Iran Announces Plan for 2012 Atomic Bomb Test

Hiroshima After the Atomic Bomb Was Detonated


Though it publicly indicated that it was not working on nuclear weapons, Iran now apparently hopes to publicly test one in 2012:

2012: Iran’s Atomic Daydreams
Israel National News – July 11, 2011

Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Khameni has ordered the revolutionary guards to “immediately” proceed with the completion of an atomic bomb with hopes of a test in 2012, Iran Press News reports…

The article then says the day after an Iranian bomb test, “Everyone will be able to go about their business as usual, but in the eyes of many we will have new power. It will be a day for Iranians to be filled with pride…And prepare against them whatever you are able of power and of steeds of war by which you may terrify the enemy of Allah.”

Meanwhile, Iranian Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi said Monday Iran was fulfilling “all its duties” towards the IAEA, the UN’s atomic energy watchdog.

Saudi Arabia has stated that it will get nuclear weapons if Iran does (see Saudi’s Say They Will Get Nukes if Iran Does)–so this announcement may cause Saudi Arabia to take more steps now.  It has long been rumored that Saudi Arabia has some arrangement for nuclear weapons with Pakistan (and perhaps this is why Pakistan is not as worried about receiving the $800,000,000 in USA funding that was put on hold within the past week or so).  The situation in the Islamic world is getting more and more tense.

It continues to look to me like Iran’s plan is to provoke an attack by Israel and/or invade Israel.  Iran’s goal seems to be to show the rest of the Islamic world that Iran should be looked upon as its leader.

Back in February 2011, Iran’s President Ahmadinejad said that according to him,  the traditional and outdated world order is now on the verge of collapse and that the Imam Mahdi is behind the uprisings in the Middle East.  The next month, March 2011, a group with ties to his government put out a video (with him in it).

That video that quotes someone as saying this Imam Mahdi leader arrives after a time of great earthquakes and sedition.  It shows photos of American, Jewish, and European leaders that it does not approve of.  It says that, according to the Hadith, Iran is to be among the “preparers” for the arrival of the Imam.  It blames the USA and its allies for causing Islamic fear-mongering since 9/11.  The video indicates that Islamic writings have warned that westerners would invade the Middle East first and its suggests that Iraq and other western military interventions are proof that the Imam Mahdi is about to appear.  It tells that a time of Arab cooperation is prophesied, while also claiming that annihilation of the “Zionist regime” needs to happen prior to the arrival of the Mahdi.

It also essentially tries to explain who is Seyed Khorasani (the current top leader of Iran).  It also says that 72 months prior to the arrival of the Imam Mahdi that Seyed Khorasani will appoint Shoeib to assist.  It then asks if “Doctor” Ahmadinejad could be the Shoeib.  It shows Ahmadinejad making various speeches and discusses him taking over Jerusalem in the future–and prior to the arrival of the Imam Mahdi.  It basically ends with stating that the Imam Mahdi will rise up soon and that all should praise God with Jihad.

Since “Doctor” Ahmadinejad became President of Iran on 3 August 2005, the video may have been trying to teach that a war is expected by August 3 of 2011 as that would be 72 months after he was appointed.  Yet, perhaps I should add that since other prophecies of the Mahdi state that he would return in an even numbered year, thus perhaps Iran will claim that Ahmadinejad received some other type of “appointment” that happened in 2006/2007 that counts, as opposed to being appointed president in 2005.

If so, that would be consistent with the 2012 belief that some in Iran have about the Imam Mahdi coming in late 2012.

It may not be a coincidence that Iran wants to have atomic bombs by then.

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