Leonardo Da Vinci Predicts Deluge

Recreations of Da Vinci Inventions at an Exhibit in Venice (May 2009)


Last night’s episode on the History Channel’s Nostradamus Effect was about writings that the channel indicated were predictions by Leonardo da Vinci related to a coming great deluge (flood).

The program showed the following translation from Leonardo da Vinci:

Seawater will rise above the high peaks of the mountains towards the sky and will fall down again onto the dwellings of men.

The announcer on that program then stated:

Leonardo called these writings his riddles.  Many call them his prophecies.

The program also presented various writings suggesting some type of flooding.  It also called a serious of black on white drawings/paintings by Leonardo da Vinci as “the deluge”  Additionally, the program looked at certain famous paintings by Leonardo which included water in the background (this aspect was similar to The Da Vinci Code).

The implication of the program was that Leonardo da Vinci, possibly because he experienced a terrible flood in his younger days, somehow was predicting that a future flood would occur.

But one thing that the program did not seem to try to do was to tie this directly in with the flooding that the Mayan’s predicted related t0 2012.

Perhaps I should mention that while according to the Bible the Mayan type flood prediction cannot come to pass, the Bible does seem to foretell a time of major flooding as it indicates that after a massive earthquake there will be no more islands (Revelation 16:17-21).

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