Israel Declares Another “Red Line” That Would Cause it to Take Military Action Against Syria

Soviet Chemical Weapons Canisters


Syria’s chemical and biological weapons are becoming more of a public concern in Israel and may trigger some type of Israeli military action or attack:

25 July 2102

(CBS/AP) JERUSALEM – Israel’s foreign minister warned on Wednesday his country will act immediately if it discovers Islamic militants are raiding Syria’s chemical or biological weapons stocks, while Israelis rushed to stock up on gas masks as the bellicose rhetoric swells…Besides biological agents such as anthrax, Syria is believed to have hundreds of tons worth of chemical weapons ranging from paralyzing nerve agents like Sarin and VX to old-fashioned blister agents like mustard gas…

Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman told Israel Radio that the government would not tolerate seeing Syria’s chemical weapons fall into militant hands as tensions rise along his country’s northern border.

“For us, that’s a casus belli, a red line,” he said.

This bold assertion by the Israeli Foreign Minister may be problematic as the Assad regime has stated that it will use those chemical weapons against a foreign attack (see Syrian Official Acknowledges Having Chemical Weapons and Declares Syria Will Use Them If Attacked).  Hence, if Israel does try to take steps to prevent the opposition in Syria from getting them, the Assad regime may feel that it is justified in quickly using them against Israel.  And any Israeli attack might provoke Iranian involvement.

The situation in Syria (and Iran) must change (this could include modified government or a completely changed one) and that is consistent with both Islamic and biblical prophecy (The Arab and Islamic World In the Bible, History, and Prophecy).

The Bible specifically shows that Syria’s capital city Damascus (Isaiah 7:8) will be destroyed (Isaiah 17:1). Whether this will happen because of internal civil war and/or an attack involving Israel or others remains to be seen. The use (or even the threat or simple possession) of chemical weapons by Syria could be a major factor in Damascus being destroyed.

Israel also suggested today that it may attack Iran preemptively:

25 July 2012

Barak: Nuclear Iran far more dangerous than preemptive Israeli strike

And if a preemptive strike against Iran were to happen soon, the possibility that Syria (under the current regime) would support Iran is quite high.

What may happen is a regional and/or the current civil war in Syria may somewhat get out of control and may involve others  beyond Iran and Israel (like the USA and/or Lebanon, etc.), could be a factor that ultimately leads to the fulfillment of Daniel 9:27 (which seems to be a peace deal).  And Daniel 9:27 will come to pass.

The situation in the Middle East remains tense and the tension seems to be rising.

“And what I say to you, I say to all: Watch!” (Mark 13:37).

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