UCG Reports Good News Down, Australia Up

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UCG announced that it’s United News issue for March/April 2009 is now online.

The front page shows that the amount of Good News magazines that it printed for its  March/April 2009 issue is down significantly from the same period last year.  A graph was shown, so my estimate, looking at its graph, suggests a drop from about 550,000 to about 485,000 copies.  Feast sites were also announced.

UCG also had a financial report for its American operations for 2008:

Treasurer’s Update

We have been encouraged by the income trend since the middle of December. Each year we receive a “bump” in income at the end of December. This year was no different; in fact, the “bump” in income was significantly better than last year. Before the year-end bump, category one (regular mail) income was running at an increase of 0.94 percent over the previous year. As of Jan. 16, 2009, category one income is running at an increase of 2.2 percent over the previous year.

But the news is not all bleak for UCG.  Here is a report about Australia:

Australia Reports Growth in Attendance, Income

During the UCG-Australia Annual General Meeting on Nov. 26, 2008, in the overview of the 2007-2008 year’s activities, it was reported that average weekly attendance at church services increased from 572 to 642 (12.2 percent) during the year. All elders reported many requests for personal visits and significantly higher levels of contact via telephone and the UCG-Australia Web site. Financially, UCG-Australia shows an encouraging increase over the last two years. With income rising by more than 16 percent, the Church was able to add an additional minister and trainee to the field ministry. Overall, the directors report a successful and progressive year that portends well for the future. Bill Eddington

Other news included the fact that UCG would not be able to hold a youth camp in its usual location (Camp Davidson) for 2009, but that another location will be announced later.  That is similar to the situation in LCG which will not have its usual Northern Michigan camp location this year (instead it will hold something similar, click here for details).

UCG is also attempting to get its members to promote its websites as it has an article about how it would like them to do that.

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