French Foreign Minister: Qaddafi ‘Prepared to Leave’

Muammar al-Gaddafi


The head of Libya may be leaving according to Alain Juppe, the French Foreign Minister:

French PM: Envoys Say Qaddafi Ready to Go

Published July 12, 2011  | Associated Press

PARIS –  France’s foreign minister said Tuesday Paris has had contact with emissaries from Muammar Qaddafi who say the embattled Libyan strongman is “prepared to leave.”

Here is a later update:

The Guardian – ‎12 July 2011

Alain Juppé, France’s foreign minister: ‘The question is no longer about whether Gaddafi goes, but when and how.’

For years, I have written that I did not believe that Muammar al-Gaddafi would be the final King of the South, even though he had himself called ‘king of kings’ or something similar because of his ties to portions of Africa.   Since this uprising, I have written that he still is likely to exit, but even if he does not for a while, the situation in Libya will change.

The final King of the South will ultimately rise up and control his land, and Libya will not end up well after Europe is attacked by the King of the South (Daniel 11:40-43). The fact that so many Western nations are encouraging the rebel groups in Libya and throughout the Middle East is of prophetic interest as they are unintentionally encouraging a pan-Arabic confederation to be created in the Middle East.

As I have written most of this year, I suspect that many of the Middle Eastern nations will end up with temporary governments that ultimately will be replaced and/or will become part of a coming Arab-North Africa-Islamic confederation, that will be led by the one the Bible refers to as the final King of the South. It may be that Muammar Qaddafi needs to be out of the way first, and today’s French comments are consistent with that.

Of course, this situation with Libya has been unusual in many respects with Western militaries involved the way they have been and Colonel Qaddafi making threats against the Europeans at least twice this month (see Qaddafi Now Threatens Europe with ‘Martyr Attacks’ and Qaddafi Threatens to Attack Europe).  It may be that he has simply been trying to negotiate his own exit or he feels that threats of terrorism would be effective.  Irrespective of why he made his statements, it appears that the Western powers want him out, have had contact with some of his people, and that he may actually leave.

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