CG7: Financial Armageddon?

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An article in CG7’s latest Bible Advocate (BA below) has an interview with with Crown Financial Ministries CEO Chuck Bentley (CB below):

BA: Some Christians think this recession is part of God’s end-time plan leading to world collapse and Armageddon; others think we’ll pull out of it. What’s your perspective?

CB: A record number of Americans consider the economy to be our greatest problem…

A friend of mine says, “When the good credit of the United States government is finally exhausted and the nation defaults to our creditors, Financial Armageddon will begin.”

Personally I don’t think we are headed there just yet. However, the present shocks and tremors are early warning signs that we must change — now! To prepare for more diffi cult days ahead, Christians should be living in God’s economy. With political leaders calling for a move from the dollar to a single global currency and with a unified global fi nancial policy that governs the world’s largest economies, I believe we are witnessing prophetic signs. The world is rapidly realigning, and we need to be aware of and sensitive to it. But I do not want to overreach and attempt to interpret these signs…

Because of the massive accumulation in USA debt, this particular downturn is quite likely to be part of a sequence of events that will lead to the Great Tribulation, the Day of the Lord, and finally the return of Jesus Christ and the establishment of His kingdom.

There has been no plan at the state (I live in California) or national level that anyone intends to actually get implemented that I believe can truly turn the economy around in the long-term.  However in the short-term, loans and stimulus plans will have some affect.  But long-term those debts will lead to financial and national destruction.

Only national repentance can get the USA out of this, and that is NOT something that national leaders advocate.  Hence, I feel that the USA has already crossed the line and that we truly are on the path to financial Armageddon, and even much worse.  Much, much worse that the CG7 article ever suggests.

I would also add that in additional to personal repentance (which all should look at) some physical preparations may also be wise (though without the spiritual ones, they will be of little value).

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