Da Vinci’s Other Code


It has been announced that it appears that Leonardo Da Vinci had another code:

Tiny numbers and letters in the eyes of the Mona Lisa

By Nick Pisa and Luke Salkeld
Last updated at 7:42 AM on 13th December 2010…

Intrigue is usually focused on her enigmatic smile.

But the Mona Lisa was at the centre of a new mystery yesterday after art detectives took a fresh look at the masterpiece – and noticed something in her eyes.

Hidden in the dark paint of her pupils are tiny letters and numbers, placed there by the artist Leonardo da Vinci and revealed only now thanks to high-­magnification techniques.

The revelation could have come straight from the pages of Dan Brown’s best-seller The Da Vinci Code, in which the Mona Lisa is said to contain hidden clues about the Holy Grail.

Silvano Vinceti, president of Italy’s National Committee for Cultural Heritage, which spotted the symbols, said: ‘To the naked eye the symbols are not visible but with a magnifying glass they can clearly be seen. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1337976/Real-life-Da-Vinci-Code-Tiny-numbers-letters-discovered-Mona-Lisa.html#ixzz180LUeXdP

Now, I have seen the Mona Lisa in Paris.  But, like most, was unable to notice the coding in her eyes.  Of course, what Leonardo Da Vinci may have been trying to communicate is not likely to be of too much value.  But perhaps, Da Vinci’s other code could be. (I say other because Leonardo Da Vinci used codes, such as backwards/mirror writing.)

Yet, one of the problems with “The Da Vinci Code” and similar controversies is that they distract people from what is important.

On the other hand, sometimes they have value in unexpected ways.  Because the movie, The Da Vinci Code was being made, I decided to actually read the novel.  But more importantly, I decided to put together the The History of Early Christianity page.  And I made that available about the time the movie was released (which, because I read the book, I decided against seeing).  And was able to reach many more people than the COGwriter site had done so before.

A couple of links that may be helpful, and were directly or indirectly created because of the Da Vinci Code, are as follows:

The Da Vinci Code: Some Good, Most Bad Does The Da Vinci Code properly discuss Christianity? What does it have right and what does it have wrong about early Christianity and other gospel accounts?
The History of Early Christianity Are you aware that what most people believe is not what truly happened to the true Christian church? Do you know where the early church was based? Do you know what were the doctrines of the early church? Is your faith really based upon the truth or compromise?

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