Philippine Rice Situation

Rice (Oryza sativa)


It looks like the Philippines will need more rice imports than hoped:

Philippines unlikely to meet rice self-sufficiency target | 04/20/2010

MANILA, Philippines – Due to lack of proper funding, damages from typhoons, and the dry spell brought about by the El Nino phenomenon, the Philippines is unlikely to attain its target of becoming self-sufficient in rice by 2013…

The Philippines, which imports at least a tenth of its rice needs, is considered the world’s biggest rice importer…

But with little government resources to fund key programs aimed at propping up rice output, Francisco said he was uncertain if 2017 was a realistic target.

Famines are part of what Jesus called “the beginning of sorrows” (Matthew 24:7-8).

And while the Philippines is not there yet, famine could happen there relatively easily.  And ultimately the Anglo-nations will likely suffer even greater food shortages than the Philippines has ever seen.  And possibly by 2017.

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