Baptists, Mormons, Islam, Franklin Graham, and Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney (Gage Skidmore, 2011)


A major Baptist leader is somewhat comparing LDS beliefs beliefs to Islam:

SBC’s Richard Land: Romney Not a Christian, Compares Mormonism to Islam

Dr. Richard Land, a leading figure in the influential Southern Baptist Convention, tells Newsmax.TV he does not consider Mitt Romney and other Mormons to be Christians — and likens Mormonism to Islam…

Land declares: “No. Mormonism is not an orthodox, Trinitarian, Christian faith. They do not believe the same thing about God the Father, God the Son, or God the Holy Spirit that we believe.

“Perhaps the best way to describe Mormonism, perhaps the most charitable way to describe Mormonism, is that it’s a fourth Abrahamic religion, with Joseph Smith playing the role that Muhammad plays in Islam and the Book of Mormon playing the role that the Quran plays in Islam. It’s based upon the Christian faith and the Jewish faith but it goes beyond them and it contradicts them.

“Islam is not a Christian faith. Mormonism is not a Christian faith,” he said with emphasis.

The Rev. Franklin Graham, president and CEO of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, expressed a similar view about Romney and his Mormon faith in a recent interview with MSNBC.

Asked whether Romney was a Christian, Graham said no.

Now it is true that Islam accepts the Quran and the LDS the Book of Mormon as inspired and faithful Christians do not do so (for more on the canon, see The Old Testament Canon and The New Testament Canon – From the Bible Itself).  Franklin Graham recently also commented against President Obama’s faith being truly Christian (see Franklin Graham on Obama’s ‘Christianity’).

And while I do not consider that either Mitt Romney nor Barack Obama are faithful Christians, I also do not consider that Richard Land or Franklin Graham are either.

Of course, Dr. Land should be aware that the idea of trinitarianism was not part of the Christian faith, but something that did not get formally adopted until the late fourth century (381 A.D.).  Yet, he is insisting on that as a type of litmus test of Christianity.  Well, by doing so, all the original apostles and their faithful followers are also eliminated from Dr. Land’s definition of Christian as they simply were not trinitarian.

And while I do not intend to endorse any USA presidential candidate (see Should a Christian Vote?), I do not believe that Mitt Romney being a Mormon should be a disqualifying factor any more than Barack Obama’s religion should be.

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