Palestine Submits Proposal for UN Recognition

Flag of Palestine


Palestine made its bid for statehood official at the United Nations today:

Palestine UN bid launched – Nasouh Nazzal – ‎8 September 2011

In a letter to UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon some 100 members of the “National Campaign Palestine: State No. 194” asked him to accept Palestine as a full member state of the UN. The letter was handed to officials at the UN’s Ramallah office…

On September 23, 2011 the Palestine Authority’s leader Mahmoud Abbas is to address address the General Assembly on the issue.

There are different views on the wisdom of this. Here is the USA’s intended course:

Voice of America – ‎8 September 2011

September 08, 2011 US Confirms Palestinian Statehood Veto Threat David Gollust | State Department The United States on Thursday confirmed it will veto any bid by the Palestinians to seek statehood recognition in the UN Security Council.
The veto threat comes as no surprise because the Obama administration has long said that a Palestinian statehood bid –  without Israeli concurrence – would set back hopes for real peace.

Here are three news items from the COGwriter page showing various views of the Palestinian Statehood plan:

China to Back Palestinian Statehood

Israel: Forced Peace Plan to Cause World War

Germany’s Merkel Says to Wait on Palestinian Recognition

I have long suspected that some type of unrest or war would proceed the peace deal of Daniel 9:27. It is possible that the result of the UN bid may be increased violence and other tensions in the region.

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