Philippines Considering Closer Military Ties to USA Again

Mount Apo in Mindanao, Philippines


The Philippines is considering getting into a closer military arrangement with the USA:

The Philippines Weighs an Increased U.S. Military Presence
30 January 2012
The United States and the Philippines are discussing enhancing military ties partly in response to increasing Chinese assertiveness in the Asia-Pacific region. Because the biggest threats to the Philippines’ security have long been internal, Manila has some of the weakest external defense capabilities in Southeast Asia.
However, Manila will balance attempts to increase these capabilities against a potential backlash from both China, a top trading partner with increasing economic influence, and from its own people, for whom increasing the U.S. military presence remains a controversial issue.

Last summer, the President of the Philippines, indicated that he did not need to fear China (see Philippine’s President Threatens China).

While a deal with the USA may temporarily make carnal sense, in the long-run I believe that the Philippines will likely align with China, but we will see.

The Living Church of God has about 33 congregations in the Philippines.

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