Chinese Warning that Israel Faces Serious Diplomatic Challenge



A Chinese news report has the following:

Israel confronted with serious diplomatic trouble

BEIJING, Sept. 18 (Xinhua) — Diplomatically embattled Israel is in serious trouble now — It is fighting separate diplomatic battles with three important regional players — Turkey, Egypt and the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO). The jewish state and Turkey, once one of its most important partners in the Middle East, have been locked in a bitter diplomatic dispute since May 31, 2010In Egypt, the first Arab nation to sign a peace treaty and establish diplomatic ties with Israel, anti-Israel sentiments have been running high…
Israel’s diplomatic headaches with the two countries are further compounded by a diplomatic triumph for the PLO, whose leader Mahmoud Abbas has reaffirmed his resolve to press the UN Security Council for recognition of a Palestinian state by seeking full UN membership.

On that last point, China itself has declared that it would to support the Palestinians (see China to Back Palestinian Statehood).

Although most everyone expects that the USA will veto Palestine’s request, based on statements from the USA president in April this may not be guaranteed (see Obama Wants Peace Deal and Palestinian State in September).  But whether the USA uses its veto power in the United Nations or not many, including leaders in Israel, suspect that the result of the Palestinian request will be war (see Growing Concern for a Regional War in the Middle East and Israel: Forced Peace Plan to Cause World War).

Notice an Israeli report from the Palestinian side:

Palestinians warn Obama not to stand in way of statehood

On Saturday, the Palestinians were at it again, warning the Obama Administration that vetoing their UN Security Council bid for statehood would “destroy” the two-state solution to the conflict.

“Anyone who supports the two-state solution should back the Palestinian effort [at the UN],” insisted chief Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat.

Notice also the following news item that came out earlier this month:

The unforeseen risks of Palestinian statehood

Ha’aretz – Louis Rene Beres – ‎Sep 5, 2011‎

But the main danger for Israel would lie latent in Palestinian statehood itself. Once accepted by the UN, whether lawfully or unlawfully, a Palestinian state would increase the risks of both mass-destruction terrorism and regional nuclear war.

I have long written that there may have to be a war in the Middle East before the peace deal of Daniel 9:27 will be implemented.  It could involve some of the Palestinians, some of the Egyptians, Iran, and likely Syria.  And I believe that a regional nuclear war is possible (Isaiah 17:1).

The troubles that Israel is facing are more than simply diplomatic.  Islamic prophecy indicates that after a time of chaos, a leader called the Imam Mahdi will rise up.  This leader may be the one to be the final biblical leader known as the King of the South (Daniel 11:40).  While many Shi’ites believe that Iran will first takeover Jerusalem before he rises up, it may be that a war involving Israel that results in Israel hitting back hard to places like Damascus (Isaiah 17:1) may be the final event to trigger the rise of the last major end-time Islamic leader.

The diplomatic crisis that Israel faces in the United Nations the remainder of this month is likely to have serious long-term consequences.

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