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Two weeks ago, I flew to Denver, Colorado to be at one of the sites for the Feast of Tabernacles for the Continuing Church of God (CCOG).

While in Denver, I got an opportunity to visit the headquarters of Church of God (Seventh Day), Denver (CG7).  There I met with CG7′s former president Robert Coulter.

CCOG’s Bob Thiel and CG7’s Robert Coulter

Robert Coulter and I have conversed over the years, mainly on matters of church history, Christology, and working with people in South America and Africa.  This was our first face-to-face meeting and we discussed those subjects and more.  He and I had more personally in common than I thought as I learned we both spent time in Africa, South America, and Michigan doing church work.

(Because of responsibilities related to the Feast of Tabernacles, I did not report about this meeting here until now as I simply did not have time to get the few photographs resized until a few hours ago so that they could be posted on WordPress as I do not have Adobe Photoshop on my laptop.)

Robert Coulter also showed me CG7′s ‘vault,’ which is a storage room with original copies of old CG7 publications.  He showed me, for example, the first edition of the old Hope of Israel magazine.

Robert Coulter with the first edition of the Hope of Israel which has a print date of August 10, 1863

While in Denver, I had also hoped to meet with another former CG7 president, Calvin Burrell.  However, he recently moved to the State of Oregon–Calving Burrell has since emailed me to see if we can meet in the future.  He and I have discussed doctrinal matters as well as matters related to contacts in Africa.

Several groups in Africa who have contacted the Continuing Church of God in the past couple of years have used some version of the name Church of God Seventh-Day and I have tried to determine their sincerity as well as their possible connections to the group in Denver.

In 2015, we were contacted by groups in Ethiopia and Ghana who use a version of the term Church of God 7th Day as their name.  I discussed those groups with Calvin Burrell some months ago.  After that and additional contacts, I determined it would be wise to send CCOG Pastors Evans Ochieng and John Owak to meet those in Ghana in August 2015. I also worked on matters related to supporting those in Ghana to observe the Feast of Tabernacles this year, as well as assisted in clarifying doctrinal issues related to the Feast of Trumpets and the Last Great Day.  We hope that CCOG Pastor Evans Ochieng will be able to go to Ethiopia relatively soon to meet with those interested in that nation.

Those groups in Ghana and Ethiopia were not breaking away from the Denver group according to Calvin Burrell (nor had I thought so, but wanted to check).  When I met with Robert Coulter, he explained that there are groups that are formally part of the CG7 International Conference, but that there are also independent groups that have associate status–but that it is really a name-only association.

Robert Coulter and I discussed how I was told the Ethiopians first became affiliated with a Church of God minister from Kenya and that there were around 200 in the group that contacted us (how many are truly interested in the CCOG remains to be seen).  I also mentioned that there were about 500 in the group in Ghana that we were starting to work with.  He provided some of his insights to that part of the world, and he and I discussed our own respective visits to Kenya and other parts of Africa.

While in Denver, I was unable to meet with new CG7 president Loren Stacey as he has not yet moved to CG7′s Denver office in his new role.

My main interests in meeting with CG7 was to improve information on church history, pass on doctrinal information, help prevent misunderstandings, reduce the possibility of getting misled by pretenders to the COG located in various parts of the world while we in the Continuing Church of God work to fulfill Matthew 24:14 and Matthew 28:19-20.  We also discussed, but did not dwell on, prophetic and other differences, but did discuss the belief that God will call all.

Anyway, the meeting I had in person with Robert Coulter was helpful and productive as were my previous telephone and email contacts with him and Calvin Burrell.

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