Church of Scotland wants UK to remain in EU


Ecumenical News reports that the Church of Scotland is the first church in the UK to come out to urge support the stay in the EU vote scheduled for June 23, 2016, and that the Church of England will likely also do so:

Church of Scotland first to openly support UK staying in European Union

February 23, 2016

The main churches, including the Church of England, are expected to support straying in the EU. …

The (Presbyterian) Church of Scotland said that Britain’s continued membership of the European Union symbolizes “real progress and hope” for the future.

The Moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland, Rev. Angus Morrison, said the United Kingdom would be better off remaining a member State in the face of “enormous international challenges.”

He said is has never been more important to maintain a broad vision and work across boundaries to tackle the most serious and pressing issues of the day.

“The Church recognizes that the decision taken will impact our country and communities for generations to come and we call for a positive debate on the European Union that takes account of its role in promoting peace, security and international cooperation.

“While each individual will reflect and come to their own decision with integrity, the Church of Scotland takes the position that in this time of enormous international challenge, it is better for us as a country to remain within the EU.”

The last poll I saw related to this said 51% of those in the UK are inclined to vote to stay in the EU, but the reporter of that poll said that British polls are not particularly reliable.

I had not realized that the Church of Scotland was Presbyterian.  The only reason I am bringing that up is that Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump claims to be Presbyterian, but yesterday the head of the USA version of that church stated that Donald Trump held views opposed to the Presbyterian church (see EN: ‘The Presbyterian Church (USA) has turned on Donald Trump’).

The Church of Scotland seems to be fairly political. Although it claims to believe the Bible, it has trouble accepting what it says. For example, in  April 2013, the church published a report entitled “The Inheritance of Abraham: A Report on the “Promised” Land,” which included a discussion of Israeli and Jewish claims to the land of Israel. The report said “there has been a widespread assumption by many Christians as well as many Jewish people that the Bible supports an essentially Jewish state of Israel. This raises an increasing number of difficulties and current Israeli policies regarding the Palestinians have sharpened this questioning,” and that “promises about the Land of Israel were never intended to be taken literally.”

This upset Jewish groups in Scotland:

The Scottish Council of Jewish Communities sharply criticised the report,describing it as follows: “It reads like an Inquisition-era polemic against Jews and Judaism. It is biased, weak on sources, and contradictory. The picture it paints of both Judaism and Israel is barely even a caricature. The arrogance of telling the Jewish people how to interpret Jewish texts and Jewish theology is breathtaking.” The report was also criticised by the Anti-Defamation League and the Israeli envoy to the United Kingdom. (Church of Scotland, Wikipedia, accessed 02/23/16)

But instead of believing what the Bible teaches about the land of Israel, the Church of Scotland took a pro-Palestinian position:

Reverend Sally Foster-Fulton, who serves as the Convener of the Church and Society Council, defended the report, stating that: “This is primarily a report highlighting the continued occupation by the state of Israel and the injustices faced by the Palestinian people as a consequence. It is not a report criticising the Jewish people. Opposing the unjust policies of the state of Israel cannot be equated to anti-Semitism.” In an interview with Iran’s Press TV, Reverend Stephen Sizer expressed support for the document, stating that “it’s news that the Israelis don’t want because they want to maintain the idea that they have the Church in their pocket. (Church of Scotland, Wikipedia, accessed 02/23/16)

Anyway, irrespective of issues with the Palestinians, the Bible is clear that God made land promises to Abraham, Issac, and Israel, and yes, we in the Continuing Church of God believe that those promises were intended to be understood literally.

As far as the Church of Scotland goes, currently has 218 serving female ministers, with 677 male ministers (Wikipedia)–the Bible does NOT sanction female ministers (see Women and the New Testament Church). The Church of Scotland has over 1100 congregations, but ” its official membership at 398,389 comprises about 7.5% of the population of Scotland. Official membership is down some 66.5% from its peak in 1957 of 1.32 million” (Wikipedia).

The Church of Scotland is a fairly ecumenical group:

The Church of Scotland is a member of ACTS (Action of Churches Together in Scotland) and, through its Committee on Ecumenical Relations, works closely with other denominations in Scotland. The present inter-denominational co-operation marks a distinct change from attitudes in certain quarters of the Church in the early twentieth century and before, when opposition to Irish Roman Catholic immigration was vocal (see Catholicism in Scotland). The Church of Scotland is a member of the World Council of Churches, the Conference of European Churches, the Community of Protestant Churches in Europe, and the World Communion of Reformed Churches. The Church of Scotland is a member of Churches Together in Britain and Ireland and, through its Presbytery of England, is a member of Churches Together in England. The Church of Scotland continues to foster relationships with other Presbyterian denominations in Scotland even where agreement is difficult. (Church of Scotland, Wikipedia, accessed 02/23/16)

We in the Continuing Church of God believe that Jesus’ true church would be separate from those of the world (John 15:19; 2 Corinthians 6:14-17; Revelation 18:4).

What about the referendum?

Well, we now are seeing a real battle in the UK. The campaign related to a possible Brexit (also called a Brixit) is on. Brexit is short for BRitish EXIT and Brixit is short for BRItish exIT from the European Union.

Yesterday, British Prime Minister David Cameron said that this referendum would be final;

February 22, 2016

British Prime Minister David Cameron says the results of a referendum on Britain’s exit from the European Union will be final.

“This is a vital decision for the future of our country and I believe we should also be clear that it is a final decision,” Cameron said during an address in Parliament Monday. …

Officials from the office of the prime minister said if the June 23 referendum initiative passes, Cameron would invoke article 50 of the Lisbon treaty, which sets in motion a two-year negotiation process where the European Union presents Britain with a final package to which they can either accept or reject.

Britain would also lose its seat on the European Council during this period.

Cameron has warned that Britain’s exit from the bloc would threaten the country’s economic and national security.

EUROPOL chief Rob Wainwright said an EU exit would leave the more vulnerable to attacks by terror groups and organized crime gangs.

No country has ever left the European Union.

Six of Cameron’s Cabinet ministers say they also support Britain leaving the bloc, but former Prime Ministers Tony Blair and John Major are supporting the “stay” campaign, as are major companies, much of the Labor Party, major trade unions and Britain’s international allies.

We will see how the vote turns out. Either way, those in continental Europe will be offended. This will not bode well for the UK.

No matter how the 6/23/16 vote goes, the UK WILL NOT BE AN EQUAL MEMBER OF THE EUROPEAN UNION! Ultimately the UK will not be in the European Union. At least not as a member state as many in the UK will be made slaves! (for scriptural details, see the article Will the Anglo-Saxon Nations be Divided and Have People Taken as Slaves?).

Neither the Church of Scotland nor the Church of England understands the identity of the British peoples nor what Bible prophecy says what will happen to them.

David Cameron has claimed, “Britain will never be part of a European superstate.” But a superstate is what the elite in Europe want and is what they will get (cf. Revelation 17:12-13)–and the UK will be taken over by it. The UK needs the Kingdom of God and repentance.

A few days ago, I recorded a message that we made available online titled: Will the UK’s ‘special status’ with the EU last?

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