Dutch Worried About 2012

Page 9 of the Mayan “Dresden Codex” (from the 1880 Förstermann edition)


The following news item was of interest:

Many Dutch prepare for 2012 apocalypse

UPI – June 23, 2008
AMSTERDAM, Netherlands (UPI) — Thousands of people in the Netherlands say they expect the world to end in 2012, and many say they are taking precautions to prepare for the apocalypse. The Dutch-language de Volkskrant newspaper said it spoke to thousands of believers in the impending end of civilization, and while theories on the supposed catastrophe varied, most tied the 2012 date to the end of the Mayan calendar, Radio Netherlands reported Monday.

De Volkskrant said many of those interviewed are stocking up on emergency supplies, including life rafts and other equipment.

Some who spoke to the newspaper were optimistic about the end of civilization.

“You know, maybe it’s really not that bad that the Netherlands will be destroyed,” Petra Faile said. “I don’t like it here anymore. Take immigration, for example. They keep letting people in. And then we have to build more houses, which makes the Netherlands even heavier. The country will sink even lower, which will make the flooding worse.”


Also notice what The History Channel claimed:

The ancient Maya have prophesied that the world will come to the end on 13 Katun on their current calendar. This date translates to December 21st, 2012…

The last page of the Dresden codex actually shows the destruction of the world via water…

This graphic illustration depicts the destruction of the earth by flood (Mayan Doomsday Prophecy, Decoding the Past. Original air date 08/03/06).

The fact is that although Mayan prophecies do mention flooding, the Netherlands will not be destroyed by a flood in 2012.

However, it is possible that a few years from then that it could have major flooding problems.

Unlike most countries, much of the Netherlands is below sea level and flooding is truly a national concern.

But because I do not believe that massive flooding on that type of scale will likely occur until sometime after “the Day of the Lord” begins (which is 2 1/2 years after the Great Tribulation begins), I believe that the most destructive flooding cannot occur before 2014, and most likely will not be for one or more years after that.

And yes, I know that there is flooding in the USA (see Midwest Flooding and Myanmar). But the type of deadly destruction that the 2012 prophecies appear to be referring to is not likely to happen until a few years AFTER 2012.

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