Qaddafi’s Being Attacked in Tripoli; Gaza Situation Escalates

Muammar al-Gaddafi


Libya’s leader seems to be getting into a tougher situation as the USA is indicating he will not last too much longer:

Bloomberg – ‎21 August 2011
Street battles raged in Tripoli between rebels and forces loyal to Muammar Qaddafi for the first time in the six-month conflict, as the government warned that attempts to take the capital would lead to bloodshed.

Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, in the past, indicated that he wanted to lead Islam and Africa (see Qaddafi Hailed as “King of Kings”), yet I never really felt he would be the final King of the South. He will either be gone or will end up supporting such a leader.

UPDATE Here is an update that was just in the news that I have not yet been able to check elsewhere:

Reuters – ‎21 August 2011

A man waves the Libyan rebel flag during a celebration in the town of Maia after fighters pushed pro-Gaddafi government forces back to within 25 kms (15 miles) of Tripoli, August 21, 2011.

If this is the case, the situation for Qaddafi is getting more and more dangerous.

As I have been saying for many months, the current Middle East turmoil seems to be being set for the rise of the leader known as the King of the South. A re-alignment in the Arab world is happening and Libya will be part of it (Daniel 11:40-43).

Also, in Middle East news, the Arab’s are getting increasingly agitated by Israel:

Jerusalem Post – ‎21 August 2011
By JPOST.COM STAFF AND REUTERS Statement from Jordanian Information Ministry condemns IAF “military operations” in Gaza, “targeting of civilians”; Jordanian comments come as Hamas, Arab League approach int’l bodies to stop “Israeli offensive.

And while Arabic complaints about Israel are not new, the “Arab Spring and Summer” are new, Israel is sensing that the replacement governments are not supportive of Israel, Israel is getting increasingly suspicious of whether the USA will truly support it, and Israel is getting more reasons to try to make a deal in the region involving the Europeans (cf. Daniel 9:26-27)–and such a deal will take place.

Watch (cf. Mark 13:33-37).

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