Germany wants EU political and military integration

Crown of the Beast of Revelation?
Crown of Original “Holy Roman Emperor”


The European Union continues to take steps to increase political and military unity.  Germany, in particular, seems to be highly supportive of this:

Berlin, Paris and Warsaw keen to beef up EU military muscle
EUobserver – Dec 13, 2010
BRUSSELS – France, Germany and Poland have urged EU foreign relations chief Catherine Ashton to personally take charge of plans to boost military co-operation between EU countries and between EU and Nato structures.
Germany predicts EU ‘political union’ in 10 years
EUobserver – Dec 13, 2010
German finance minister Wolfgang Schaeuble has said his country is willing to discuss greater harmonisation of eurozone tax policy, adding that the next decade is likely to see Europe take significant steps towards closer political union…

The Bible tells of a union rising up in the area of the old Roman Empire (Europe).

Steps continue to take place which reinforce the idea that there are apparently enough leaders in Europe who want something similar, enough so that they often takes steps to try to make it happen.

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