Queen’s Jubilee and UK Will Not Remain as in EU

Palace of Westminster in London


UK’s Queen Elizabeth’s “Jubilee” celebration is beginning:

Queen off to the races as jubilee events begin

The Associated Press – ‎2 June 2012 By JILL LAWLESS, AP – LONDON (AP) – Queen Elizabeth II went to the races Saturday, at the start of a four-day celebration of her 60 years on the throne…The queen took the throne in 1952 on the death of her father, King George VI, and most Britons have known no other monarch.

Although the Queen has expressed certain support for the EU, in April 2011, it was reported that she had some concerns:

EU chiefs snubbed by UK royals


27.04.2011 @ 17:43 CET…

On Saturday, it emerged that Queen Elizabeth may believe the EU is too large.

Joan Smith, a broadcaster and ex-partner of Denis MacShane, the former Europe minister, told the Daily Telegraph that at a Christmas Party, the hereditary head of state had said: “The EU is getting awfully big with 28 countries.” When told that the bloc only has 27 member states, but that Turkey may enter soon, she continued: “Oh, we don’t want Turkey to come in for a long time.”

If Great Britain’s monarchy is wary of the Union, the Holy See is more than pleased to recognise the importance of European leaders…

Yet, while Turkey will likely make a deal with the EU and probably will not be a full member (at least not until perhaps near the time it may betray the coming Arabic/Islamic King of the South, per Daniel 11:26; 42–for additional details, please see The Arab and Islamic World In the Bible, History, and Prophecy), it is the United Kingdom, who is currently a member of the European Union, that many feel does not fit in the EU.

Notice something from the latest semi-annual letter from the Presiding Evangelist in the Living Church of God, Dr. Roderick C. Meredith:

 Truly staggering events are destined to take place within the next five to 10 years of your life! Although Christ may not come within that period, quite a number of amazing things will happen or begin to happen. In this Work of the living Christ, we are given genuine understanding of the prophesied events which most ministers and students of “mainstream Christianity” simply cannot understand. The malaise now taking place in Europe because of the recent upsets in the French and Greek elections is destined to bring about a restructuring of Europe. Within the next few years, Britain will no longer be part of the European Union! It will either get out or be pushed out! Notice this startling report from London Daily Express:  “SENIOR Eurocrats are secretly plotting to create a super-powerful EU president to realise their dream of abolishing ­Britain, we can reveal. A covert group of EU foreign ministers has drawn up plans for merging the jobs currently done by Herman Van Rompuy, president of the European Council, and Jose Manuel Barroso, president of the European Commission. The new bureaucrat, who would not be directly elected by voters, is set to get sweeping control over the entire EU and force member countries into ever-greater political and economic union. Tellingly, the UK has been excluded from the confidential discussions within the shady ‘Berlin Group’ of Europhile politicians, spearheaded by German foreign minister Guido Westerwelle…. Opponents fear the plan could create a modern-day equivalent of the European emperor envisaged by Napoleon Bonaparte or a return to the Holy Roman Empire of Charlemagne that dominated Europe in the Dark Ages….” Euro-MP Paul Nattall, of the UK Independence Party stated:  “The only hope for Britain is to leave the EU and become an independent nation [emphasis ours]” (May 4, 2012)…

Besides the vastly changed conditions in Europe over the next few years, America, Britain, Canada, Australia and New Zealand will begin to “wither away” unless we truly repent and begin to serve the God of the Bible. There will be a massive financial malaise along with the destruction of the dollar during these years. Awesome weather, tremendous storms and earthquakes and other upsets will occur in the United States, Canada, Britain, Australia and New Zealand. For, though most do not understand, we are the promised “birthright” people who have been given the magnificent blessings of the temperate areas of the earth, control of the vastly important “sea gates” and many other blessings because of Abraham’s obedience. But we have turned away from the true God.

 Now, these blessings are being swiftly removed because of our rebellion against the Creator who guides the rise and fall of nations.

As far as the United Kingdom goes, its place as an economic power has been declining, in at least relative terms, around the world for decades. Many other steps are taking place in Europe and the world that are further going to reduce Britain’s place as a major financial capital of the world. And there still are likely to be major problems in Europe (Daniel 2:41-43) leading to a prophesied restructuring (Revelation 17:12-13).

Another financial system starting to arise in Europe and the Anglo-descended nations will not like what will replace Anglo-capitalism in that new world order.

But ultimately, Jesus will come and establish His kingdom with, amongst other things, a proper economic system. But until then, overall, Britain will see that it has less influence on the world scene than it did in its glory days or even as it did a decade or so ago.

Although the United Kingdom (and related Commonwealth nations) and the United States have dominated the world’s economy the past couple of centuries, a shift is occurring and those in the Anglo-nations will not like what will be happening relatively soon.

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