Keith Stump made and missed a point on Halloween


Last year, the ‘Banned by HWA’ site, re-ran something from former WCG Plain Truth writer, Keith Stump, about Halloween:

October is quickly flying by, meaning it’s time for the traditional Christian hand-wringing over that most “demonic” of holidays, Halloween! In anticipation of the usual anti-Halloween propaganda, I offer the following observations about this alleged “satanic festival of evil”:
First, there’s no need to point out that Halloween is not found in Leviticus 23. (Duh.) Leviticus 23 is obsolete and irrelevant anyway. Second, forget the lengthy dissertation about how the papacy (the alleged “image of the beast” and “great whore”) instituted the Roman Catholic celebrations of “All Hallows Eve” and “All Saints Day”. That, too, is irrelevant. Today’s Halloween has nothing to do with honoring Christian saints. For most, Halloween long ago ceased being viewed as a religious observance—and never was, by Americans.The Halloween that many of us know today is largely an American phenomenon. And it’s a purely secular observance.

Yet some of Halloween’s customs do have roots in pre-Christian (“pagan”) practices.

Halloween came from pagan sources, promotes pagan concepts, and is not in any way endorsed by the Bible. The point that is missed by Keith Stump that I would like to make now is that it is not a Christian holiday and should not be enjoined by Christians. The fact that Keith Stump believes that Leviticus 23 and other scriptures are no applicable is sad, but happens to many who turn back from professing belief in the biblical faith.

Jesus and Paul did not observe Halloween. They, and the early faithful Christians, observed the biblical Fall holy days such as the Feast of Trumpets, Day of Atonement , and the Feast of Tabernacles, which are also mentioned in Leviticus 23.

Which should a Christian truly support? Obviously not Halloween.  It is not a Christian holy day, but a pagan holiday.

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