150th anniversary of CGA’s, then CG7’s magazine

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Today is the 150th anniversary, according to CG7-Denver, of its magazine, now called the Bible Advocate.  The following is from former CG7 President Robert Coulter from two articles in the July-August 2013 edition:

The Michigan State Conference of the Church of Christ, predecessor to the Church of God (Seventh Day), made plans for the publication of a magazine in its conference at Bangor in June 1863.

It chose The Hope of Israel as the name, solicited subscriptions at seventy- five cents per year, received offerings to defray startup costs, and hired H. S. Dille as its editor. On August 10, 1863, the first edition of The Hope was sent to fewer than forty subscribers…

The Hope taught the Advent, Sabbath, and conditional immortality, while advocating sola scriptura

Our pioneer church had no theological statement on God, and its discussions of Christology proved unfruitful. Its earliest clerics were divided in their opinions on Christ’s identity. Some taught that Jesus was a natural son of Mary and Joseph, later adopted as God’s Son…

The Church was founded on an anti-Trinitarian doctrine, in which the Holy Spirit is not a personal part of the Godhead but a mere influence or power emanating from God.

The Hope of Israel went through several name changes and became the Bible Advocate and Herald of the Coming Kingdom in 1900. It is now simply know as the Bible Advocate.

The Church itself was originally called the Church of God (Adventist) (CGA) and then became the Church of God (Seventh Day) (CG7) in 1923.

The late Herbert W. Armstrong was a minister with them in the 1930s later claimed that CG7 represented the Sardis era of the Church of God.

Robert Coulter of CG7 is a church historian and I have had several discussions with him on various aspects of church history, particularly in the 19th and 20th centuries.  Based upon those discussions and additional research, because of concerns of CGA’s ‘Christology’ (many leaders of it according to Robert Coulter denied the deity of Jesus), I have not felt that the way some considered CGA organization as truly COG necessarily correct (though I believe it had some real COG members in it).

That being said, CG7 claims 300,000 are affiliated with it,  though when I visited a group that supposedly was in South America earlier this year, they were not aware of that affiliation.  But the group did keep the Sabbath, avoided unclean meats, and had other doctrines as far as I could tell consistent with CG7 teachings.

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