Barack Obama dismisses criticism of nuclear deal with Iran; Pat Boone reports comments about Islam on making deals

A Twitter account affiliated with Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, posted an image over the weekend that appears to portray U.S. President Barack Obama holding a gun to his head. (Source: Twitter/CNN)


US President Barack Obama continues to defend his hoped for deal with Iran and has been hitting the television and radio news shows:

August 10, 2015

President Obama is facing deep skepticism in Congress, which votes next month on whether to disapprove the nuclear deal with Iran. The president contends that the public will better appreciate the deal in the years after it has taken effect. …

In his interview with NPR, the president acknowledged that some of the criticisms of the deal are true, especially the temporary nature of some of the restrictions on Iran’s nuclear program.

But Obama also spoke strongly of his critics, saying they were either “ideological” or “illogical.” Many Republicans as well as some prominent Democrats, including Sen. Chuck Schumer and Rep. Eliot Engel of New York, have said they will vote against the deal.

U.S. President Barack Obama is brushing off taunts from Iran and political complaints in the United States about the deal to restrain Tehran’s nuclear program.

In an interview aired Sunday on CNN, Obama dismissed the importance of a tweet from Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, showing an apparent silhouette of the American leader with a gun to his own head.

“I think that he tweeted that “in response to me stating a fact, which is, is that if we were confronted with a situation in which we could not resolve this issue diplomatically, that we could militarily take out much of Iran’s military infrastructure. I don’t think that’s disputable,” the president said.

Obama also told CNN’s Fareed Zakaria that he thinks it possible that a nuclear deal with Tehran could eventually lead to bilateral cooperation aimed at finding a solution to Syria’s long-running civil war.  “I think that’s possible,” he said of any deal that keeps Syria intact and curbs the growth of Islamist terrorists in the region.

“But I don’t think it happens immediately,” he said in the interview, which was conducted Thursday, hours before key Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer said he would oppose the deal in an upcoming Senate vote.

President Hits Back at Critics

Obama also accused his congressional opponents of the deal, particularly Republican lawmakers, of aligning themselves with Iranian hardliners who are also opposed to the pact announced last month.

“What I said is absolutely true, factually,” Obama said. “The truth of the matter is, inside of Iran, the people most opposed to the deal are the Revolutionary Guard, the Quds Force, hardliners who are implacably opposed to any cooperation with the international community.”

The pact would bar Iran from building a nuclear weapon in exchange for lifting sanctions imposed by the United Nations and Western nations that have hobbled Iran’s economy. U.S. critics have mostly attacked the deal as endangering Israel’s security and say that international verification of Iran’s compliance is weak.

Veto threat

The U.S. Congress, now in recess, is set to vote on the deal in September, with the outcome unclear.

At least 58 U.S. lawmakers, a mix of Republicans and Democrats, are currently in Israel on a trip paid for by the charitable arm of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, which is lobbying strongly against the deal.

Despite that opposition, Obama has vowed to veto any rejection, which would force each of the two legislative chambers to muster a two-thirds vote to override his veto.

There are only 53 Republicans in the US Senate, so the opposition against the deal with Iran is starting to become bipartisan.  Other Democrats may also decide to vote against it.

The famous singer Pat Boone posted something about the Iran deal that some may find of interest:

People, listen to me, please. ..

We, like lemmings or mindless sheep, allow ourselves to be herded in larger groups by propaganda, purposed misinformation, media bias and outright lies. Very few take the trouble to check out the news reporting and the government’s proclamations.

“If the president says it, it must be so” is the pill, the Kool-Aid, millions of Americans are swallowing every day. It’s almost the “blind leading the blind,” except in some cases, the “blind” know exactly what they’re doing and that what they’re saying is patently false. They just depend on the likelihood that none will actually check what they say or do for veracity – or whether what they’re doing is actually in the best interests of America.

The president is doggedly determined to make a “deal” with Iran, supposedly preventing them from acquiring (actually producing) nuclear bombs and intercontinental missiles. It’s something he thinks will justify his eight years of failed presidency, even if the “deal” only kicks Iran’s nuclear ambitions down the road for a few years and gives them $150 billion in unfrozen assets, knowing full well they will use much of that to amp up their known funding of terrorism worldwide, especially including America in its claws.

Well, two very responsible friends of mine just acted like old-fashioned American citizens. They did some valid research, read the Quran and Hadith, noting Muhammad’s own words, and saw how Iran operates and what they bring to the nuclear “deal.” Jimmy and Carol Owens have written the following, which I want to share with as many fellow citizens as I can in hopes that they will bombard our elected Congress before they decide to rubber-stamp this insane, suicidal action.


Re: Negotiations with the Government of Iran

We emailed this letter to the president and the secretary of state several days before the June 30, 2015, deadline on the nuclear agreement with Iran.

Dear Sir,

We write you simply as concerned citizens of America.

As you seek a treaty with the government of Iran, surely you are aware of the Muslims’ doctrine called Taqiyya, which permits them to deceive their enemies when doing so will be advantageous to Islam’s cause.

Here are some quotes from their founder himself, the prophet Muhammad:

Bukhari 3,49,857 Muhammad said, “A man who brings peace to the people by making up good words or by saying nice things, though untrue, does not lie.”

Bukhari 4,52,267 Muhammad cried out, “Jihad is deceit.”

Bukhari 5,59,369 Bin Maslama volunteered to kill an enemy for Muhammad, then said, “Give me permission to deceive him with lies so that my plot will succeed.” Muhammad replied, “You may speak falsely to him.”

Bukhari 8,78,618 Abu Bakr, the prophet Muhammad’s closest friend and adviser and first convert to Islam, said, “If I make a pledge and later discover a more worthy pledge, then I will take the better action and make amends for my earlier promise.”

If deception to an enemy is advantageous to Islam, it is not a sin.

If you are aware of this, Sir, how can you make an unverifiable, unenforceable agreement with any nation whose guiding religion provides that they may lie to “unbelievers”? If their first allegiance is to Allah, why should they remain true to an agreement with any other power? …


Jimmy and Carol Owens

Friends, fellow citizens: Too few of our neighbors know any of this.

Public comments from Iranian officials show that they believe that they can interpret the deal to allow them to continue to support terrorism, increase Iran’s military presence, and remain enemies of the USA and Israel. For an example of this, see After deal, Iran’s Khamenei calls USA ‘arrogant’ and ‘the real terrorists;’ he also says Iran will not change its policies in Middle East.  Notice also the following:

August 10, 2015

Major General Hassan Firouzabadi listed 16 “advantages” to the deal, which Iran signed in Vienna in July, without detailing any drawbacks.

“The armed forces have the most concerns about the effect of the deal on Iran’s defense capabilities … but this agreement and the U.N. Security Council resolution have many advantages that the critics ignore,” Firouzabadi was quoted as saying by Fars News Agency.

The agreement, a major initiative for both US President Barack Obama and Iran’s pragmatic President Hassan Rouhani, has been met with resistance from hardliners in both countries.

“The tone of the UN Security Council resolution has changed compared to the previous ones. Regarding Iran’s missile activities, it doesn’t order but only asks for Iran’s compliance,” Firouzabadi said, referring to an international resolution passed in the wake of the deal.

Notice that Iran is already saying that compliance with parts of the agreement is basically voluntary. It may decide that the ‘tone’ justifies them making other parts of compliance voluntary.  Iran does not expect that this deal is going to harm it in any major way as it will tend to only comply with what it thinks it must, and even then it may decide not to comply with other parts figuring that once it has the money/assets that were frozen that the West will do little that it cares about.

That being said, Iran might decide to release certain hostages that it holds in the relatively near future.  Now, that does not mean that Iran wants to get along with the USA, but mainly that it wants some favorable publicity for a time in the Western press.  Iran wants its frozen assets as well as certain trade from the West.  It wants certain materials for its military.

Look for war to come to Iran and/or its ally Syria. And more war in Syria that the present conflict–something that will render Damascus a ‘ruinous heap’ (Isaiah 17:1).

Iran wants to takeover Jerusalem and lead the Islamic world. It then wants to takeover the world.  Iran hopes that the West will let it get far enough along in its military plans to make that a possibility.  But Iran will fail if it takes too strong of actions against the USA and/or Israel.

This nuclear deal, including its access to funds, and Iran’s overall ambitions make Iran dangerous. Iran may well damage Israel (Isaiah 22:1-14) and even the USA. But that will not end well for Iran (cf. Jeremiah 49:34-38).

Despite Barack Obama’s comments in the media, expect more issues from Iran.

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