COGwriter Home Page: A New Look with New Features

The home page of has been updated with a slightly new look and some new features.

But what new features?

First of all, it is automatically being updated with the headlines from the posts on this page.  So, at a glance, viewers can see the most recent posts from here as well as when they were posted.

Additionally, for the first time, there is a category for YouTube videos and many more You Tubes have been added.

The section for category items has been moved, expanded, and changed for ease of navigation.  Other items are also under consideration.

As far as COGwriter itself goes, visits and page views are up from 2012 (and yes, visits and page views have gone up every year since it formed in the 20th century).  For more specific details, for the month of June 2012, unique visitors were up 21.7%, total visits were up 24.0%, and article/page views were up 24.8% compared to June 2011.

If you want to take a look at the new home page, simply click on

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