ICG on USA Demise


In his update late today, ICG’s Mark Armstrong wrote:

Whether you look to the old Soviet Union, Eastern Europe or Central and South America, nationalizing industry, natural resources and printing money leads to ruin.  There are no exceptions to that rule, but there is the “hope” that it will play out differently here in the United States.  Well, it won’t.

This country is hurtling toward a point of no return, and may have already crossed the threshold.  We’re going to need God’s intervention to prevent this bounteous and plentiful nation from slipping into a type of self-inflicted slavery at the hands of those who apparently believe they can control the climate by signing a document at some international conference!

The mainstream press, and even some not so mainstream, have been willing accomplices to the false worship of “the planet” and of creatures, rather than the Creator.  Interesting isn’t it, that every time Israel fell into idolatry and turned away from the true God under self-aggrandizing Kings, they lost everything just as they’d been warned.  We’ve been warned.  This country is being warned.  The time is coming when people will wake up, but it may just be too late to save this grand experiment called America.

Well, as I indicated in my last point, short of national repentance, the long-term future for the USA is not good.

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