COGaIC’s David Hulme and the Middle East



COGaIC’s David Hulme has a blog where he posts about Middle East matters.  Here is his latest post:

Abbas pulls out of Middle East peace talks with Israel’s government over Gaza action

Israel’s military action in Gaza

The current round of talks aimed at a peace treaty by year’s end are now on hold following Israel’s military actions in Gaza. 

Mahmoud Abbas has taken the largely symbolic step to protest Israel’s military incursion into Gaza to prevent further rocket attacks on Sderot and Ashkelon.

According to a story on the BBC World News site, the Palestinian president is seen as increasingly ineffective in the face of Israel’s overwhelming ability to use force.

But David Hulme neglects to mention what may happen.  Thus, I would like to add a news item that he does not have at his blog:

Israel sees ties with EU as crucial 

Israel is increasingly “plugging into” EU institutions and, in turn, allowing European political and economic influence to play a greater part in its diplomatic and economic processes, The Jerusalem Post has learned.

The thinking within the Foreign Ministry is that it is time to reassess the Jewish state’s traditional line that Israel’s survival rests on two pillars only: a strong IDF and an unbreakable alliance with America. What is becoming evident is the increasing understanding of the importance the European Union plays in world events and in the Middle East particularly, officials say (Israel sees ties with EU as crucial.  Jerusalem Post – Feb 22, 2008;

Thus, it appears that Israel is hoping to make a deal with the European Union.  This could be the deal that is alluded to in Daniel 9:27.

More information on this is included in the following two articles:

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