UN adopts ‘New Universal Agenda” and Pope Francis applauds its approval

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The United Nations adopted its “New Universal Agenda,” also known as the 17 Sustainable Development Goals:

UNITED NATIONS (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – World leaders on Friday adopted the most sweeping agenda ever of global goals to combat poverty, inequality and climate change, capping years of debate and saying now is the time for “a little less conversation, a little more action.”Described by the United Nations secretary-general as “a to-do list for people and planet,” the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, or SDGs, are to be implemented over the next 15 years with a big global push to win public and political support.

The 193 U.N. member nations formally adopted the goals in the shadow of the worst refugee crisis since World War II, calling for shared peace and prosperity.

Pope Francis called the adoption of the SDGs “an important sign of hope.”

“Solemn commitments, however, are not enough, even though they are a necessary step toward solutions,” said the Pope as the Vatican flag flew for the first time outside the United Nations where security was heightened for his visit.

He said world leaders must follow through with “a will which is effective, practical, constant, with concrete steps and immediate measures” to protect the environment and end social and economic exclusion.  http://www.reuters.com/article/2015/09/26/us-development-goals-adoption-idUSKCN0RP2FL20150926

Pope Francis’ speech at the UN yesterday promoted elements of the “‘New Universal Agenda” before it was approved.  And this was apparently the plan, and this is consistent with his Laudato Si encyclical.

One item of note: While the the United Nations calls this the ‘New Universal Agenda‘, no news source (checked via Google news this morning) had the term ‘New Universal Agenda.’  Apparently the reporters either to not realize this or prefer not to call it by than name.

We have a video online related to this agenda titled: UN’s ‘New Universal Agenda’ is a False Gospel!

Many world leaders, including Pope Francis, believe that  it will be international human cooperation that will bring peace and prosperity, and not the Kingdom of God.  And while they will have some temporal successes, they will not only not succeed, their human efforts will ultimately bring planet Earth to the point that it would make life unsustainable if Jesus did not return to establish His Kingdom. This is a false gospel. Many in the world are trying to put together a semi-religious Babylonian international plan to put in a new world order in the 21st century.

While many consider that this is good news, this is a false gospel. Of course, it will fail–even though the time for a temporal peace deal will come per Daniel 9:27 (see also The ‘Peace Deal’ of Daniel 9:27). Even the UN declared above that its earlier “Millennium Development Goals” did not succeed. The difference now is that we have seen changes in the world as well as a pontiff who is more directly involved in endorsing this. As far as Pope Francis goes, he basically laid much of this out in his encyclical titled Laudato Si.

When you consider that ‘new universal agenda’ could also be called the ‘new CATHOLIC agenda’ this may increase the potential enormity of its impact to those who pay attention to biblical prophecy.


The word ‘catholic’ means ‘universal.’ (A related video is titled UN’s ‘New Universal Agenda’ is a False Gospel!)

According to the Bible, it will take a combination of a military leader in Europe (called the King of the North, also called the Beast of Revelation 13:1-10) along with a religious leader (called the false prophet, also called THE Antichrist and the two-horned Beast of Revelation 13:11-17) from the city of seven hills (Revelation 17:9,18) to bring in a Babylonian (Revelation 17 & 18) ‘new catholic order.’ And the Bible teaches that this is not good (Revelation 13, 14, 17, & 18).

This is something that the Continuing Church of God has denounced since its inception and plans to continue to denounce. Since Satan beguiled Eve to fall for a version of his gospel nearly 6000 years ago (Genesis 3), humans have believed that they know better than God what will make them and the world better. It may well be that the 6000 years God gave humans to rule itself will be up between now and the UN’s hoped for fully implementation of its ‘new universal agenda’ (details on the 6000 year plan are in the article Does God Have a 6,000 Year Plan? What Year Does the 6,000 Years End?).

Pope Francis is now in Philadelphia:

September 26, 2015

Pope Francis turned from the halls of power to the hearth on Saturday, leaving behind Congress and the United Nations on his six-day United States trip and arriving in Philadelphia for events marking the World Meeting of Families — the original reason for the timing of his visit.

The third and final leg of the pontiff’s first visit to this country will feature the week’s biggest events — organizers expect perhaps one million people each at a celebration on Saturday evening in Eakins Oval in front of the Philadelphia Museum of Art along the Benjamin Franklin Parkway and at a Mass at the same spot on Sunday afternoon. Francis will most likely speak about the church’s teachings on the value of family life, among other topics. http://www.nytimes.com/2015/09/27/us/pope-francis-philadelphia.html

While Pope Francis comes across as a ‘kindly old man,’ much of what he and the United Nations are seemingly trying to do is repeatedly warned against in the Bible (Revelation 13:1-18, 14:12, 18:4; Zechariah 2:6-7).  Do You Know That (New) Babylon is Forming?

Although Jesus said, “Blessed are the peacemakers’ (Matthew 5:9), He also taught that the Kingdom of God was the solution (Mark 1:14, Matthew 24:14; Revelation).  Furthermore His word has explained, regarding those of the world, “the way of peace they have not known” (Isaiah 59:8; Romans 3:17).

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