Israeli confidence may be misplaced

Chemical Weapons Canisters


Some in Israel may be a bit overconfident in their views of what will happen in Syria:

3 February 2013

MUNICH –  Israel’s defense minister indicated Sunday that his country was behind the airstrike on Syria last week, in the first public comments from his government on the attack that U.S. officials said targeted a convoy carrying anti-aircraft weapons bound for the militant group Hezbollah in neighboring Lebanon.

Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak brought the issue up at a gathering of the world’s top diplomats and defense officials in Germany…

In Syria, President Bashar Assad said his military was capable of confronting any “aggression” targeting the country, his first comments since the airstrike…

Barak said “Hezbollah from Lebanon and the Iranians are the only allies that Assad has left.”

He said in his view Assad’s fall “is coming imminently” and when it happens, “this will be a major blow to the Iranians and Hezbollah.”

“I think that they will pay the price,” he said.

Israeli overconfidence here may be a bit misplaced.  Syria’s leader may feel even more cornered and be willing to take steps that could greatly harm the tiny nation of Israel.  Syria has admitted having both chemical and biological weapons,  and has stated that the chemical weapons could be used in response to an outside attack (Syrian Official Acknowledges Having Chemical Weapons and Declares Syria Will Use Them If Attacked)–since Israel did apparently launch an attack within Syria, Syria may feel justified to use its chemical weapons at any time now.

Syria’s Assad remains a close ally to Iran. If Iran also feels cornered (it is under economic sanctions, as is Syria, and may face attack related to its nuclear ambitions), the two of them may decide that either provoking another attack from Israel and/or attacking Israel more directly may get them a bit less cornered as they have tended to hope that at least parts of the Islamic world would support them. Iran itself has gone so far as to send out a video showing it taking over Jerusalem, which it suggests will cause Muslims from other lands to support Iran, and lead to the formal appearance of an Islamic leader known as the Imam Mahdi (details, as well as a link to that video, are in the article Iran’s Ahmadinejad to Conquer Jerusalem?).

Iran itself has taken steps that may provoke a regional (with Israel) or larger war (the USA itself could sustain damage). What may happen is a regional or even the current civil war in Syria, that somewhat gets out of control and may involve others (including many based in Lebanon) beyond Iran and Israel, may happen and could be a factor that ultimately leads to the fulfillment of Daniel 9:27 (which seems to be a peace deal).

Iran and Syria do not have enough military power to win an actual war with the USA if such a war were to happen.  They could, however, severely damage Israel, and since Israel knows that, it may decide it has to hit Iran and/or Syria quite hard if attacked. Understand that if Iran was able to set off some type of EMP, electromagnetic pulse, bomb or nuclear device in the USA, or Syria release biological weapons, etc. that impact the USA, they could cause some real damage.

Various Western analysts are convinced that if there is a war of some type between Iran and Israel that Iran (as well as likely Syria) will try to strike at what it perceives to be US targets/allies, both within the USA and outside of it. Specifically, perhaps in Iraq and Saudi Arabia, elsewhere, and/or within the USA itself through various “cells” (possibly also involving al Qaeda). This may well happen, but if so, Iran and/or Syria will likely find they has overestimated their power and underestimated what Israel and/or the USA may do in retaliation.

Of course, the Bible shows that Syria’s capital city Damascus (Isaiah 7:8) will be destroyed (Isaiah 17:1). Whether this will happen because of internal civil war and/or an attack involving Israel and/or the West remains to be seen.  As I have written for some time, the use (or even the threat) of chemical weapons by Syria could be a major factor in Damascus being destroyed.  But Bible prophecy also shows that nations like Syria will be involved in a plot to destroy Israel (Psalm 83:3-8; see also New fighting in Syria and ramifications for Israel).  Israel may have some victories, but before Jesus returns, it will suffer major defeat.

“And what I say to you, I say to all: Watch!” (Mark 13:37).

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