LCG: Israel Preparing for Attack on Iran



LCG reported the following news item:

Israel: Preparing for Attack. Last week, three Israeli intelligence officials made public comments about an impending attack on Iran. In a speech at Tel Aviv University, Maj. Gen. Ido Nehushtan commented that “the time for hard decisions is fast approaching,” adding, “The range of security threats to Israel is very complex and we must prepare for all exigencies.” Defense minister Ehud Barak warned Lebanon that another Hezbollah attack would put Lebanon at risk for an Israeli counterattack. Barak was apparently also warning Syria and the Palestinians through his comments. Also last week, the Israeli deputy defense minister promised to deliver a complete “defense program proposal” for the entire Israeli population to the government within two weeks. These comments came after a two week joint military exercise by Israel and the U.S. that was designed to identify Israel’s weak spots should they be attacked simultaneously on several fronts (DEBKA, November 29, 2009). Long ago, God warned that He would make Jerusalem and the surrounding territory a “cup of trembling” for the nations that get involved with it (Zechariah 12:2 KJV). As Israel feels mounting pressure from Iran, neighboring countries are anxious as to what the next terrifying actions will be. Bible prophesies are coming to pass, just as God predicted!

Last week, I reported here that because the UN condemned Iran related to its nuclear program that this may embolden Israel to launch a preemptive attack against Iran (see UN Condemns Iran for Nuclear Cover-Up).

It is possible that this could happen relatively soon.  And Iran has conducted some military exercises of its own in apparent anticipation of such an attack.  The balance of power in the Middle East as well as certain prophetic events (a revised peace deal comes to mind) may be set in motion should an attack be launched.

The Bible teaches, “And the way of peace they have not known” (Romans 3:17).

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