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James Malm, a blogger and independent who claims association with the Church of God, again wrongly reported some information about me.  The following seem to have been posted last night as I found them at James Malm’s site this morning:

Bob’s part is to regularly post condemnations of me and what I say. He is not doing this because the blog is unknown in LCG, but because the leadership are trying to fight the truth rather than accept it.

On this particular point I am not aware of Bob posting anything. Bob is of course a front man for the inner circle, but works hard to achieve plausable deniability.

He states that LCG does not pay him for his blog, while admitting that LCG does pay all his expensives for his extensive trips.

As other sites, like the Banned site quote some of his statements, perhaps I should address this for a moment.

So let’s examine the points above that James Malm somewhat inaccurately asserts:

  1. No one in the top leadership of LCG ever heard of James Malm or his website until I brought it to their attention several years ago.  So, yes, when I started dealing with some of James Malm’s inaccurate prophetic assertions, he was unknown to LCG.  And no, no one there has ever asked or told me to post anything about James Malm.
  2. James Malm posted on 5/5/12, related to the LCG update dated 4/26/12,  wrote: “We have become popular enough so that: Doug Winnail is warning his LCG brethren to beware of false teachers and suggesting that everyone study the scriptures to see if things are true.”  Well, Dr. Winnail specifically told me that he was making the comments related to a falsely self-appointed prophet and falsely self-appointed apostle (in other groups) and that the Update report had nothing to do with anything from James Malm–although since James Malm is often false, perhaps that is why James Malm claimed it :).  James Malm also posted something in Nov/Dec 2011 that he claimed LCG took some action related to him, and LCG’s top leadership told me that whatever it was, they had not considered James Malm at all.
  3. I am not a “front man” for LCG.  LCG rarely has any idea what I am going to write about or post (much less than 1% of the time do I tell anyone at Charlotte about what I plan to post about).
  4. James Malm’s assertions that I have stated about getting paid for ALL my expenses for my “extensive trips” shows that he has trouble understanding what he reads.  Here is what I posted related to that that James Malm’s exaggerated assertions seem to be based upon, “Nor do I receive any money from any church for this work (though I do accept reimbursements for travel, etc.).”  The truth is that a couple of times, LCG paid for part of my travel expenses to Charlotte.  While I do travel a lot elsewhere, LCG does not pay for that.
  5. James Malm apparently has major trouble understanding what I write as he often mischaracterizes my positions on prophecy, etc.  I have written in many times to get him to correct those errors in the past, and do not understand why, if he wants to write about my positions, that he does not mainly actually quote them as he seems to have trouble with accuracy when he rewords them.

James Malm believes that he is much more important to LCG than LCG does.  This does not mean that James Malm can have no impact on LCG, but he keeps telling others that LCG’s top leadership pays more attention to him than LCG’s leadership actually does.

The Banned site recently posted that James Malm wrote the following about me:

Bob Thiel is on the attack again although at least he now appears to be admitting that I am not setting dates [saying I am speculating]; instead of lying about me as he has done in the past. James

The fact is that I have never lied about James Malm.  Those interested in the truth should realize that James Malm publicly challenged my position that the Great Tribulation could not start in 2008 as he claimed (see James Malm Challenges COGwriter).  He was wrong, then made another wrong claim (see James Malm Admits Error, But Provides Another Wrong Date).   He also made inaccurate claims about 2009 (see James Malm Now Predicts October 19, 2009 and James Malm Wrong Again: The 1335 Days Have Not Begun).   There are many more of his errors that I could link to, but the fact that I reported about that, and that information is still available on the internet has remained a sore point for him.  And this is part of why he tends to lash out with inaccurate statements and claims about me.

James Malm needs to be more careful about his inaccurate assertions and should meditate on the following scriptures:

20…Do not bear false witness (Luke 18:20)

8…all liars shall have their part in the lake which burns with fire and brimstone, which is the second death.  (Revelation 21:8)

I have never once knowingly stated anything inaccurate about James Malm.  It is not I who has lied.  James Malm needs to stop bearing false witness.

In his post dated 6/26/12, James Malm actually posted:

The truth is that Bob and those he has convinced in LCG; are the ONLY ones, who think that this first half of the 70th still needs to come…Bob is also WRONG because he takes something out of his own imagination and then seeks support for it not from scripture but from paganism.

I have never written anything specific about the “70th week” that I am aware of of that the entire week still needs to come.   James Malm seems to want to make assertions without proof.  I challenge him, and anyone else, to show where I have ever posted/written/taught that the the first half of the “70th week” still needs to come.  James Malm makes conclusions based upon his own assumptions/imaginations related to that (and many other things).  I DID NOT SUPPORT A POSITION THAT I DO NOT TEACH FROM PAGANISM–I NEVER TAUGHT IT, SO WHY JAMES MALM’S BRAIN CANNOT SEE THAT SUGGESTS IT IS HIS DISTORTED IMAGINATION THAT INFLUENCES HIS POSTING FALSE STATEMENTS ABOUT ME AND OTHERS.

In the past I have emailed him about this 70th week assumption of his, but he refuses to get it (and in one of the last emails I got from him, basically said he did not plan to correct errors he posted about me hinting that there was no point in contacting him directly anymore, so I stopped doing so).  James Malm continues to misunderstand and misrepresent what we in LCG teach.  He also made additional false assertions about me in his 6/26/12 post that I will not bother to address.  He should not make up what he thinks my beliefs or teachings are as he repeatedly often errs when he does so.

James Malm is currently falsely teaching that the “abomination of desolation” could be set up as soon as 9/16/2012 (see James Malm Continues Improper ‘Great Tribulation in 2012′ Speculation).   But that date, like his previous assertions and speculations, will be shown to have been wrong soon. Yet the fact he still clings to it as a possibility should be proof to all that he does not understand important aspects of end time Bible prophecy and has trouble reading, not only my writings, but the Bible.

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