Van Rompuy urges UK to remain in EU, while Nigel Farage’s anti-EU position becomes more popular

Herman Van Rompuy


EU’s President Herman Van Rompuy is trying to encourage the United Kingdom to remain in the European Union:

September 20, 2013


Top EU official Van Rompuy urged Britain to shelve its ambitions to leave the EU, reports Reuters. He said Britain would lose out on lucrative trade deals and diminish its world standing if it left the Union. “Europe does not work as a damper, but as a megaphone,” he said.

Over in the UK, the popularity of Nigel Farage and his anti-EU message is growing:

September 20, 2013

Britain would flourish outside the EU, Nigel Farage has said, predicting UKIP will cause a “political earthquake” in European elections next year…Britain would flourish outside the EU, Nigel Farage has said, predicting UKIP will cause a “political earthquake” in European elections next year.

(Reuters) – The leader of Britain’s rising right-wing anti-EU party on Friday promised a political “earthquake” with victory in next year’s European elections, a challenge that could threaten David Cameron’s hopes of a second term as prime minister…Farage said if UKIP wins a majority of the UK seats in the 2014 election for European Parliament it would effectively be a condemnation of “open-door immigration” and Britain’s membership in the 28-nation bloc, which the main parties generally support…

The party’s fast growth has opened it up to closer scrutiny that has led to accusations of racism, right-wing extremism and homophobia.

While I do not know how the UK’s 2014 election will go, I do know that the UK will leave the final confederation of nations that will be part of the European Beast power.  And ultimately, the Europeans will divide up and rule the UK.  And despite words in certain nationalistic songs, many of those in the UK will be made slaves.

For its part, the EU will likely point to its numerous attempts to keep the UK in and, of course, blame the UK for either leaving or being somehow divisive as far as the EU goes.

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