EU Slowly Gaining World Economic Power

European Union Tower of Babel Poster


The recent G20 conference saw the EU getting what it wanted, while what the USA basically got was a cordial reception for President Obama.  LCG reported the following at church services yesterday:

The EU’s Role in the Recent G20 Global Economic Summit. According to the London Telegraph, “The European Commission and its president [Barroso] played a crucial but behind-the-scenes role in G20 agreement.” “…Mr. Barroso and his team have had a quiet but immensely influential role in the whole process. Many of the words adopted by the G20 were drafted in his office. Much of the thinking on the future of financial regulation came out of a European Commission report on the subject. ‘If you look at the conclusions of [the Commission’s] spring council one week ago and the conclusions of the G20, you will find they are [almost the same]… word for word,’ he said.” Mr. Barroso’s office has now been commissioned to draft many new documents ordered by the Economic Summit, including the new global financial architecture (Telegraph, April 3, 2009). The European Commission’s role in the recent G20 meeting is sobering, especially given the role that the coming European Beast power is prophesied to play in the future (Revelation 17:12-13; 18:3, 9-15; Daniel 9:27). The EU is now having an increasingly powerful impact on the entire world. The outcomes of the recent G20 meeting make this all the more clear.

The future “beast power” is forming in Europe.

In relatively little time, there will be a “new world order”, which will be an economic order where the USA and its Anglo-allies will no longer be on top.

Oddly, it is something that the British Prime Minister Gordon Brown stated began a couple of weeks ago when he stated, “A new world financial order has been born…” (see G20 Praises “New World Order”).

The USA and UK will ultimately regret this.

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