Strikes and Civil Unrest in France

Paris (Photo by Rosss)


Will there be civil war or civil unrest in France?  I asked that question last month at this page (see Civil Unrest in France?).

Now, some unrest is happening, and it is turning violent:

PARIS — Airlines flying into France were ordered to slash schedules — and to bring enough fuel for the trip out. Gas stations ran short or dry, while truckers jammed highway traffic Monday by driving at a snail’s pace, a tactic known in French as “operation escargot.”

Strikes over the government’s plans to raise the retirement age to 62 from 60 disrupted daily life and a wide swath of industry — from oil refining to travel to shipping — as protesters fought a proposal they say tampers with the near-sacred French social contract.

Teens, who usually don’t worry about old age, joined in the protests, with at least 261 high schools blocked or disrupted Monday. Some turned violent and 290 youths were arrested, the Interior Ministry said. Students set cars and tires on fire, toppled a telephone booth and hurled debris at police in the Paris suburb of Nanterre, as well as in Lyon and elsewhere. At least five police officers were injured.

Street demonstrations were planned in more than 200 cities across France on Tuesday — the sixth nationwide day of protest marches since early September. (ANGELA DOLAND and GREG KELLER. French strikes hit airlines, trains, gas pumps. Seattle Times, October 18, 2010

As I have repeatedly mentioned, the idea that there would be unrest in France is foretold by many Catholic private prophecies.   And it consistent with certain biblical ones as well.  (I go into this in more detail in my book 2012 and the Rise of the Secret Sect).

If civil war/riots/civil unrest do occur in Europe on a large scale, this likely will set the stage for the rising up of a military leader to resolve this.  Catholic prophecies specifically suggest that this will happen and they tend to refer to this leader as the “Great Monarch” (or the “Great King”).

This “Great Monarch”, however, seems to have a lot in common with the prophesied final King of the North and Beast from the Bible.  So, if there is major civil unrest across Europe, and likely including France, this would seem to indicate that this leader will rise up fairly soon.  Austerity measures, real and/or perceived , are starting to cause the beginnings of civil unrest.

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