COGwriter and Quantcast

The Above Map Show the Number of Internet Users Around the World By Country 


On Sunday, March 23, 2008, I thought I would do an experiment and place the Quantcast tag on three of the COGwriter web pages. 

I then noticed this evening (March 26, 2008) that one at the AW site posted Quantcast statistics.

Well, apparently to be counted by Quantcast, one either needs to have no Quantcast tags or a tag on all pages.  As there are about 800 pages at COGwriter, I did an experiment with only placing it on three.

And instead of my Quancast rating being over 20,000 (it was something like 23,000 before I added the tags on Sunday), it dropped mightily in three days.  And since the visits to the site have stayed high, I have concluded that putting the tags on was not a good move, so I just removed them a few minutes ago.

That is why Quantcast has the odd report on this site that states:

  • Global Reach: 5,290

  • US Reach: 4,112

  • Rank: 286409
  • Monthly Page Views: 21,330
  • Monthly Uniques: 5,290

Because the truth is that the COGwriter site has around 24,000 US unique visitors per month. 

And the COGwriter site has over 100,000 page views per month, and nearly one million hits so far this year.

So, now that I took the tags off, perhaps Quantcast will correct itself.  And if so, we will see how long it takes as I suspect they change their statistics faster when you add their tags than when you remove them.

(Normally they seem to take a month before they change stats.)

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