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The Continuing Church of God continues to get additional materials translated into the Spanish language.

Here is what we received today:

Ukrainian general on nuclear weapons and WWIII, Europe ‘facing total financial collapse’ per pundit who makes statement consistent with HWA warning
General ucraniano sobre armas nucleares y la Tercera Guerra Mundial, Europa ‘enfrenta un colapso financiero total’ según un experto que hace una declaración consistente con la advertencia de HWA
‘The Stage Is Being Set For A Massive Global Rice Shortage’
‘Se está preparando el escenario para una escasez mundial masiva de arroz’
Mistranslations have deceived many about God’s Holy Days
Las malas traducciones han engañado a muchos acerca de los Días Santos de Dios
Pro-Reset Charles proclaimed monarch of Australia, Canada, New Zealand
Carlos Pro-Reseteo proclamado rey de Australia, Canadá, Nueva Zelanda
CNN: The worst of inflation finally might be over ‘ COGwriter: No, the worst is yet to come
CNN: Lo peor de la inflación finalmente podría haber pasado COGwriter: No, lo peor está por venir
Charles officially declared king: How could the throne of Israel end up in the British Isles?
Carlos declarado rey oficialmente: ¿Cómo pudo el trono de Israel terminar en las Islas Británicas?
9/11: More terror will hit the USA
9/11: Más terror golpeará a los EE.UU:
Mormons invoking the ‘White Horse Prophecy’
¿Mormones invocando la ‘Profecía del Caballo Blanco’?
‘Russia intensifying attacks amid rumour of major Ukrainian counter-offensive’ ‘German Lawmakers Break Ranks, Demand Halt To Weapons For Ukraine Amid “Escalation Spiral” ‘
‘Rusia intensifica los ataques en medio del rumor de una gran contraofensiva ucraniana’ ‘Legisladores alemanes rompen filas, piden parar las armas para Ucrania en medio de “Escalada en espiral”‘
Horrific flooding in Pakistan causing death and soaring food prices; Violence in Iraq
Terribles inundaciones en Pakistán que causan muertes y elevan los precios de los alimentos; Violencia en Irak
Could we be close to the fulfillment of Daniel 11:20 imposition of taxes?
¿Podríamos estar cerca del cumplimiento de la imposición de impuestos de Daniel 11:20?
Why might God be calling YOU?
¿Por qué podría Dios estar llamándolo a USTED?
Liz Truss to be New British Prime Minister
Liz Truss será la nueva primera ministra británica
NPR: The U.S. diet is deadlly
NPR: La dieta estadounidense es mortal
Civil war concerns in USA and civil unrest concerns worldwide:’Worst Has Yet To Come’
Preocupaciones por la guerra civil en EE. UU. y preocupaciones por disturbios civiles en todo el mundo: “Lo peor aún está por venir”
Eurasian alliance plans to eliminate London’s metal market dominance as well as USA dollar dominance
La alianza euroasiática planea eliminar el dominio del mercado de metales de Londres, así como el dominio del dólar estadounidense.
Guardian: The super-rich ‘preppers’ planning to save themselves from the apocalypse
Guardian: Los ‘preppers’ súper ricos que planean salvarse del apocalipsis
Biden called for unity, then trashed about 1/3 of American voters, then Trump responded
Biden llamó a la unidad, luego destrozó a aproximadamente 1/3 de los votantes estadounidenses, posteriormente Trump respondió
Europe to break from China or perhaps get closer as Babylon?
¿Europa para romper con China o tal vez acercarse como Babilonia?
ZH: Fed Paper Admits Central Bank Can’t Control Inflation; Finger-Points At Federal Government
ZH: Artículo de la Fed admite que el banco central no puede controlar la inflación; señala con el dedo al gobierno federal
MG: The false Christ of Roman Catholicism
MG: El Falso Cristo del Catolicismo Romano
VOA: India and China to Take Part in Joint Military Drills with Russia; COGwriter: Prelude to Armageddon?
VOA: India y China participarán en ejercicios militares conjuntos con Rusia; COGwriter: ¿Preludio del Armagedón?
Another type of censorship: Google falsely warns readers: WND ‘may harm your computer!’
Otro tipo de censura: Google advierte falsamente a los lectores: WND ‘¡puede dañar su computadora!’
RT: Germany has ‘crossed red line’ – Russia
RT: Alemania ha ‘cruzado la línea roja’ – Rusia
The Continuing Church of God has a separate Spanish language website The term Continuing Church of God translates into La Continuación de la Iglesia de Dios in the Spanish language, also called Castellano or Español.

We have also additional Spanish language videos on our CDLIDDSermones channel.

Our Spanish translator normally provides translated news items once or twice per month.

So, in addition to having magazines and books in the Spanish language, we also post news items in it as well.

This is another avenue we utilize to teach all that we can in accordance with Matthew 24:14, Mark 13:28-37, and Matthew 28:19-20.

The Continuing Church of God is reaching people around the world in multiple languages via the internet, printed literature, and human church leaders.

We also reach people over the radio and through videos in the English language.

Some items of possibly related interest may include:

Mexico, Central America, South America, Brazil, and the Caribbean in Prophecy [Español: México, América central, Suramérica, Brasil y el Caribe en la profecía] [Português: México, América Central, Ámérica do Sul, e Brasil na profecia] What will happen to those of Latin America? Will they have prosperity? Will they cooperate with Europe? Will they suffer in the future? What role might the various Caribbean nations/territories play? Two videos of related interest are available: Will Mexico Regain USA Territories? and Donald Trump and Mexico’s future. A sermon of related interest is available: Latin America in Prophecy.

CDLIDDSermones channel. This contains messages in the Spanish language.

CDLIDD.ES La Continuación de la Iglesia de Dios. This is the Spanish language website for the Continuing Church of God and has articles in español/castellano.

Continuing History of the Church of God This pdf booklet is a historical overview of the true Church of God and some of its main opponents from Acts 2 to the 21st century. Related sermon links include Continuing History of the Church of God: c. 31 to c. 300 A.D. and Continuing History of the Church of God: 4th-16th Centuries and Continuing History of the Church of God: 17th-20th Centuries. The booklet is available in Spanish: Continuación de la Historia de la Iglesia de Dios, German: Kontinuierliche Geschichte der Kirche Gottes, and Ekegusii Omogano Bw’ekanisa Ya Nyasae Egendererete.

Where is the True Christian Church Today? This free online pdf booklet answers that question and includes 18 proofs, clues, and signs to identify the true vs. false Christian church. Plus 7 proofs, clues, and signs to help identify Laodicean churches. A related sermon is also available: Where is the True Christian Church? Here is a link to the booklet in the Spanish language: ¿Dónde está la verdadera Iglesia cristiana de hoy? Here is a link in the German language: WO IST DIE WAHRE CHRISTLICHE KIRCHE HEUTE? Here is a link in the French language: Où est la vraie Église Chrétienne aujourd’hui?

Statement of Beliefs of the Continuing Church of GodContend earnestly for the faith once for all delivered to the saints” (Jude 3, NKJV), “Let brotherly love (Philadelphia) continue” (Hebrews 13:1) ” & continuing stedfastly in the teaching of the apostles” (Acts 2:42 YLT). So, what does that really mean in terms of specific beliefs–the Statement gives answers? Here is a related link in Spanish/español: Declaración de las Doctrinas de la Continuación de la Iglesia de Dios. Here is a related link in Tagalog: Paglalahad ng Mga Paniniwala ng Patuloy na Iglesya ng Diyos. Here is a related link in Mandarin Chinese ~ç~íy^v„eYOv„OáNðXðf. Here is a related link in Kiswahili: KATIKA LUGHA YA KISWAHILI. Here is a related link in Dutch: Verklaring van geloofspunten van de Continuing Church of God. Here is a related link in Deutsche (German): Glaubenserklärung der Continuing Church of God. Here is a related link in Italiano: Dichiarazione del Credo della Continuing Church of God. Here is related link in the French language: Déclaration des croyances de L’Église Continue de Dieu. Here is a related link in the Chichewa language: ZIKHULUPIRIRO ZA MPINGO WA CONTINUING CHURCH OF GOD. Here is a link in Romanian: Declarația de credințe a continuării Bisericii lui Dumnezeu. Here is a link in Portuguese: Declaração de Crenças da Continuação da Igreja de Deus. Here is a link in Russian: Утверждение верований о продолжении Церкви Божьей. Here is a link to a related English-language sermon: Beliefs of the Continuing Church of God. Here is a link to a booklet titled: Statement of Beliefs of the Continuing Church of God.

Faith for those God has Called and Chosen What is faith? Can faith be increased? Are you saved by faith? What about works? Do Christians need to keep the Ten Commandments? What is the ‘faith chapter’? How do the just live by faith? Is faith one of the weightier matters of the law? How does faith come? Here is a link to a pdf. booklet titled Faith for Those God has Called and Chosen. Marque aquí para ver el pdf folleto: Fe para aquellos que Dios ha llamado y escogido.Here is a link to a related sermon titled: Faith for the Called and Chosen. Here is a link to shorter version of the written article in Mandarin Chinese 一篇关于信仰的小文章

CCOG.ORG Continuing Church of God The group striving to be most faithful amongst all real Christian groups to the word of God. To see how CCOG has done so far, here are links to two sermons Continuing Church of God (CCOG) first year anniversary: What has been accomplished? and The Continuing Church of God: Two Years of Proclamation. Here is a written link to a version of that sermon in the Spanish language: Aniversario del primer año de la Continuación de la Iglesia de Dios: ¿Qué se ha cumplido?

CCOG Animations channel. The Continuing Church of God has some animations to teach aspects of Christian beliefs.

Bible News Prophecy channel. Dr. Thiel has produced many YouTube videos for the BibleNewsProphecy channel. And you can find them there.

ContinuingCOG channel. Dr. Thiel has produced YouTube video sermons for this channel. Note: Since these are sermon-length, they can take a little longer to load than other YouTube videos. Here is a link to a short intro: ContinuingCOG Channel.

CCOGAfrica channel. This has messages from African pastors in African languages such as Kalenjin, Kiswahili, Embu, and Dholuo.

BibleNewsProphecy Podcast. This has audio-visual podcasts of the Bible News Prophecy channgel. It plays on i-Phones, i-Pads, and Windows devices that can play i-Tunes.

Bible News Prophecy online and European Gospel radio. This has an audio version of the Bible News Prophecy videos and other radio broadcasts. It is also available as a mobile app.

CCOG.ASIA We in the Continuing Church of God also have the url which has a focus on Asia and has various articles in Mandarin Chinese as well as some in English, plus some items in other Asian languages. 我们在继续神的教会也提供此网址

CCOGAFRICA.ORG This is a website targeted towards those in Africa.

CCOGCANADA.CA This is a website targeted towards those in Canada.

CCOG.IN This is a website targeted towards those of Indian heritage. It has a link to an edited Hindi translation of The Mystery of the Ages and is expected to have more non-English language materials in the future.

CCOG.EU This is a website targeted toward Europe. It has materials in more than one language (currently it has English, Dutch, and Serbian, with links also to Spanish) and it is intended to have additional language materials added.

CCOG.NZ This is a website targeted towards New Zealand and others with a British-descended background.

PNIND.PH Patuloy na Iglesya ng Diyos. This is the Philippines website Continuing Church of God. It has information in English and Tagalog.

Study the Bible Course Want to learn more about the Bible? This new course is for you! Here is a: link to Lesson 1: Why Study the Bible? Here is a: link to Lesson 2: Here’s good news…the MESSAGE sent from Heaven. Here is a: link to Lesson 3: Christ Will Stop World Suicide! Here is a: link to Lesson 4: How to Study the Bible. Here is a link to Study the Bible Course: Test 1, for Lessons 1-4. Here is a: link to Lesson 5: The Millennium. Here is a: link to Lesson 6: Utopia! It is also available in French (Leçon 1 En francés), Kiswahili (Somo 1 Katika Kiswahili), Mandarin Chinese (™–˜u : N-Vý), Tagalog (KURSO SA PAG-ARAL NG BIBLYA), and Spanish (Lección 1 En castellano).

Youth Bible Lessons We have scores of lessons for the very young through teenage to learn about the ways of God.

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