TW: UK paring down EU presence; Merkel supports increasing EU unity


Today’s TW News & Prophecy from the Living Church of God has the following:

Britain to “pare down” relationship with EU

In a recent speech, Boris Johnson,the Mayor of London, called for Britain to negotiate a new “pared down” relationship with the European Union. He said that Britain should “remain in the single market but pull out of the political union” and consider forming an “‘outer-tier’ of the EU with countries like Norway and Switzerland” (BBC News, December 4, 2012).

He stated, “I don’t understand why we continually urge the Eurozone countries to go forward with this fiscal and political union, when we know in our hearts that it is anti-democratic and therefore intellectually and morally wrong” (ibid.). After the speech he observed, “the euro had been a ‘nightmare’ for its members, and predicted: ‘It will eventually blow up but I wouldn’t care to bet on when'” (ibid.). Mr. Johnson expressed hope that the British people would be given the opportunity to hold a referendum on whether or not to stay involved with the EU as it moves toward an economic and political union. His desire is to remain “friends” with other EU nations and have “a relationship in which we are not endlessly made to feel bad for not sharing every doctrine of the euro-religion” (ibid.).

Bible prophecies have long-foretold the emergence of a ten-nation, German-dominated “Beast” power that will arise in Europe just before the return of Jesus Christ (see Daniel 2 and 7; Revelation 17). Bible prophecies also indicate that this European power (led by Germany-Assyria) will be an adversary of the Israelite nations–including Britain (Hosea 5:5; 8:11-14; 11:1-5).

Yet in the UK, of course, there are some who want a closer relationship with the EU.  But, the EU will end up not being Britain’s friend.

The EU itself keeps becoming more of an empire and less of a loose confederation.  And the following item, which was in the news today, also backs that up:

Deeper eurozone union ‘agreed’ – Germany’s Merkel
BBC – Dec 14, 2012

EU leaders have agreed on a roadmap for eurozone integration beyond the deal on centralised banking supervision, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said.

Specific dates have not yet been agreed for the phases of integration.

But the EU summit chairman, Herman Van Rompuy, said a deal should be reached next year on a joint resolution scheme for winding up failed banks.

Mr Van Rompuy’s far-reaching roadmap was the main topic of the two-day Brussels summit.

The above deal includes information about a European financial transaction tax.  By the time he took the office until present, I have felt that Herman Van Rompuy could possibly be the one who was the raiser of taxes that Daniel 11;21 talks about.  Although he has taken steps towards doing that, if he is that one, he will die shortly after the taxes are either finally agreed to, or more likely, after implemented (and this financial transaction tax may or may not be enough to fulfill Daniel 11:21).

While the current European Union is not yet to the point of the final reorganization that Revelation 17:12-13 speaks of, it is interesting how many European problems and proposed reorganizations have been popping up in Europe the past year or so. Despite problems of disunity (which were also prophesied per Daniel 2:41-43), Europe will end up with a  massive reorganization (and one that essentially will eliminate all the republics in Europe) and Revelation 17:12-13 will be fulfilled.

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