mr. Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu discussed Iran, troubled Israel-Palestinian peace efforts, and the Arab Spring during a meeting at the White House…

The main issue in Monday’s discussions was Iran’s nuclear program and how much time remains for diplomacy and sanctions to turn Iran away from what the U.S. and Israel believe is a course toward developing a nuclear weapon.

In remarks to reporters before the talks, President Obama said it is unacceptable “for Israel to have a country with a nuclear weapon that has called for its destruction.”

Describing the U.S. commitment to Israel’s security as “rock solid,” Mr. Obama reiterated his view that more time is needed for sanctions and other pressure on Iran to work.

“We do believe that there is still a window that allows for a diplomatic resolution to this issue, but ultimately the Iranian regime has to make a decision to move in that direction, a decision that they have not made thus far,” said the president.

Pressure on Iran will be tightened, he said, adding he reserves all options. Mr. Obama repeated that his policy is not containment, but prevention of Iran obtaining nuclear weapons.

There was no direct mention of so-called “red lines,” steps by Iran, such as specific movement toward building a nuclear weapon, that might trigger military action by Israel or the United States.

But Prime Minister Netanyahu stressed what he called longstanding principles in the U.S.-Israel relationship, including recognition that Israel has a right to act on its own to preserve its security.

“Israel must have the ability always to defend itself by itself, against any threat, and that when it comes to Israel’s security, Israel has the right, the sovereign right, to make its own decisions,” said Netanyahu. “I believe that is why you appreciate, Mr. President, that Israel must reserve right to defend itself.”

Mr. Netanyahu said his “supreme responsibility” is to ensure that “Israel remains the master of its fate.”

President Obama said he and Prime Minister Netanyahu prefer to resolve the issue diplomatically, understanding the costs of any military action.

Offering what he called an “assurance” to the American and Israeli peoples, he said the U.S. and Israel will be in “close, constant consultation” during what he said he expects will be “a series of difficult months, I suspect, in 2012.”

It seems that the USA President is hinting that at some point in time (and perhaps during this election year) that the USA may decide to support Israel in an attack against Iran (the UK, Australia, and Canada could also get involved) if Iran does not agree to not become a nuclear power.  This type of attack would have devastating effects on Iran and would also cause the USA debt, terrorist, and other problems.  It could eliminate Iran as a major force in the Islamic world–something that I have written about for some time–as it is something that either needs to happen directly (through war) and/or indirectly (civil unrest and change in Iran).

The Israeli Prime Minister made some other comments as well:

Jerusalem Post 5 March 2012 – By HILARY LEILA KRIEGER AND HERB KEINON Prime Minister Netanyahu says US President Barack Obama “accepted with understanding” the Israeli position on Iran, despite emphasizing different approaches in public remarks.

Yet, while the USA President hope not to have a major war, I suspect that a regional war in the Middle East could get out of control, especially presuming Syria is involved. This may result in so much damage to Damascus (Isaiah 17:1) and/or Iran that it could spur massive outrage in the Islamic world.  Enough so that the primarily Sunni Arabs will likely decide that they need closer unity and will support some type of caliph/Mahdi and that the biblical King of the South will rise up.

According to the Bible, the King of the South (Daniel 11:40) will rise up and we will see if this happens sometime after a conflict with Iran.

As far as Syria goes, former Republican presidential nominee wants the USA to attack Syria as was also reported today:

CBS News – March 5, 2012 (CBS/AP) WASHINGTON – Sen. John McCain today called for the United States to lead an “international effort” involving air strikes on Syria’s military forces.

Syria is an ally of Iran and if the USA were to actually do what John McCain wants, this could unleash a regional war.  Furthermore, if President Assad of Syria believes that the USA may do this, and presuming he does not want to end up dead like Libya’s leader did, he may be tempted to launch an attack against Israel.

Syria is technically still at war with Israel and I have wondered (in writing) for quite some time if President Assad might attack Israel to divert attention against his own regime by his own people as well as the Arab League.

Since Iran repeatedly has stated that it wants to eliminate the nation of Israel and Syria has made statements indicating that it may attack Israel, I have often tended to report on Iran and Syria together as they might decide to attack Israel.  Or, in view of President Obama’s comments, Iran and/or Syria may do something to provoke Israel to attack and hope that the USA will not get directly involved.  Somehow, Iran (who is not the leader of the biblical King of the South in Daniel 11:40) will need to become less of a factor in the Islamic world and it may happen because it may miscalculate the strength of its adversaries.

This does not mean that I believe that Israel (or the USA and its allies for that matter) will end up without potentially severe losses, only that Iran and Syria may start to feel so desperate that they will conclude that military conflict with Israel is their best option–if so, this would be a mistake on those nations’ part.

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