Israel: Forced Peace Plan to Cause World War



While the Palestinians believe that the UN should recognize their statehood, Israel says this could cause world war:

Palestinians officially decide to seek UN recognition for statehood in September
Haaretz – June 26, 2011

The Palestinian Authority officially announced Sunday its intention to turn to the United Nations in September in an effort to attain recognition of a Palestinian state based on 1967 borders.

Is the ‘Peace Process’ the Road to War?

Israel National News – June 27, 2011…

Now, leading Kadima Knesset Member and former IDF Chief of Staff Shaul Mofaz says conflict is the fate of a United Nations declaration recognizing the Palestinian Authority as a country.

In a speech at the Bedouin city of Hura in the northern Negev President Peres said that there is a de facto peace in Jerusalem, where “the entire prayers rise up together, and the government doesn’t intervene. People are living and working peacefully… but if they try to put it into writing, a world war will break out.”

The deal that Peres mentioned would not seem to be the covenant/peace deal of Daniel 9:27.  That biblically-mentioned deal, though broken after 3 1/2 years, in a sense will lead to a type of world war as after it is broken the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Israel, and New Zealand will be taken over (Daniel 11:39), and near that time, the Islamic confederation (which has not yet formed, but biblically will be known as the final King of the South) will also be taken over (Daniel 11:40-43).

Now, if a major war breaks out later this year, at least partially because of this, then this may be what it will take for the type of treaty that Daniel 9:27 seems to call for, to be accepted.  This peace deal will at least be confirmed by a “prince” among the Europeans, who will be the one known as the final King of the North.

At this time, there are several scenarios that are pointing to the development of a peace deal in accordance with biblical prophecy.  I still consider that Iran may be a factor in triggering some of the events that may lead to it–it probably will more than just the UN accepting the Palestinian declaration and the Palestinians getting upset about any lack of progress in attaining a truly independent state.  But we all can watch.

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