Turkey assist Kurds related to Kobani; Irish Times challenges effectiveness of USA bombing.

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Turkey is assisting the fight of the Kurds against the Islamic State in Kobani:

October 20, 2014

Turkey said on Monday it is helping Iraqi Kurds cross into Syria to aid Kurdish fighters in Kobani as they battle to hold off an advance by Islamic State militants, while the U.S. airdropped arms and medical supplies for the first time to help the Kurdish defenders.

Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu told reporters on Monday, “We are assisting peshmerga forces to cross into Kobani,” but did not provide additional details.

The U.S. Central Command said three C-130 aircraft carried out multiple successful airdrops of supplies on Sunday in the vicinity of Kobani, including small-arms weapons provided by Iraqi Kurdish authorities.

A Turkish foreign ministry official said on Monday that Turkish airspace was not used during the airdrops carried out by the United States.

The moves come a day after Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said his country would not arm the Kurdish fighters, calling them “equal” to the Kurdistan Workers Party that both Turkey and the U.S. consider a terrorist group.

Senior officials told reporters that U.S. President Barack Obama notified Erdogan during a conversation Saturday that the military would carry out the airdrops.

The action could strain U.S.-Turkish relations.

The “first-of-its-kind” supply mission also came as U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry was in Jakarta trying to enlist Southeast Asian leaders in what one U.S. official called the global “effort to combat violent extremism.”  http://www.voanews.com/content/us-military-airdrops-weapons-medical-supplies-to-kurds-in-kobani/2489341.html

Turkey remains generally more concerned about the Kurds than the Islamic State (also known as ISIL), but also has to try to keep its connections decent with the West.

A report from the Irish Times is questioning the bombing by the USA of Islamic State positions and is pointing out ‘spiritual’ objectives and issues:

Islamic State is a cult that cannot be bombed out of existence

October 20, 2014

US secretary of state John Kerry denies that the bombing campaign against Islamic State fighters in and around the small, dusty Syrian Kurdish town of Kobani near the Turkish border defines coalition strategy. He argues the primary focus of the US military is on Iraq, but his words are belied by targets currently under attack.

US aircraft have carried out dozens of strikes on Islamic State units at Kobani but no air action has been taken as fighters have skirmished with Iraqi forces around Ramadi, an hour’s drive from Baghdad.

Half held by Islamic State, Ramadi is the capital of strategic Anbar province, bordering on Syria, Jordan and Saudi Arabia.

Ramadi is a far more important strategic objective than Kobani, but the US fears Kobani’s loss more because the battle is being played out on television screens across the world. Washington cannot suffer a propaganda defeat in Syria even though Islamic State forces advance in Iraq.

In one of his most oft-quoted maxims, Napoleon stated: “In war the spiritual is to the material as three to one.” The loss of Kobani would also be a major “spiritual” or moral defeat the US cannot afford in its faltering and one-dimensional bombing campaign against Islamic State.

More than military prowess, Islamic State relies on “spiritual” clout with adherents, admirers and, even, antagonists, for millions of Muslims living in failing states long for the purity and security of an “Islamic state”, even the version imposed by the brutal and narrow militia.

Islamic State is not just one of the host of insurgent groups fighting the Syrian and Iraqi governments. It is not a network, like al-Qaeda, not a movement, not an organisation. Islamic State is a cult which relies on the “spiritual” dimension to fire its fighters.

It is the world’s most well-organised and heavily armed cult, making it far more formidable than the entire range of militias involved in the struggle for Syria and Iraq. http://www.irishtimes.com/news/world/middle-east/islamic-state-is-a-cult-that-cannot-be-bombed-out-of-existence-1.1969151

Notice also the following:

In 2014, ISIL established the al-Hayat Media Center, which targets a Western audience and produces material in English, German, Russian and French (Wikipedia, viewed 10/20/14).

Islamic State wants to unite all Muslims into an Islamic caliphate, and clearly uses multiple forms of media to do so.  Of course, the main cause of problems that the world faces are spiritual, but the West is not offering real solutions for that.

The entire world needs the return of Jesus Christ and the establishment of the Kingdom of God.

As far as the goal of an Islamic confederation that the Islamic State (formerly known as ISIL, then ISIS) has, the Bible shows that Arab and Turkish lands will unite in the future, but that this will not end well per Daniel 11:40-43 and Ezekiel 30:2-8.

This DOES NOT mean that the current group calling itself the Islamic State will lead it, but only that the goal of a confederation of the predominantly Arabic lands is coming.

In that sense, the USA will also lose that ‘spiritual’ part of this war.

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