US says it will maintain its diplomatic presence in Afghanistan, whereas China wants to connect it to its Belt and Road Initiative

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The US is closer to pulling its troops out of Afghanistan:

Troop withdrawal: US will maintain its diplomatic presence in Afghanistan

June 9, 2021

The US is only withdrawing its troops from Afghanistan, not withdrawing from the country, and it is determined to maintain a strong diplomatic presence there to extend economic and humanitarian support, Secretary of State Tony Blinken has said.

On the directions of President Joe Biden, the US is in the process of withdrawing all its troops from by September. It has already withdrawn about half of its troops from the war-torn country.

The day after US President Joe Biden announced that he will be pulling US troops out of Afghanistan the BBC reported that the Taliban have claimed that as victory:

Afghanistan: ‘We have won the war, America has lost’, say Taliban

15 April 2021

The Taliban believe victory is theirs. Sitting over a cup of green tea, Haji Hekmat proclaims, “we have won the war and America has lost”. The decision by US President Joe Biden to delay the withdrawal of remaining US forces to September, meaning they will remain in the country past the 1 May deadline agreed last year, has sparked a sharp reaction from the Taliban’s political leadership. Nonetheless, momentum seems to be with the militants.

“We are ready for anything,” says Haji Hekmat. “We are totally prepared for peace, and we are fully prepared for jihad.” Sitting next to him, a military commander adds: “Jihad is an act of worship. Worship is something that, however much of it you do, you don’t get tired.”

For the past year, there has been an apparent contradiction in the Taliban’s “jihad”. They stopped attacks on international forces following the signing of an agreement with the US, but continued to fight with the Afghan government. Haji Hekmat, though, insists there is no contradiction. “We want an Islamic government ruled by the Sharia. We will continue our jihad until they accept our demands.”

On whether or not the Taliban would be willing to share power with other Afghan political factions, Haji Hekmat defers to the group’s political leadership in Qatar. “Whatever they decide we will accept,” he repeatedly says.

The Taliban don’t see themselves as a mere rebel group, but as a government-in-waiting. They refer to themselves as the “Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan,” the name they used when in power from 1996 until being overthrown in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks.

The above is not a surprise.

Back on March 9, 2013 (see Taliban suicide bombing in Afghanistan: Considered to be a warning?), I wrote:

Unless the USA keeps enough troops in Afghanistan (which it is not intending to do), the situation there will change to something that the USA has claimed that it does not want. The Taliban, other Islamic groups, and tribal leaders will pretty much insure that.

Furthermore, see the following:

June 9, 2021

The Pentagon is touting that it’s already successfully withdrawn more than half of American forces from Afghanistan, which means it’s on a withdraw pace significantly ahead of Biden’s Sept. 11 exit deadline. …

According to The Wall Street Journal this week, US intelligence says the Taliban is carefully prepping for the moment the US mission in the country is officially over:

The Taliban are encircling Afghan police and army positions and encroaching on government-held territory, positioning themselves for large-scale offensives against major population centers while waiting for the last American troops to depart Afghanistan.

The insurgents are pushing their advantage on the battlefield ahead of a full U.S. exit, even as they continue peace talks with the Afghan government in Doha, Qatar.

Now, China has been watching all of this and has its own plans:

China has said it will seek to expand substantially Belt and Road Initiative projects to Afghanistan and deepen the “dialogue mechanism” for the region, in an apparent effort to raise its influence after the US withdraws its troops from the country.

Wrapping up a video dialogue on the peace and reconciliation process in Afghanistan with his counterparts in Afghanistan and Pakistan on Thursday, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said that while the withdrawal of US troops might bring uncertainties regarding security, it gave Afghan people an opportunity to “truly control their own destiny” and was good for the country’s long-term stability, according to China’s official readout.

“The three sides agreed to deepen the cooperation in BRI, supporting the substantial expansion of it to Afghanistan, and enhance the level of interconnection between the three countries,” Wang said. 06/04/21

BEIJING (AP) — China is urging closer security and economic cooperation with Afghanistan in an apparent effort to bolster its influence in the region as the U.S. and its allies prepare to withdraw their forces from the country.

The official Xinhua News Agency reported that foreign ministers from China, Afghanistan and Pakistan met via video conference on Thursday …

China has sought to invest in Afghan resources, particularly copper, but constant fighting between the government, the Taliban and other groups has largely held back such projects. China has also sought to boost already close ties with Pakistan through its Belt and Road initiative, but the country’s economic weakness and security problems have blunted the success of that drive. 06/04/21

Afghanistan reportedly has massive amounts of untapped mineral resources. Notice the following:

Rich in copper, lithium, talc, marble, gold, uranium and others, Afghanistan’s vast mineral wealth is estimated to exceed one trillion dollars. But according to data, every year the government loses around $300m in revenue from mining.

Poor security, the lack of proper legal framework and organisational capacity, as well as corruption, have prevented the development of the sector.

Deficient infrastructure makes transport and export difficult, while high royalties and taxes imposed by the Afghan government have discouraged potential investors.

China has been known to try to acquire raw material resources around the world and Afghanistan is a logical place for it to also do so–but yes there are risks.

Afghanistan was part of the old Silk Road to China and China’s Belt and Road Initiative is also known as its Silk Road Project.

Trying to have Afghanistan as part of that is historically, as well as currently, logical.

Afghanistan needs infrastructure–and China hopes to provide some of that. Which, of course, would benefit China.

Notice something posted here a couple of years ago:

Infrastructure helps trade, and that is what the BRI project is intent on doing. (Thiel B. Italy looking to support ‘Silk Road 2.0,’ the Chinese Belt and Road Initiative. COGwriter, March 8, 2019)

With the BRI, not only China, but Europe is getting more of the connectivity that it wants.

Related to that, we put together the following short video on our Bible News Prophecy:


China’s Silk Road and Babylon the Great

China has been embarking on a multi-trillion dollar project to build roads and ports to connect more of Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and Europe to it. This has been called the ‘Belt and Road Initiative,’ Silk Road Project, Silk Road 2.0, and the One Belt, One Road Initiative. While this is expected to benefit Chinese trade (as well as provide infrastructure for the gathering at Armageddon), could this also benefit the rise of Babylon the Great foretold in the Book of Revelation and scriptures in the Old Testament? What about the proposed Polar Silk Road? Will the benefits to Europe last or will the end time ‘daughter of Babylon’ possibly face invasion from nations involved with the Silk Road project? Dr. Thiel addresses these issues with scriptures from the Bible.

Here is a link to our video: China’s Silk Road and Babylon the Great.

Despite problems, there will be increased connectivity between Europe, Asia, Africa, and Latin America.

And, it is logical that this will include Afghanistan. The BRI project looks to be one that will help troops be able to travel from Asia to Armageddon (watch also  Is China paving roads to Armageddon?).

Even though this is a massive project, relatively few in the USA are even aware of the BRI project.

A project that looks to economically benefit those in Asia, Africa, and Europe, but not so much the USA or its Britsh-descended allies (see also Australian split with China’s New Silk Road (Belt and Road Initiative) and USA and Australia have concerns over China’s ‘Belt and Road Initiative,’ but the new ‘Silk Road’ has prophetic ramifications).

The withdrawing of US troops will have undesired consequences for the USA.

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