Qaddafi’s Last Stand? The Muslim Brotherhood in Libya

Muammar al-Gaddafi


Libya is apparently transitioning:

Libya’s bizarre leader Gadhafi defiant to end

TRIPOLI, Libya (AP) – In flowing brown Bedouin robes and black beret, hailed as the “king of kings of Africa,” the aging dictator swept up onto the global stage, center front at the United Nations, and delivered an angry, wandering, at times incoherent diatribe against all he detested in the world.  The Associated Press – ‎22 August 2011

Los Angeles Times -22 August 2011

Libyan insurgents claim control of 80% of Tripoli but report heavy casualties in fierce fighting outside Moammar Kadafi’s compound and other pockets of the city.

ABC News – ‎22 August 2011

And while Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, in the past, has indicated that he wanted to lead Islam and Africa (see Qaddafi Hailed as “King of Kings”), I never really felt he would be the final King of the South. Yet in the current Middle East turmoil, the seeds seem to be being set for the rise of that leader.

In my book (2012 and the Rise of the Secret Sect), I wrote that based upon biblical prophecies (Psalm 83; Daniel 11:40) that a multinational Islamic leader would rise up.  All the turmoil in the Middle East and North Africa seem to be aligning for that to happen.  One group that wishes it to get a pan-national Islamic caliphate is the Muslim Brotherhood.

Notice a few current news items about them and Libya:

There is urgency for solidarity, partnership and synergy for the purpose of steering Libya out of this period of fluidity and power vacuum into the safety of collaborative, representative, legal and ordered reconstruction of state and people, up to the moment of electing the constituent assembly, as envisaged by the NFSL, the Democratic Party of Libya, the Muslim Brotherhood and the NTC itself.

It would be nice if Libya could overcome the tradition in the Islamic world for popular uprisings to end up making things far worse both for the common people… but I’m not optimistic. The Muslim Brotherhood and other radical Islamists have a very good track record for taking advantage of power vacuums.

Vladimir Chukov: It is hard to tell what the notion Islamists mean in Libya. There is a Muslim Brotherhood, which receive rehabilitation in the Arab world after the start of the Arab spring. Even the Italian foreign minister said that we are aware of the Muslim Brotherhood, but the Libyan Muslim Brotherhood is not the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood.
There is a great diversification – Muslim Brotherhood, strong radicals, and I mean those, who are very close to the Libyan armed group, which is the Libyan variant of Al Qaeda, separate elements, which have fought in Afghanistan. We should say that there are some nomad bedouin tribes, which have adopted ideals similar to those of Al Qaeda.

With the likes of Al-Qaeda, Hezbollah, Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood​ openly supporting the Libyan rebels, the danger is that the downfall of the proverbial devil we knew, Qaddafi, may yet unleash something far worse.

Libya is mentioned specifically in Bible prophecy (Daniel 11:40-43) and hence it will support the final King of the South, a caliph-type Imam Mahdi, that many in the Arab & Islamic world will also support.  And that leader will relatively soon rise up.

Watch (cf. Mark 13:33-37).

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