IMF Did Not Resolve Currency Issues, Trade War Possible

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Concerns about nations devaluing their currencies and related matters were not truly resolved in IMF (International Monetary Fund) meetings yesterday and today according to the following report from the Wall Street Journal:

The International Monetary Fund’s annual meeting this weekend failed to ease currency battles roiling markets, pushing the dispute off to a summit next month of leaders of Group of 20 countries, with no clear resolution in sight…

The U.S., European nations and a number of emerging-market countries complain that China is deliberately undervaluing its dollar to aid its exporters. To compete, South Korea Brazil and other Asian and Latin American nations have taken measures to beat down the value of their currencies as well, leading to fears that these efforts may presage a trade war.  (Davis B. IMF Meeting Fails to Resolve Conflict Over Currencies. Wall Street Journal, 10/10/10.

Trade wars were a factor in triggering both the Great Depression and World War II.  Such events could be a factor in triggering what the Anglo-nations might consider to be World War III–the time of Jacob’s trouble (Jeremiah 30:7), and the start of the Great Tribulation.

The Church of God for many decades has warned that major trade wars were likely.  For example, the front cover of the June-July 1970 Plain Truth magazine stated “World Trade Crisis?”, had a lead article titled Is America losing…the battle for economic survival?, and showed copies of previous articles (dating back many years) about trade wars in that issue. Notice some comments:

Trade War

How long will the strained foreign confidence in the undisciplined American economy continue?

For a little while longer, at least…

But should there be another international currency crisis…the time table could be stepped up. (Hogberg G, Armstrong Garner Ted.  Is America losing…the battle for economic survival? Plain Truth, June-July 1970, pp. 2,7).

World events seem to suggest that a currency crisis is developing.  Back in 1970, the old WCG in that Plain Truth article essentially warned that should circumstances ultimately cause the world to use something other than the US dollar as the “international reserve currency” (p. 7), the USA would face “economic collapse” (p.7).  The article also discussed the idea that the Europeans were developing their own plans and were expecting other nations to join the then “Common Market” (p. 5), which they did–the old Common Market, became the modern European Union (and also created the Euro).

World events are leading in that direction.  And with its massive deficits (c.f. Habakkuk 2:3,5,6-8), the USA is somewhat pushing the world to do so.  Prophecy is being fulfilled.

Without massive national repentance, the Bible is clear that complete destruction of the economy, and even government, of the USA and its Anglo-allies is certain.

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