WCG: Anti-God Critics Wrong

The following written by WCG’s John Halford is in the Aug-Sep 2007 edition of WCG’s Christian Odyssey:

These are stirring times to be a Christian. Critics are having a field day, questioning, undermining and ridiculing every aspect of our beliefs. Nothing, it seems, is sacred.   

That is because, if you are to believe some popular authors, nothing is sacred. The whole idea of God is a delusion, argues the enthusiastic atheist, Professor Richard Dawkins. Others suggest that religion has had a negative impact on human society, and should be banned, and that those who insist on teaching religious concepts to children be considered guilty of child abuse. Recent published books ask us to believe that nonbiblical “Gospels” may give us a more reliable source of understanding of Jesus than the New Testament… 

Many believing scientists assure us that the ever-increasing understanding of life’s processes has deepened, rather than shattered, their faith. Truth has nothing to fear from more truth, and you can be sure that “our side” is holding the line.  

So don’t let the anti-religious, anti-Christian propaganda destabilize you.


It has been a while since I posted something here from WCG that I agreed with, but the above is one of those times.


The fact is that science and history support the idea that God created life and that the true Church did know what the books of the Bible were from the earliest times. 


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