Australian Senator Speaks of US Economic Armageddon


Earlier this week, an Australian senator was chastised for telling the truth about the USA:

Senator Joyce, who has never been shy in saying exactly what he thinks on anything, believes Australia should have contingency plans in place in case the US fails to meet its debt obligations and has described that scenario as an “economic Armageddon”…’s Armageddon warning

The Age, Australia – Dec 11, 2009

TONY Abbott’s new finance spokesman, Barnaby Joyce, believes the American Government may default on its debt, triggering an ”economic Armageddon” that will make the recent global financial crisis pale into insignificance..

He said the chances of a US debt default were distant but real, and politicians were not doing the electorate a favour by refusing to acknowledge the risk.

Newsweek has also reported some of the truth about what is happening in the USA:

An Empire at Risk
We won the cold war and weathered 9/11. But now economic weakness is endangering our global power.

Call it the fatal arithmetic of imperial decline. Without radical fiscal reform, it could apply to America next.

Without national repentance, the USA is doomed.  Period.  And so is Australia.

Many do not wish to accept that, either here or in Australia, but it is the truth.

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