Australia Fears Nuclear War with Iran

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad


Australia has nuclear concerns about Iran:

Nuclear war: our fear of Iran

Sydney Morning Herald – Dec 13, 2010

AUSTRALIAN intelligence agencies fear that Israel may launch military strikes against Iran and Tehran’s pursuit of nuclear capabilities could draw the US and Australia into a potential nuclear war in the Middle East.

Australia’s peak intelligence agency has also privately undercut the hardline stance towards Tehran of the US, Israeli and Australian governments, saying its nuclear program is intended to deter attack and it is a mistake to regard Iran as a rogue state…

The warnings about the dangers of nuclear conflict in the Middle East are given in a secret US embassy cable obtained by WikiLeaks and provided exclusively to The Age. They reflect views obtained by US intelligence liaison officers in Canberra from Australian intelligence agencies.

An earlier cable, sent in July 2008, records that former prime minister Kevin Rudd was ”deeply worried” that Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s intransigence concerning Tehran’s nuclear program meant that the window for a diplomatic solution was closing and that ”Israel may feel forced to use ‘non-diplomatic’ means”.

Last week Mr Rudd called on Israel to sign the nuclear non-proliferation treaty as part of a broader effort to establish the Middle East as a nuclear-weapon-free zone.

As I have written before, Iran’s Ahmadinejad Does Not Want Peace.

While Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has demonstrated a willingness to risk nuclear war, and various Protestant commentators believe that Iran is supposed to fulfill certain prophecies in the near future, the reality is that Iran is likely to be sidelined if it is involved in an attack with Israel.

Australia, however, is right to have nuclear concerns.  Not that it will be dragged into an Iranian war, but that possibily because of such a war, Islamic terrorists with nuclear devices (including likely what are known as “dirty bombs”) Australia will be brought into a future conflict which will include an attack by a future European power on the United States.  And thus, by extension, its Anglo-allies (like the UK, Canada, and Australia).

Australia will end up with worse problems that many of its leadership currently expects.

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